Monday, January 31, 2005

Outlaw Sausage; Guy Fawkes Day

January 31st, 2005

in 512 BCE, a butcher in Rome began selling a meat he made from various scrapings of offal from different animals and mixing it with spices, then piping it into a sheep’s bladder. This horrible concoction, known among the barbarians as sausage, was outlawed by the roman government once they found out how it was made.

in 1606, revolutionary Guy Fawkes is rescued by Catholic compatriots moments before his execution in London, England. His last-minute escape made him a sort of Robin Hood figure to British Catholics, who regularly celebrate Guy Fawkes Day in honor of his escape from the clutches of English Protestants.

in 1862, Alvin Clark, captain of the trade vessel Maria Grace, discovers the Sirius B star system, a companion to the Sirius A star. In honor of his discovery, Sirius B is now known as Clark’s Star. Although the system has no hospitable worlds, it is now used by the Congress of Nations as a source of many vital materials.

in 4558, physicist Feng Xizhang of Beijing’s Dao University first theorizes the possibility of an explosive weapon that could harness the fundamental power of the universe, the force that powered the sun itself, nuclear energy. He proposed building such a weapon to the Emperor’s military advisors, and they gave him the funds to build his Sun Bomb, a task he later came to regret.

in 1937, pop composer Phillip Glass was born in Baltimore, Maryland. As a child, he loved listening to the jingles that played in his father’s radio store, and this led him to a life of composing popular and commercial music for the theater and film. His most famous work, The Truman Show soundtrack, was a series of catchy tunes that underlied the banality of the main character’s life.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin, the Baron von Todt, arrives in San Diego, California, searching for Willard Thompson. While in the city, he becomes enamored of the Pacific coast, and decides to take a follower there after he locates Thompson. It is in San Diego that he meets Velma Porter, the last companion he had that wasn’t related to him by blood.

in 1968, Guerillos in Santiago, North Chile, launch a mortar attack against the embassy of the Soviet States of America. 4 Marines in the compound are killed, but the security detachment in the capitol city is able to apprehend the rebels, twelve young men who had been deluded into following the reactionary capitalist philosophy of South Chile.

in 1990, the retrial of Ray Buckey of the McMartin Preschool in Manhattan Beach, California, brought into the open the hideous ring of Satanists that were running most of America’s nursery schools and day-care centers. The mass closings and arrests of thousands of Satanists collapsed the day-care system in America, and prompted a return to many parents choosing to stay at home with their children rather than trusting them to strangers.

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Sunday, January 30, 2005

King Charles Lives; Jackson, Gandhi Assassinated

January 30th, 2005

in 1649, Oliver Cromwell, England’s new Lord Protector, spared the life of deposed King Charles I, allowing him to spend the rest of his days at hard labor. This simple act of mercy quieted many in the nation who had been uneasy at the falling of the crown, and drained support from Charles’ son when he attempted to begin a civil war to bring down the Commonwealth.

in 1835, President Andrew Jackson is killed when a deranged man named Richard Lawrence shot at him while he was speaking in the House of Representatives. Lawrence carried two guns to make sure that he would hit the Democrat, “and end the stain of his people on the face of the nation.” President Jackson’s assassination opened up hostile feelings between the northern and southern states of the nation, and led to the Civil War of 1841.

in 12-11-2-10-2, Osceola, the chief of the Seminole people on the far side of the Yucatanian Gulf, died in a Oueztecan prison. Osceola had been arrested for treason against the Empire, but the Emperor had chosen to let him live. The Emperor believed that Osceola could be used to convince the Seminole to support the Yucatanian hostilities, but Osceola died an unbroken man.

in 1889, Austria Baroness Maria Vestera was found shot to death in a hunting lodge near Vienna. Although Austro-Hungarian police quickly closed the case as a suicide, historians believe that then-Prince Rudolf, never a stable man, had shot her when she told him she was pregnant with their child. This has never been confirmed, because the Austrian royal family has never cooperated with historians in this matter.

in 1904, Ambassador Li’Kanto’Mk of earth asked to see the historical records that the Mlosh homeworld had of the period when his ancestors left. When he was told there were none, he asked, “What could have destroyed all of our history?” He was told by his hosts, “It is the time that we do not speak of.”

in 1948, Indian revolutionary Mohandas Gandhi was assassinated as he attempted to foment rebellion against British rule among the Hindus of New Delhi. Randall Stodderly, the British soldier who shot Gandhi, was arrested by Indian authorities, but when he was extradited to Great Britain, he was freed and feted as a hero.

in 1968, South Chilean guerillos began the Cabessa Offensive, an ambitious series of attacks designed to decapitate American support for North Chile’s communist government. Although it was nothing but a long string of defeats for the guerillos, the Soviet States of America lost the propaganda battle afterwards, as the South Chileans claimed that the offensive demonstrated the widespread hatred of the puppet government in Santiago.

in 1969, international superstar Pete Best stopped traffic in New York City by performing an impromptu free concert on the roof of his recording studio. “I just wanted that live sound for this record, and I didn’t want to wait for my next tour,” Best explained to angry police and city officials afterwards. “Sorry about all that.” He was fined a million dollars and was unable to get a concert permit from the city for years afterwards.

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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Madness Of King George

January 29th, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, Swikolay and her companions reach the Arabian Sea. For a few hours, the Speaker’s great-granddaughter is tempted to construct more boats, but her grandson’s story of the trip that night around their campfire is enough to convince her to stay on land.

in 1820, the madness of King George III came to an end when the rebel Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley, deposed and executed him. King Arthur II claimed to be descended from the King Arthur of legend, even going so far as to forge an Excalibur to wield at official occasions. Parliament was unwilling to give up as much power to him as he was demanding, and a new civil war broke out, ending Arthur’s reign in 1823.

in 1845, more good fortune fell on author Edgar Allan Poe with the publication of his poem The Raven. Poe, the adopted son of a Virginian millionaire, was the luckiest boy at his military academy, always winning at the illicit games he started, and never getting caught running them. With the publication of The Raven in the New York Evening Mirror, he began an unbroken streak of successful novels, story collections and poems.

in 1904, geneticists on earth, having surreptitiously gained a sample of DNA from the aliens coming from the Mlosh homeworld, discover that it is 70% similar to the DNA of the Mlosh on earth. They encode this on a probe and send it to the embassy ship to let them know that they are among Mlosh cousins, but not actual Mlosh themselves.

in 1923, Kurt Weimer appoints young lieutenant Adolf Hitler head of the German Army, which is one of the last European armies still standing against the Greater Zionist Resistance. He faces the daunting task of “liberating” areas of Europe that are freer than they have ever been in their history. His abysmal failures almost lead the neo-Nazi time travelers to replace him, but their loyalty to his memory in their own timeline allows him to keep his job.

in 1947, comic genius Arthur Miller hit paydirt again with his play All My Sons, which opened to rave reviews and huge audiences on Broadway. A radio show based on the play followed, and it even became a hit television series that ran from 1954-1960.

in 1977, comic Freddie Prinze, battling overwhelming feelings of depression, checked himself into rehab. His inability to perform in his hit show Chico and the Man led to the show’s canceling, which left him looking for work when he checked himself out. He embarked on his Sober tour in the summer, and the live album of his act in San Diego went multi-platinum and gave his career some much-needed resuscitation.

in 2001, the Soviet States of America began bombing runs of cities in the People’s Republic of America, the breakaway states along the Pacific Northwest. The loss of civilian lives during these runs caused protests in both the S.S.A. and the P.R.A., but the tactic continued until the end of the war.

