Thursday, December 27, 2007


The Rage
In 1957, the biggest abattoir in the north of England was been shut down after foot-and-mouth disease was found in cattle waiting to be slaughtered.

The Stanley abattoir in Liverpool supplied meat to areas throughout the north-west, and normally thousands of animals are slaughtered there each week. Inspectors from the Ministry of Agriculture were called in when eight suspected cases were found in carcasses.
Forty years later, more bovine illness dramatic scenes were portrayed in the movie 28 Days Later. British society came close to breakdown following the spread of the "Rage" which rendered people mindlessly violent, focusing upon the struggle of four survivors to cope with the ruination of the life they once knew. A critical and commercial success, the film is widely recognized for images of a deserted London, and was shot almost entirely on digital video. In a radical alternative ending the Agriculture Ministry fails to respond to the crisis.
In 1979, BBC News Reported on this day - Tay Bridge rail disaster remembered. Many passengers will be retracing the fatal journey to mark 100 years since gales plunged a railway bridge and passenger train into icy waters killing 75. The disaster occurred on the Tay Bridge over the Silvery Tay, near Dundee, which collapsed after the central spans gave way. British Rail has commissioned a special train to take people across the new bridge at the exact time of the accident 1915 GMT of the 1720 from Burntisland to Dundee. Arrangements have been made for a short memorial service for the victims of the disaster, the crew and passengers who plunged 88ft. A wreath will be cast into the water from the train. Some passengers, who will begin their journey in Sunderland, are expected to get off the train just before it crosses the bridge fearing superstition. It was a good call.
Climate Change
In 2000, a blanket of snow has descended on the UK as Arctic conditions wreak havoc on roads, rail and air services. Sub-zero temperatures, as low as -300C in parts of the Midlands and freezing fog are adding to the misery for travellers, with visibility reduced to 1000 metres in places. It is the first significant widespread snowfall in Britain for seven years with overnight temperatures falling to their lowest for more than ten years. Northern Ireland has seen the worst snow fall in 18 years. London was covered in snow for the first time since 1994 and the Millennium wheel was brought to a halt because of ice.
British Prime Minister Tony Blair announced emergency measures for tackling the crisis.

Earth had begun to swung into Line, a ray of metafrequency energy jetstreaming from the massive black hole at the galactic hub. The transmuting effects of this atypical energy altered the planet for over a century until the Earth swung fully into line in 2113.

Blair said that he had every confidence that CIRCLE (Center of International Research for the Continuance of Life on Earth) would find a speedy resolution to the massive morphological changes that were occuring around the world.

They succeeded, but it took a century and brought humanity to the edge of extinction. An ingenious discovery at CIRCLE succeeded in sustaining life - Rubeus, an artifical super-intelligence originally created to manage global weather systems.

New London was repopulated fully by 2167.
Chequescha City
Chequescha City
In 1948, the DC-3 airliner NC16002 disappeared 50 miles south of Miami, Florida. Returning through heavy fog, the plane landed several hours later. Relieved passengers were greeted by Spanish speaking officers of the AerolĂ­neas Chequescha.
In 1612, Galileo Galilei observed the planet Neptune, mistakenly cataloguing it as a fixed star. He was unable to catalogue the counter-earth; even though he had postulated its existence two years before, the planets rotational pattern on the far side of the sun made line of sight discovery impossible before the 1982 Syzygy.Syzygy
Stan Lee
Stan Lee
In 1922, American comic book writer Stan Lee was born. His genius was to describe the inner battle between good and evil in his super-hero characters, an attribute that was not recognised in his lifetime.
In 1940, following the failure of Operation Sealion Prime Minister Winston and His Majesty Edward VIII discuss plans at Buckingham Palace for the forthcoming year. Churchill assures Edward VIII he had not become the King’s First Minister in order to preside over the dissolution of the British Empire. The bitter irony of this statement was lost on both of these imperialists following the repulsion of German invaders.Churchill
In 1793, a tribunal of French revolutionaries decided not to try Thomas Paine for treason. He had traveled to France to take part in the revolt of the people against their monarch, but had run afoul of some in the revolutionary leadership because of his resistance to the death penalty. His moving speech in his own defense led to a change in the revolution’s direction, and an abolition of the guillotine and the death penalty in France.
In 1849, French industrialist Jolly-Bellin accidentally spills turpentine and oil from a lamp onto his dirty clothes and notices that they have become cleaner. Unfortunately, his clothes ignite from the flame he brings closer to see this, and he is killed in the resulting fire.
In 12-19-11-16-5, Manpuigachet, high priest of the written word, is born in Chuquisaca, among the Inca. His words moved armies and quieted emperors; he could seduce the most chaste of virgins, or douse the flame of passion in the most arduous lovers. At his death in 12-18-17-4-12, the whole of the civilized world mourned.
In 1996, the British Government announced that Armed undercover sky marshals would be placed on some British passenger planes in the United States. A key recommendation of the Gore Commission's Report was implemented, as envisaged by President Clinton's Executive Order 13015, which established the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security. Just five years later, the sky marshals would take part in a desperate struggle with terrorists on September 11th.
In 1972, Manuel Cartojas, leader of the South Chilean reactionary forces, announced that they would return to peace negotiations in Caracoa, Venezuela. The Soviet States of America and the People’s Republic of North Chile expressed high hopes for the talks, and an end to the warfare between the peace-loving people of North Chile and the warmongering guerilla fighters of the south.

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