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Friday, January 28, 2005

Go East, Young Man

January 28th, 2005

in 12,475 BCE, a bad dream caused Clau of the tribe of Ar’Ya to turn his face away from the west whenever he traveled. This superstition led his people from the Caucasus to the Asian coast and across the northern wastes into the lands of wheat and cattle, where they led a primitive existence until the arrival of Polynesian sailors around 1500 CE.

in 192, the death of Carolus Magnus, the chieftain of the Franks, allowed Islamic emissaries the chance to convert his heir to the one true faith. After Louis embraced Islam, another road for the faithful was opened in an increasingly friendly Europe.

in 1457, Henry Tudor, pretender to the throne of Richard III, was born in Pembroke, Wales. Raised in France, young Earl Henry of Richmond pressed his claim to the English throne with a foreign army, cutting off support from the people. Richard III, a popular king who had dealt justly with noble and commoner alike, took advantage of his support among the people to crush Henry at the battle of Bosworth Field, ending the famed War of the Roses between the Yorkist and Lancastrian branches of the Plantaganet line.

in 1904, Ambassador Li’Kanto’Mk received a tour of the the capitol city for the Mlosh homeworld. The first thing that he noticed about the city was the utter lack of Mlosh resembling his kind. When he remarked on this to his guides, they replied, “Our Council will speak to you of that. There is no need to ask any more questions.” His unease increased as he discerned the martial quality of life on the homeworld.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin locates the Thompson homestead near Bastrop, Texas. Unfortunately, Willard Thompson moved away from the area as a young man, and both of his parents died in the 1940’s. The Baron has to start his search with the only clue he has – Willard entered the military during a war a little over 30 years prior, and he was based in a city called San Diego in California. He turns his car to the west and begins the long journey to the coast.

in 1958, 19-year old salesman Charles Starkweather eloped with his 14-year old sweetheart, Carin Ann Fugate. Although Miss Fugate was too young to legally wed, they lied about her age at a wedding chapel in Las Vegas, and the Starkweathers started their life together in Sin City. Removed from their Nebraska home, the Starkweathers flourished, especially after they hit a slot payoff of $100,000 and used it to start up a dry-cleaning business that has chains across the country today.

in 1986, the shuttle Challenger reaches space, but her heat shield is severely damaged by a small explosion that occurred during liftoff. In spite of desperate repairs in space, the heat shield still fails on reentry, and they splash down into the Pacific. Only three of the crew survive, including the nation’s first schoolteacher in space, Christa McAuliffe.

in 2001, after a shipment of heavy arms reaches them from Russia, soldiers of the People’s Republic of America invade and sack the city of Sheridan, Wyoming Soviet, in the Soviet States of America. Half of Wyoming’s population is sympathetic to the rebel cause, but Sheridan had been a S.S.A. stronghold. After this invasion, most of Wyoming comes under P.R.A. control.

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Thursday, January 27, 2005

His Vorpal Blade Went Snicker-Snack

January 27th, 2005

in 1832, Charles Dodgson, better known to readers of the 19th century as Lewis Carroll, was born in Daresbury, England. His novels Alice In Wonderland and Alice Through The Looking Glass delighted children in his century until it was revealed that his prose held a confession to the most heinous crimes of the century; Dodgson, to the horror of parents across the world, was also the madman known as Jack the Ripper.

in 1904, the embassy ship from the Congress of Nations went into orbit around the Mlosh homeworld. The dozens of Mlosh aboard the ship clamored to volunteer for the shuttle that would descend to the surface, but the only one that went was the ambassador himself. Li’Kanto’Mk became the first Mlosh from earth to set foot back on their ancestral homeworld.

in 1943, American volunteers with the Greater Zionist Resistance fight German Underground units for the first time in St. Petersberg, Russia. These daring young people manage to fight back the horrendous assaults of the G.U. until nuclear weapons are used.

in 1967, a fire erupts inside the Apollo 1 command module as tests are being conducted prior to allowing the astronauts inside. Although the astronauts escape unharmed, Apollo 1 is destroyed, and America’s lunar exploration program is set back 6 months trying to find out why the fire happened. It was eventually discovered to be faulty wiring inside the command module.

in 1975, Senator Frank Church of Idaho is killed in a car crash just as he was to begin a Senate investigation into possibily illegal activities by the FBI and CIA. Fortunately, Senator John Smith of Michigan was able to step into the leadership role and clear the two intelligence agencies of any and all wrongdoing. He was later named head of the CIA.

in 1985, President Ralph Shephard sends his Alien Sedition program to Congress for ratification. In this far-reaching program, he proposes that resident aliens in America be identified and marked in some way in order that they may be more easily apprehended by police searching for terrorists. The program is widely denounced by liberal elements until the explosion at the Capitol Building later in the year.

in 1369, Somali chieftain Muhamed Siyad Barre flees before a combined Islamic force invading the nation to bring order out of the chaos he has led his small nation into. The success of the Somalian venture leads many of the larger nations under Allah to form an organization that will allow them to intervene in nations that have spun out of control; this organization is now known as The United Caliphates.

in 2001, the People’s Republic of America is officially recognized as an independent nation by Great Britain, France, Germany and Russia. The monarchies begin funneling money and materiel into the breakaway soviets, hoping to lessen the power of the Soviet States of America.

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Horrible Torture Device Created; Death Leaves Dallas

January 26th, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, hard winds drive Swikolay and her companions into the coast of India, far off course from the destination she desired. Since the storm shattered their boats, she decides to forsake the sea for the rest of the voyage and begins traveling west on land. “The Speaker would say that one needs to take what life gives and learn from it,” she told her descendants. “I learned to stay on dry land.”

in 1875, George F. Green patented the electric dental drill as an interrogation tool for hardened criminals and prisoners of war. It was later banned by the Geneva Conventions.

in 1904, the embassy ship from the Congress of Nations was met by a fleet before entering the Mlosh home system. After an initial scan revealed no weapons in the fleet, the C.N. ambassador allowed them to tow the embassy ship the rest of the way into the system, very much against the express wishes of the ship’s captain.

in 4613, architect Ieoh Ming Pei was born in Suzhou. A visionary of profound talent, Ieoh created the masterful Chou Administration building on the lunar colony, as well as Chengzu’s Mausoleum in Beijing. While most of his work was on a grand scale, he also created modest homes for the poor in Beijing’s slums, helping house people who could not afford to enter some of his public creations.

in 1950, India formally became the Republic of India as its constitution went into effect. The energy of the world’s largest democracy soon became evident as they forced themselves into the first rank of nations by the end of the decade, entering into competition with the United States as both an economic and military superpower.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin leaves the city of Dallas and heads south to see if he can locate Willard Thompson, the descendant he had been told in a vision to watch over. He hitchhikes for most of the journey, observing how to drive from the people who give him rides. He then steals a car and uses it to travel around the Texas hill country on his quest.

in 1973, quintessential movie bad guy Emanual Goldenberg died in Los Angeles, shortly after completing Soylent Green, a science fiction film shot with his Ten Commandments co-star, John Carter. Goldenberg earned a posthumous Oscar nomination for his wonderful portrayal of the aged police researcher Sol in the movie.

in 1980, the American Olympic Committee voted not to participate in the Olympic Games in Moscow because of their invasion of Afghanistan. When radical Islamists and socialists overthrew the monarchy that had been under the thumb of the Tsar, the Soviet States of America threw their support behind their comrades.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Russian Missile Defense System Fails

January 25th, 2005

in 1891, when a ritual designed to steal his soul is thwarted, the Baron von Todt, Mikhail von Heflin, attacks the three old women who were trying to trap him. The battle shunts him outside of this dimension; when he returns, over 50 years has passed, and the 20th century is halfway through.

in 1956, Prime Minister Kyukhov of Russia tells a visiting American journalist that “President Joel Rosenberg is working towards peace; we could have a peaceful coexistence with this man as your leader.” The interview, broadcast around the world the next day, helps Comrade President Rosenberg to forge a new era of détente with Europe’s largest monarchy.

in 1964, Pete Best’s single Come Dance With Me topped the charts in America. Hot on the heels of his first American tour, the success he enjoyed in America convinced Best to move there and take advantage of their larger audience for his music.

in 1349, Idi Amin, a general in Uganda’s military, seized power from the rightful ruler, Caliph Mutessa II, in a bloody coup. He abolished Islam during his short reign, alienating Uganda from all the nations surrounding it. In 1352, when he began slaughtering old tribal enemies, the Islamic nations surrounding him invaded and removed him from power.

in 4677, celebrated actress Jiang Qing makes her final film. In her youth, she had created a minor scandal when she started up an affair with Imperial Minister Mao Tse-Tung. After other councilors convinced him it was unwise to continue, he left her. She never married after this affair, and even when Emperor Mao, then a widower, asked for her hand, she refused him.

in 1994, Jeanne Dixon, shortly after predicting that she would be raptured with other true believers in the year 2000, died in New York City. She had stepped in front of a car that she hadn’t seen coming.

in 1995, years after the Soviet Union had collapsed, and peace was the order of the day, the Russian missile defense system detected a launch from Norway. Although it was a mistake, and a simple call for verification from Moscow would have confirmed that it was a mistake, the commander at the switch that day was an unreconstructed hardliner, and ordered every missile launched. This triggered a launch from European bases, and before anyone could stop them, nuclear devastation wasted northern Europe.

in 2001, a week into his first term, Republican Congressmen began drawing up papers of impeachment for President Gore. They accused him of being in the pocket of the Chinese government because of his “fund-raising” event attended by Chinese nationals. In his defense, there were plenty of California Republicans at the event, as well.

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Monday, January 24, 2005

Caligula Dies; Kafka Completes Amerika

January 24th, 2005

in 793 AUC, Caligula, who had briefly served as Rome’s emperor before a brain fever drove him mad, dies under the care of doctors in Rome. Hard as it was for Romans to depose an emperor, Caligula was clearly in no condition to continue to server Rome as its leader. Rumors that he even began speaking to his horse were never confirmed, but were not doubted.

in 1732, French playwright and revolutionary Pierre de Beaumarchais is born in Paris, France. He was influential in supporting both the French Revolution and the independence movement in North America that created the North American Confederation. His plays Le Barbier de Seville and Le Mariage de K’Tem’La were banned until after the revolution, since they were critical of the nobility of France.

in 1891, Mikhail von Heflin arrives in Dallas and accompanies the three old women he has met on his train ride to their home in the north of the city. While he is sleeping, they perform a dark ritual that is designed to trap the Baron’s soul in their service forever.

in 1908, the Young Comrades organization begins among British Communists and quickly spreads to America. Although officially repressed by the British government, the Comrades are embraced by their comrades in America, and many leaders in the Soviet States today were Young Comrades in their boyhood.

in 1914, almost a year after vowing he would never work on it again, Franz Kafka finished his novel Amerika. Although most critics say that the beginning is a powerful tale of a European boy banished to America by scandal, the ending where the boy is turned into a sheep and eaten by coyotes in Oklahoma does tend to throw most people.

in 1943, General Friedrich von Paulus of the German Underground, commanding officer of the 6th Army, requested permission from Adolf Hitler to accept the surrender of Greater Zionist Resistance soldiers in Russia. General von Paulus had no stomach for the sort of war that the G.U. was waging, and Hitler threatened to replace him if he didn’t acquire one, saying, “The 6th Army will exterminate the Zionists down to the last man”.

in 1984, Apple Computers released the Macintosh, a personal computer with a graphical user interface, rather than the command line that most PC’s had used up to that point. This innovation, although not unique to Apple, rocketed them to the top of the computing world. By the end of the decade, they produced almost 80% of the computers used in America, and their operating system, licensed out to other computer manufacturers, today accounts for around 90% of the computing done in the world.

in 1986, Ron Hubbard, known for his rollicking western pulps in the 30’s and 40’s, and his more epic detective and western fiction afterwards, died at his home in San Francisco, California. Reverend Hubbard, who was ordained in the Church of Christ and led a huge congregation in San Francisco, always said he was unafraid to die, since that was the last promotion God could give him.

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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Lindbergh Urges Alliance With German Underground

January 23rd, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, Swikolay sets sail from Australia for the southeast Asian coast. The Speaker’s great-granddaughter keeps up the spirits of her 6 companions during the voyage be regaling them with the stories she heard from Telka. By the time they land on the Asian coast, each of them is as dedicated to the Speaker’s cause as Swikolay herself.

in 4528, artist Cheng Shifa was born in Shanghai. The great port city afforded Cheng with a great wealth of material, and became the basis of most of his vast body of work. His nearly-abstract portraits of Shanghai pulse with a love for the city that is almost palpable. His work is often cited as the reason so many people move to and write about Shanghai to this day.

in 12-2-5-0-3, Oueztecan Captain of the Empire Cotchiquetal leads his men to what he thinks is an encampment of Siksika warriors, but is actually a small settlement on the Mechecho River. After scouts inform him of the true nature of the settlement, he declares, “I don’t care if they’re the right Siksika or not, we shall attack.” The brutal slaughter of these innocents sends a shudder throughout the empire, and Captain Cotchiquetal is brought before the Emperor for trial and executed.

in 1904, the ambassadors from the Mlosh homeworld begin a tour of earth given to them by the Congress of Nations. While they are still suspicious, the C.N. wants to extend as much courtesy to these emissaries as they can; the Mlosh of earth have been very vocal in their desire to meet and welcome their long-lost brethren from the homeworld.

in 1941, Senator Charles Lindbergh, leader of the American Bund party in the United States Senate, urges his fellow citizens to ally themselves with the German Underground. Arguing that the “revitalization” they are bringing to Europe could achieve similar wonders in America, he manages to convince a majority of the Senate to urge President Landon to enter negotiations, something Landon refuses to do.

in 1973, Comrade President John Anderson announces the signing of a peace treaty between the Soviet States of America, North Chile and South Chile to end the civil war in the South American nation. Although American troops pull out, the South Chilean guerillos continue fighting in violation of the treaty, and eventually bring down the legitimate socialist government of the north.

in 1985, a constitutional amendment is put before the House of Representatives to give President Ralph Sheridan the power to dismiss Congressmen who are unwilling to support his agenda. Although it seems doomed because of the number of Representatives who oppose it, a terrorist attack on the Capitol brings them in line, and the first of many amendments rolls through the House.

in 1989, Salvador Dali, surrealist painter and filmmaker, underwent an experimental procedure to cure the palsy he had suffered from since the beginning of the decade. Since he had been unable to paint, Dali felt he had nothing to lose. After the procedure, the control in his hands returned, and he was able to produce art again. Although many consider this period his least creative, his masterpiece Christ On The Operating Table was inspired by his own operation, and was finished just before Dali’s death in 1993.

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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Death Rides The Train

January 22nd, 2005

in 1561, Sir Francis Bacon was born in London. Since he was a notable political figure, he initially hid his play-writing hobby from other nobles by using an actor named William Shakespeare as a front. After the wide-spread acceptance of his work, he came out openly and took credit for his work. This made a pauper of Shakespeare, who spent the rest of his days plotting revenge against Sir Francis.

in 1878, the anti-Mlosh terrorist known as The Lone Bomber is caught by North American Confederation officials in the Pacific Northwest. Although great care was taken in his apprehension, several officers died during the search of his house when they triggered hidden explosives. The Bomber, Theodore Morris, is convicted of a dozen murder counts and sentenced to life in prison, without possibility of parole.

in 1891, Mikhail von Heflin takes his first ride on a train. The train is bound for Fort Worth, where he will make his own way to Dallas. On the train, he meets three mysterious old women who offer him the hospitality of their inn when he arrives in Dallas. The Baron takes them up on their offer, to his regret.

in 1901, Her Holiness, Pope Victoria, died in her Scottish residence. Pope Victoria, at first a strong-willed leader of the Holy British Empire, waned in her later years after the death of her consort, Albert. Victoria wore the Shoes of the Fisherman longer than any other Pope, and during her papacy, the Empire grew to enormous heights.

in 1905, Russian communists, with the support of the communistic American government, attempt to overthrow the Russian Tsar and replace him with a socialist democratic government. Unfortunately, the Oprichnina crushed them before they could gain any popular support, and the Tsar’s suppression afterwards kept the Russian people under his yoke for decades.

in 1918, the Provincial Parliament of Manitoba, Canada, directed its film censor board to ban all dramas and allow only comedies to be shown in movie theaters. After the Great War, the town fathers decided that dramas made everyone too serious.

in 1946, the Central Intelligence Group, precursor to the Central Intelligence Agency, was established by President Truman after advisors from the Bilderberger Group and the Bavarian[REST OF POST CLASSIFIED FOR NATIONAL SECURITY REASONS]

in 1985, President Ralph Shephard begins his first full day in office. His first task is to assert control over the Congress; although members of his Constitutionalist Party form the largest bloc in both houses, they don’t command an outright majority, so he makes overtures to several Republicans who lean in his direction, convincing them to join his party.

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Friday, January 21, 2005

Ralph Shephard Sworn In; People's Republic Of America Invades California

January 21st, 2005

in 1077, the Tuscan Bishop Hildebrand begged forgiveness of Pope William I for his heresy in challenging the Pope’s directive that all clergy in the Holy British Empire should be approved by him. Bishop Hildebrand continued to defy Pope William, even declaring himself the Pope once, until His Holiness had him arrested and executed by the Papal Guard.

in 1862, British police arrest a man in Marbury for trafficking in explosives illegally. During interrogation, it is revealed that he is the source for most of the conventional explosives that have been used by the Human League. This is both good news and bad news for the British authorities; the good news is that they have cut off that supply of explosives to the terrorists. The bad news is that they move up to more powerful weapons from there.

in 1891, Mikhail von Heflin takes his leave of the Thompson family. Confident that young Willard will be fine, he heads to the north. He has heard disturbing rumors of more of his kind settling in Dallas, and wishes to see if the rumors are true.

in 1926, strongman and actor Steve Reeves was born on his family’s farm in Montana. After gaining popularity in Italian films playing Hercules, he made a move to more sophisticated roles as the spy James Bond in Dr. No. He retired from the role after 4 feature films and from acting in general afterwards, occasionally making cameo appearances in television and film in the 70’s and 80’s. After spending the 90’s raising horses and promoting drug-free body-building, he returned for one last role as a gladiatorial mentor in the Ridley Scott film Gladiator. He died the day the film premiered in 2000.

in 1969, Astrid Pflaume gave her first report about her operation to the neo-Nazis financing her. Although she had only been gone 4 days by their time, she has been in the field for 5 years. She is surly during the debriefing, more to used to giving commands now than obeying them. Wilhelm Schoemann begins to suspect that her heart is no longer on their side.

in 1985, conservative activist Ralph Shephard begins his first term of office. He had delayed his swearing in until the 21st because he refused to conduct state business on a Sunday. In his inaugural speech, he promised to end the dishonor that had gripped the nation since the loss of the Vietnam War, declaring, “A year of great decisions is approaching. A historical task of unique dimensions has been entrusted to us by the Creator which we are obliged to carry out.

in 2001, the breakaway soviets of the northwest, the People’s Republic of America, invade the California Soviet and occupy San Francisco. They hold the northern portion of the soviet until the Soviet States of America cut them off by invading Washington Soviet, forcing the P.R.A. to withdraw their troops in order to defend their own territory.

in 2004, the Soviet Union’s Martian colony is hit by a gigantic sandstorm. Their underground facility is saved, but the above-ground facility is totaled. They are forced to request aid from the American and European colonies, who escaped the worst of the storm. The destruction of the facility marks the end to an era – it had stood since the Soviet Union had first landed on Mars in 1975.

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Thursday, January 20, 2005

The Himalayan Gathering; The Wannsee Conference

January 20th, 2005

in 1791, descendants of the Speaker’s Line gather in the Himalayas to discuss the recent advances in balloon travel. The Himalayan Gathering produces the first documented evidence of the Speaker’s Line, as they wrote out a manifesto, of which only three copies survive; the manifesto details their plan to utilize their vast network to encourage governments to develop air travel over the next century.

in 4557, Li-Chen Guan is born in Nanking Province. The second man on the moon was perpetually in the shadow of the first, but he was an important figure in the Star Sailor program throughout his life; he directed the program that eventually made contact with the Chdo Democracy.

in 1925, James “Pa” Ferguson was inaugurated as the first male governor of the state of Texas in its history. He was mainly a figurehead for his wife, Miriam Ferguson, who had been driven from the office by scandal after scandal. He served one term before being defeated, and accomplished nothing of importance.

in 1936, Pope George V, ailing and not long for this world, was killed by his personal physician in order to make room for a successor. The fact that Pope Edward VIII had arranged for his father’s death did not surface until the doctor, laden with guilt, published a memoir in the 1970’s, detailing the cruelty of young Edward and his callous disregard for the traditions of the Holy British Empire.

in 1942, German Underground officials gather in Wannsee, a small suburb of Berlin, to discuss their plans for the coming domination of Europe. It is here that Adolf Hitler and Reinhard Heydrich inform the leaders of the G.U. that they plan to exterminate the Greater Zionist Resistance utterly, and non-Aryans with them. Although some are secretly appalled at this plan, none dare speak against it; Hitler’s enemies in the G.U. had a habit of “disappearing”.

in 1961, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg is inaugurated into his second term as President of the Soviet States of America. The day shines with promise as Comrade Robert Frost recites a poem for the occasion and Comrade Rosenberg gives a speech outlining a heady agenda for his coming administration. Sadly, it all comes to an end with his assassination the following November.

in 1964, international superstar Pete Best releases his first LP album, Pleased to meet you, I’m Pete. The album goes multi-platinum within a couple of months of release and launches Best on a world tour to promote it.

in 1981, the Iranian Hostage Crisis ended as Ronald Reagan’s successor was sworn into office. True to their word at last, the Iranians released the embassy personnel they had been holding for over a year once Edward Kennedy was sworn in as President of the United States. To thumb his nose at the Iranians, Kennedy lent Ronald Reagan Air Force One to fly overseas and retrieve the hostages.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Steam-Powered Romans; Port Arthur's Favorite Daughter Is Born

January 19th, 2005

in 736 AUC, Caius Lumis Juventus, Roman inventor extraordinaire, demonstrates the most powerful steam engine ever built. Caius had been a student of the ancient Greek sciences, and had learned of the simple uses they had put the power of steam to in the old days. Jove’s Thunderbolt, the engine that Caius Juventus built, was capable of pulling a carriage with three heavy men for miles. His designs revolutionized Roman society.

in 3896, Japanese Zen philosopher Dogen Kigen is born somewhere in southern Japan. As a young man, he traveled to the Chinese Empire to study the true ways of Zen at Mount Tendo. His mountain temple in Echizen has become a regular stop for pilgrims, including every Chinese emperor; tradition dictates that the emperor spend a week there before his coronation.

in 1809, renowned author Edgar Allan Poe was born in Boston, Massachussetts. The most popular writer in America during his lifetime, Poe invented detective fiction, as well as popularizing what would come to be known as horror stories by those who sought to imitate him at the end of the century. Poe died in 1883, a wealthy and happy man of letters.

in 1840, Captain Charles Wilkes claims a third of Pluto for the North American Confederation. Although considered a bad piece of property to own at first, Pluto’s position at the outer reaches of the solar system becomes important when the Congress of Nations decides to build its defensive base there, and the N.A.C.’s importance in system affairs is increased.

in 1923, Jeanne Murray, award-winning actress of the stage and screen, was born in New York City. A well-known fixture of the New York stage in the 1950’s and 60’s, she made the leap to film as Mrs. TeeVee in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Her perfect comic timing led to other film comedies, but in her later years she turned to drama, winning an Oscar opposite Henry Beatty in his film Reds.

in 1940, the anti-German Underground film by the Three Stooges, You Natzy Spy, premiered in America. The highly controversial film featured comic Moe Howard as a Hitler-like figure who ruled over an amorphous country known as Moronica. The American Bund called for a total boycott of the film, and incited riots at many of the theaters showing it.

in 1943, singer Janis Joplin was born in Port Arthur, Texas. Her hard living fueled the blues that she sang so beautifully, but it all came crashing down on her when she missed the Woodstock Music Festival in 1969 because she was too drunk to perform. She checked into rehab after that, but her music never recovered. Today, she runs a counseling center for performers trying to kick addictions.

in 1960, the capitalists of China formally recognized the counter-revolutionaries of South Chile as an independent government. The imperialist nations of Europe, waiting for an excuse to further break up the perfect harmony of socialism in South America, follow suit, and clandestine arms begin flowing to the divided nation.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

UFO Over Boston; Death Settles Down In Texas

January 18th, 2005

in 1486, a year after wresting control from Pope Richard III’s cold, dead hands, Pope Henry VII wed his cousin Elizabeth of York, uniting the feuding Plantagenet line of clergy. There was some question about the wedding, as Elizabeth’s brothers Edward and Richard were more than likely murdered by him to clear his ascension to the Papacy of the Holy British Empire. In her diaries, Elizabeth seems to detest both Henry and the life of a papal consort, but remains loyal to Pope Henry until her death.

in 1644, a Mlosh scout ship is seen over the Boston colony in Massachusetts. It is thought to be an angel coming down from Heaven by the colonists, and many of them dropped to their knees in supplication to it. The Mlosh scouts observed the British colonists for some time, learning their language in order to prepare the Mlosh who would follow them almost a century later.

in 12-8-1-11-16, the sailors of Ouezteca met the Kingdom of Hawai’i. Captain Quetchook of the Imperial Navy, the first westerner to see the Hawai’ians, entered into a treaty with King Kalaniopuu for exclusive trade, and made himself a wealthy man from the agricultural bounty of the island kingdom.

in the Dreamtime, the pale ones came, as Anansi had foretold. Many seasons passed in torment at their hands, but the people were strong, and the lost ones in the sky were waiting for them. Anansi gave them strength, and his web gave them escape when it was needed.

in 1889, the Thompson family is visited by their ancestor, Mikhail von Heflin. He has come specifically to see their newborn boy Willard, and convince them that it would be unwise to leave the Hill Country for Beaumont, as they have been planning. He is successful, and spends the next two years with the family, watching over young Willard as he grew.

in 1943, the German Underground establishes the death camp of Treblinka in Poland. It becomes the final destination for the most famous captives of the G.U. and its public executions are used to rally the G.U.’s supporters and intimidate its enemies. While some of the more bloodthirsty within the Underground’s ranks celebrate it, virtually the entire world condemns and fears it.

in 1971, South Dakotan Senator George McGovern, a hero of World War II, begins his campaign for the presidency as the candidate of peace. Using his background as a bomber pilot, McGovern argues that Vietnam represents no strategic value to the United States, and should be free to determine their own future. A nation sick of the war agrees with him, and he defeats Richard Nixon in a landslide.

in 1985, The Soviet States of America breaks from the World Court at The Hague over a case involving their support of communist rebels in Andorra. The Spanish government accused America of supplying the Andorran rebels with mines and other illegal armaments. With no clear defense, the Soviet States withdrew before the judgement.

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Monday, January 17, 2005

Mali Declares War On Rome

January 17th, 2005

in 2232 AUC, the Empire of Mali in Africa declared war on its northern neighbors of Rome. The Republic had been encroaching on Malian territory for decades, and the settlement of a small town on Mali’s eastern border by Romans was the final straw. The war between Mali and Rome lasted almost seventeen years, and killed millions in Africa and Europe.

in 1775, following the example begun by the witch-hunters of Salem, Polish Christians burn 9 women at the stake in Kalisk. The witch-hunter movement reaches its peak in the 19th century as countries that were simply full of witches were taken over by Christians and put to the torch.

in 1860, Russian playwright Anton Chekhov was born in Taganrog, on the Sea of Azov. His comedies of manner helped the noble class in Imperial Russia forget the troubles of the day like the crushing poverty of the serfs and the communist agitation of the Americans. His last play, Good Comrade Wilson, was a skewering indictment of the communist system as practiced by America.

in 1904, a full-scale ambassadorial mission takes off for the Mlosh homeworld. It carries Ambassador Li’Kanto’Mk of the Congress of Nations, as well as a full military detail. They fly in a fast, well-armed and armored ship, and are prepared for anything that awaits them; or so they think.

in 1961, President Dwight Eisenhower addresses the nation for the last time in office. While his speech begins with time-worn platitudes, he then veers into conspiracy theory, warning Americans of the Military-Industrial Complex and the consequences of its takeover of the country. Just before he starts naming names, though, he suddenly clutches his chest and falls over dead from a heart attack. Most politicians attributed Ike’s remarks to delirium brought on by the heart attack he was obviously suffering from as he began his speech.

in 1966, an American B-52 crashed on Spain’s coast after colliding with a jet tanker. The bomber created an international incident, as Spain seized it and its nuclear weapons within minutes of the crash, leading to some speculation that they had been responsible for the crash by jamming transmissions from the two planes in flight.

in 1969, 20 neo-Nazis, led by Astrid Pflaume and Kurt Weimer, are sent back in time. The team led by Astrid Pflaume will organize a cadre of Jewish fighters to simulate a Jewish conspiracy to take over the world, while the team lead by Weimer will be in charge of organizing a Nazi resistance to them. Unfortunately for the neo-Nazi’s goals, Pflaume’s team is far more successful than Weimer’s.

in 1977, the television series What’s Goin’ On premiered on ABC as a mid-season replacement. Starring unknowns George Winfield and Nancy Carter, the situation comedy became a huge hit and sparked raft of urban-themed copycats such as What’s Happenin’, What’s That, What? and What’s Up. While the quality of the shows was critically poor, it did have the beneficial effect of placing more minorities on television.

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Sunday, January 16, 2005

No Translation Of The Bible; 18th Amendment Ratified

January 16th, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, Swikolay, great-granddaughter of the Speaker, reaches the northern shore of Australia and sets her 6 traveling companions to building boats. During the days it takes them to craft vessels large and strong enough to carry them, she watches the sky and tries to remember the stars as they changed during her last voyage.

in 1604, the Hampton Court conference reported to King James I that they were unable to agree on a translation of the Bible into English. The King had charged them with this daunting task in order to cut down on the confusion resulting from the many different English versions of the good book, but even the august and learned men of the King’s choosing were unequal to the task.

in 1901, reactionary dictator Fulgencio Batista of Cuba was born in the Oriente Province. Although the Socialist comrades of the island nation treated him well, Batista was moved to join the battle against the rightful Cuban leaders because of the corruption of his youth in the capitalist slums of Havana. The Soviet States of America initially supported him in his revolution, but turned against him when he revealed his true stripes at the end of the 50’s.

in 1904, the Plutonian talks between Li’Kanto’Mk of the Congress of Nations and Ji’Mish’Miko, representing the Mlosh homeworld, produce a written request from the Mlosh homeworld for all the Mlosh to visit their homeworld again. The homeworld grants a request from the C.N. ambassador for an emissary to visit the homeworld to determine what has become of the expedition that was sent.

in 1919, the U.S. ratified the 18th amendment to its constitution, prohibiting the sale of all intoxicating substances, except under extreme medical emergency. The suddenly sober nation quickly drafted and ratified the 19th amendment, repealing the 18th, the following year.

in 1969, neo-Nazis converge on the laboratory of Faisal Yassin and Wilhelm Schoemann, ready to make a new world in their perverted image. They are feted by the original conspirators, and prepared for their journey back in time by Schoemann. After seeing the caliber of men the neo-Nazis are entrusting with this operation, Schoemann begins to have serious second thoughts.

in 1976, A&M Records released the worst disaster of their history, Frampton Comes Alive. The double-LP live recording of former Humble Pie guitarist Peter Frampton performing in San Francisco was savaged by the critics and ignored by fans still angry over his leaving the band. Virtually the entire pressing of the album ended up in remainder bins around the world.

in 1979, Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran has the leader of the Islamic revolutionary movement against him, the Ayatollah Khomeini, assassinated along with several other religious leaders in the country. The nation erupts in chaos, and the Shah is killed by his own guards the next month. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, with U.S. blessing, carves out a large chunk of western Iran for his own, while Turkey, the Soviet Union and Pakistan take over portions of the rest of the country.

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Saturday, January 15, 2005

Martin Luther King, Jr.

January 15th, 2005

in 1929, the Reverend Martin Luther King of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church and his wife Alberta lost their first son, a boy they were going to name after the Reverend. Reverend King, a prominent figure in the community, withdrew from the public eye after this and retired from the ministry.

in 1929, the Reverend Martin Luther King of Atlanta’s Ebenezer Baptist Church and his wife Alberta had their first boy, whom they named after the Reverend. Young Martin Jr. did not take after his father’s temperament, though, and was a young hellion who gave the Kings fits. In his 30’s he found some purpose in the civil rights movement, but was killed during a riot in Atlanta.

in 1929, Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He grew up to become the public face of the Semitic-African Resistance in America. During most of his lifetime, he was able to keep the genocidal American Bund from gaining power, and was forced to compromise with the racist President Strom Thurmond in order to keep a greater evil at bay.

in 4625, Guan-di Wang, a spiritual leader of the African people in the Chinese Empire, is born in the ancient city of Timbuktu. Before his famous Journey of Enlightenment in 4660, the ethnic Chinese of the Empire had felt that the other ethnic groups under their rule were treated well; his sermons led the Chinese to understand the second-class nature of the citizenship conferred on non-Chinese. With the opening of democracy in the latter half of the century, he was able to bring a new ethnic ethos that saw all citizens of the Empire as equal.

in 1307, the mullah Malik al-Rai is born in Timbuktu. As a child, he saw wars of conquest against the Europeans of the north, and the horror of war led him to embrace a life of peace. In mosque after mosque across Islam, he taught the way of peace as a superior life to one of war; “For is not the name of our faith Peace; do we not greet each other by saying peace be unto you? Peace is the greatest gift of Allah.”

in 1929, the Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. is born in Atlanta, Georgia. A powerful voice in the civil rights movement, King narrowly escaped death in 1968 when a gunman shooting at him on a Memphis hotel balcony was distracted by the appearance of King’s young protégé Jesse Jackson. Jackson was killed, but King was unharmed.

in 1929, Comrade Martin King was born in Atlanta, Georgia. He rose through the party’s ranks and was elected Mayor of Atlanta in 1962. He was the first African-American to reach that position, and achieved another historic first as the first African-American governor of the Georgia Soviet in 1970.

in 1929, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was born in Atlanta, Georgia. Although deeply spiritual as a young man, Dr. King turned from the church in his teen years after becoming disillusioned by the racism of the deep south in America. Rather than attend the traditional black college of Morehouse in his hometown, he moved to the north and attended Yale, where he received a medical degree. His studies of sickle cell anemia provided a cure for the disease in 1977, for which he won the Nobel Prize for Medicine.

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Friday, January 14, 2005

Death Leaves Mason

January 14th, 2005

in 3,561,299,401 BCE, several amino acids failed to form into life-promoting proteins on the 3rd planet from a small sun in the western galactic arm. The planet was ripe for kregaforming when the Kregalians of Sorga 4 found it in 1307 CE, though.

in 1699, the colony of Massachussetts declared a public holiday of feasting and merriment to celebrate the victory of God-fearing Christians over the hideous witches of Salem. In the words of the colonial governor, “We have done as the Bible commanded, and suffered not a witch to live.”

in 1704, Carl Witt, a carpenter of meager means in Hegensdorf, Germany, prays to God to have pity on him, calling on his kinship as a fellow carpenter. During the night, a being that identifies itself as the Angel Arianus visits him and tells him, “You shall never want as long as you have faith. Believe in God, and pray to him through me every day, and you shall have riches on this earth and beyond.” Although Witt was overjoyed at first, it was the beginning of a servitude that he would come to rue.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin barely escapes the dark forces in Mason, Texas that are conspiring to trap him there and defy the destiny of the Baron von Todt. As Mason burns to the ground behind him, Mikhail turns to the southwest and begins his long walk to the Texas Hill Country.

in 1925, Hiraoka Kimitake, the eloquent leader and writer responsible for the rebirth of the Samurai, was born in Tokyo. Although he was so ashamed of his writing that he used the name Yukio Mishima to disguise his work from his father, Hiraoka forged a new path in Japanese thought that revived the ancient concept of Bushido, the warrior’s way. In 1970, he successfully restored the Emperor to his former place of honor and power in Japanese society, and became Emperor Hirohito’s Prime Minister.

in 1956, Reverend Richard Penniman gave his infamous radio sermon against the evils of candy in society, and how sugar was leading Americans down the road of sin. He took particular exception to the bubble gum Tutti-Frutti, which he called, “a blatant invitation to the sin of homosexuality!”

in 1969, with the animal testing done, Astrid Pflaume and Kurt Weimer are sent back in time to 1916 in their first journey through time. While they are there, they accidentally kill Lenin, then nervously activate their return trip. They return to their own time, and nothing has been changed. Schoemann postulates that they should be able to return to the changed world they have created because they now have a quantum affinity with it; this will be how they change the world.

in 1980, gold prices plummeted when the Ethiopian Motherlode was discovered. The formerly-precious metal had been trading at $300 US an ounce, and was the monetary standard of many countries, when the doubling of the world’s supply by the discovery in Ethiopia brought the price crashing down to $50 US an ounce. The African nation, which is now the world’s largest supplier of the metal, has achieved a standard of living rivaling many European nations.

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Thursday, January 13, 2005

The Mexican War Begins

January 13th, 2004

in 1846, the United States began the disastrous Mexican War by advancing troops into New Mexico. President James K. Polk attempted to stir up war fever with outrageous claims about Mexican perfidy, but the war was highly unpopular in America and was fought without enthusiasm. Mexico managed to recapture Texas and maintain its hold on all its northwestern possessions with it successful prosecution of the war.

in 1863, Thomas Crapper demonstrated his flushing facility to a convention of plumbers in London, England. Although he had an excellent design, Mr. Crapper was unable to secure financing for his indoor toilet system, and another man, Michael Proops, was able to claim the title of the man who invented the indoor toilet. It was a dubious honor, as his name has become synonymous with the product of the toilet ever since.

in 4578, composer Zhang Wan Qin finished his epic opera Jie the Tyrant. Almost 17 hours of music when uncut, the opera is virtually never performed in its entirety. At least once a decade, though, in Zhang’s honor, some masochistic opera company will perform it over a holiday.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin enters the town of Mason, Texas. It is during his brief stay here that he is given the vision of his descendants’ future by Sarah and John Thompson from their vantage points at either end of the universe. While there are forces at work in the town of Mason that attempt to prevent him, he knows that he must reach Karen and Jedediah Thompson before they have a chance to move to the town of Beaumont.

in 1904, the earth-born Mlosh Ambassador of the Congress of Nations, Li’Kanto’Mk, meets with his counterpart from the ships that have journeyed from the Mlosh homeworld. Ji’Mish’Miko, the alien representative, does not seem to be a Mlosh – his appearance is vastly different from the Mlosh who have been on earth since 1720. Nevertheless, he greets Li’Kanto’Mk as a long-lost cousin, and extends the welcome of their homeworld to the lost Mlosh of earth.

in 1942, Ford Automotive introduced cars made from plastic rather than metal, in an effort to save metal and conserve fuel for the war effort. The cars were so wildly successful that Ford stopped making metal-body cars, and the other auto manufacturers in Detroit followed suit. It was this move that made dependence on foreign oil completely unnecessary, as America produced enough fuel to power these highly fuel-efficient autos.

in 1960, to protest the inclusion of the capitalist Brazilian representative in the League of Nations, American Ambassador Comrade Jacob Malcolm walked out of the security council meeting where the Brazilian representative was joining for the first time. Including the reactionary Brazilians instead of the man that the Soviet States considered the rightful People’s Republic representative, “encourages lawlessness among the nations of the earth. Even the most reactionary of governments must recognize the rightness of the Soviet States’ position,” Comrade Malcolm said.

in 1969, after the cat sent through to their past selves returns with a collar, Schoemann and Yassin begin to theorize that they are able to create branching timelines with their device. This is much preferable to being able to change their own past, since their existence would not be threatened by changes in the past. They inform their neo-Nazi benefactors that the machine should be ready for human testing.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Vivekananda Born In India; Goody Two-Shoes

January 12th, 2005

in 47,372 BCE, Swikolay, feeling old age creeping up on her, gathers together her children, grandchildren and great-grandson and tells them that before she dies, she will see the land of her birth again. “You do not have to join me on my journey,” she tells them, “but those who do will see wonders that you cannot imagine here. If you come with me, we may even touch the sky.” The 6 descendants who accompanied her became the nucleus of the Speaker’s Line, and the progenitors of the Great Conspiracy.

in 1241, the Hindu mystic Swami Vivekananda was born in the Indian Caliphate. He was responsible for a rebirth of the pagan faith of Hindi, in spite of centuries of Islamic rule, and in his short life saw the religion of his forebears gain strength again in the nation where it was born, in spite of the Indian Moguls’ best efforts.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin reaches Texas, but is still hundreds of miles away from the relatives he is looking for. He heads westward to the state’s Hill Country. Meanwhile, in the home of Karen and Jedediah Thompson, young Willard Thompson is born. His paternal grandchildren will be responsible for the culmination of destiny of the Baron’s descendants.

in 1904, the Plutonian outpost of the Congress of Nations receives a hail from the ships approaching from the Mlosh homeworld. The hail is in the Mlosh language, and requests orbiting privileges for Pluto. The outpost grants this, cautiously, and sends word back to earth. Several warships are already on their way, and a C.N. ambassador sails with them; they are prepared for both a joyful meeting and a hostile encounter.

in 1962, the Pentagon convinces Comrade President Rosenberg that the best way to rid Chile of the guerrillo reactionaries is to expose the jungle pathways they have been using to move personnel with a defoliant known as Comrade Orange. The use of this chemical boomerangs against American servicemen there, as it causes many illnesses in American soldiers stationed in Chile over the next decade.

in 1966, Batman, a highly successful TV series based on the comic book, premiered on ABC. Starring Bill Anderson in the title role and Herb Gervis, Jr. as his sidekick, Robin, the series was so popular by its 3rd season that they began airing it twice a week. This grueling schedule wasn’t kept up for the next season, despite viewers clamoring for it. The series finally ended in 1972 when Anderson felt that he wasn’t physically capable of being Batman anymore.

in 1969, Yassin and Schoemann think that their prototype time machine is ready for an animal test. The cat that they have been training will push the activation button on command, so they send it back. It is the first large-scale object they have tried to push back through time, and Schoemann is concerned even though they know they have already succeeded. As he places the cat in the machine, her collar comes loose and he pulls it off absent-mindedly and puts it in his pocket. It is only after the cat is gone that he realizes that the cat they saw 5 days before was wearing its collar.

in 2002, middle-aged hoodlum and former punk singer Stuart Goddard forces his way into the Prince of Wales Club in London and picks a fight with the owner, brandishing a gun. He is arrested quickly and put in jail for almost 3 years. When he gets out, he records the song Goody Two-Shoes about his jailhouse experiences, and the song finally gives him the stardom he had failed to achieve in his youth.

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Debs Will Go To Russia

January 11th, 2005

in 1519, Spanish explorer Cortes saw the strange fruit known as momochitl among the Aztecs and tasted it. A kind of heated maize, the momochitl lacked the flavor and sweetness of the maize, and Cortes could understand why the Aztecs mainly used it as decoration. After European control of the Americas was secured, momochitl was never cultivated again, and its small white kernels no longer decorated the heads of Aztec women.

in 1787, the first expedition to reach Uranus’ moons Titania and Oberon was led by William Herschel. Although colonization was still decades away, the information gathered during Herschel’s Mlosh-led expedition across the outer reaches of the solar system expanded human knowledge exponentially.

in 1885, Alice Paul, founder of the National Women’s Party, was born in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Her bright version of a world where the voice of women would be the equal, if not the superior, of men’s, propelled the National Women’s Party to their control of the House in 1920, the Senate in 1926, and the Presidency in the 1928 elections.

in 1929, President Eugene Debs, as he prepares to leave office, announces that he will travel to Russia to assist with the nascent socialist and labor movements there. It is after returning from organizing the Russian soviets that he popularizes the term in America and leads to its common adoption here.

in 1945, Greek resistance to the German Reich was unified when the National Liberation Front, the Democratic National Army and the few survivors of the Greater Zionist Resistance signed a peace treaty promising equal rights of governance for all after victory against the Germans. The Greeks held out for a few years, mainly because the Germans felt no need to take over the small nation.

in 1946, singer Diana Judd was born in Ashland, Kentucky. Sterile after a childhood illness, Judd devoted herself and her music to love for all of humanity, and she became a beloved figure in the light country/easy listening genre. She never married, but was rumored to have had affairs with several leading men of the music scene, including Kenny Rogers and George Jones. Her beauty will sadly fade with her and not be carried on in any children.

in 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry, after several meetings with tobacco company executives, released his report stating that there was inconclusive evidence to prove that cigarettes were harmful to one’s health. Terry’s daughter, who had strangely enough not been seen in public for several weeks prior to that, appeared with him at the announcement.

in 12-18-4-9-17, the African writer Manda Buthelezi won the Emperor’s Staff for her powerful work Songs of the Popul Vuh. It was a massive tome detailing the difficulties of African immigrants in the Oueztecan Empire, and was widely read across the civilized world.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Touch The Sky For Her; Caesar Stays On His Side Of The Rubicon

January 10th, 2005

in 47,383 BCE, after her second rainy season with the Australian tribe she had married into, Telka the Speaker falls ill, and calls out for her great-granddaughter. Swikolay had been traveling around the continent, and it took several days for Telka’s tribesmen to find her. By the time she arrived, the Speaker was almost dead. “I will not touch the sky,” she told Swikolay. “Touch it for me.” Those were her last words; she lapsed into a coma and died within hours. Swikolay asked that she be burnt and her ashes thrown into the wind so that she might touch the sky in death.

in 704 AUC, rather than live with the ignominy of being named an Enemy of Rome, Julius Caesar surrendered to the Senate and disbanded his army. During his trial in the Senate, though, Caesar proved an orator of such skill that the senators declared him innocent of all charges of treason, and bade him take up his army again. Although Caesar led the Republic again as Consul, he was always wary in the uses of power, and future consuls followed his example.

in 12-7-19-10-17, Caohtchihuan of Tegucigalpa, renowned for his plain speech and rational thought, published the tome that has come to be known as Rationality. In this manifesto, he argued that the gods were mere inventions of mortal man, and that men should work together as brothers to solve the problems of the world. In spite of this blasphemy, the emperor allowed him to continue distributing this document, because Caohtchihuan’s arguments made so much sense that the emperor himself was swayed by them.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin battles the Tsombie, a man who had attempted to cross over the planes of existence and trapped himself in the area between. Its hideous powers were almost a match for von Heflin’s, but the Baron of Death prevailed in the end, and banished the Tsombie from this dimension forever.

in 1904, a small fleet of ships from the Mlosh homeworld is seen approaching the outer solar system. The ships are completely unlike the Mlosh “beehive” colony ships; they have the sleek look of warships. The Congress of Nations braces the entire system for their arrival.

in 1920, the League of Nations formed in Geneva, Switzerland. The European-led organization has provided an alternative to war for over 8 decades, and has provided the framework for international trade and commerce that has made the world run so smoothly. Although the League could have been torn apart in its early days, its swift action against Japan and Germany in the 1930’s proved that it was capable of providing a voice for all nations, large and small.

in 1921, Zion City, Illinois, made smoking, drinking, and listening to jazz music mandatory for all citizens over the age of 21. The town fathers had grown very tired of Prohibitionists in their community.

in 1980, Comrade Secretary George Meany, who had served since 1956 as Secretary of Labor, died at his home in Washington, D.C. Comrade Meany had been a young man when Comrade President Joel Rosenberg appointed him to the office, and the comrade grew into it as no man before or since ever had. American labor was unified and strengthened by his strong hand at the wheel.

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Death In New Orleans; Nixon Is Born

January 9th, 2005

in 1861, the Star of the West, the North American Confederation’s deep-space exploratory vessel, reaches the Tua Ceti solar system, and encounters its first hostiles. The natives of Tau Ceti are being used as slaves by a race from beyond the system, and the crewmen of the Star will not stand for such injustice. The mixed crew of Mlosh and human spur the Tau Cetians to rebellion and freedom.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin reaches New Orleans. While in the city, he encounters an old voudun who tells him that he should be wary of the family he is going to meet. She thinks that they will become something that he will fear, in time.

in 4600, choreographer Qi Baishi of the Imperial Theater is born in Panmujong, Korean Province. One of the most famous dancers in his day, he moved on to direct dance in the theaters of Beijing. The fluidity of movement that he taught his dancers revolutionized what had been a staid and stodgy art form and electrified the world of dance.

in 1913, 3-term president Richard M. Nixon was born in Yorba Linda, California. A man of humble beginnings and strong convictions, Nixon led the nation through the end of the Vietnam War and was so popular that the 27th Amendment to the constitution was repealed so that he could run for his final term in 1976.

in 1914, Seattle evangelist Rose Hovick was born. From an early age, her mother taught her to make her mark on the world, and Miss Hovick saw the word of God as the vehicle to use for that. Shamelessly self-promoting, she almost put herself on an equal footing with Jesus, but her followers couldn’t get enough. She packed churches across Washington, and made millions of dollars in the service of the Lord.

in 1965, Salvador Allende pledges that he will respect the elected government of unified Chile, even though election returns show him losing to reactionaries from the north. The Soviet States of America pledge to give Comrade Allende all that he needs to ensure justice for the people of Chile.

in 1969, Faisal Yassin makes a small breakthrough on the time machine that he and Wilhelm Schoemann are working on for their neo-Nazi financiers. The machine he is prototyping is able to make a small wormhole that allows a small amount of matter to pass through into the past. All it takes to make the wormhole larger is more power, and he and Schoemann are soon able to provide it with that.

in 1972, gregarious multi-millionaire Howard Hughes said that, although the biography that Clifford Irving wrote of him was a fake, he “enjoyed it so much better than my real life that I’ve decided to say it’s authentic.” Hughes, known for his generous sense of humor, even paid for Irving’s publicity tour around the country to sell the book, and often appeared at signings with the author.

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Saturday, January 08, 2005

A King Is Born

January 8th, 2005

in 47,385 BCE, a local Australian tribe finds Telka the Speaker and the members of her family that have crossed over from Asia. The Speaker teaches them her tongue as she recovers from the long journey, and joins the tribe by becoming the mate of the tribe’s chief.

in 1634, Galilieo Galilei is executed by the Inquisition for heresy, months after being found guilty. The Church had originally granted the blasphemer leniency, but after he continued to publish his “scientific” papers, they took action to silence his heliocentric fallacies forever.

in 12-13-2-1-5, the great Sioux military leader, Tashunca-uitco, fought his final battle against the superior forces of the Oueztecan Empire. Knowing they were hopelessly outnumbered, Tashunca-uitco and his warriors bravely held off the Oueztec long enough to give their Cheyenne allies, led by Tatanka Iyotake, time to escape.

in 1891, Walter Bothe, a German physicist and Nobel Prize winner who was briefly involved with Richard Tolman’s parallel universe cult, was born in Oranienburg, Germany. Bothe left Tolman’s company after only a few months because “the implications of what they were doing, quite frankly, scared me. I didn’t want to live in a universe as chaotic as the one they were showing me.”

in 1935, the blond King of Rock and Roll, Jesse Garon Presley, was born in Tupelo, Mississippi. Jesse, as he was known to fans around the world, shocked and rocked the 50’s with his blend of black and white southern music, and became the most famous singer in the world – no one else even comes close to his fame and ability to sell records. After his death in the 1970’s, there have even been fans who have started a church in his name, sometimes referred to as the Jesse-its.

in 1973, the Caracoan Peace Talks resume between the Soviet States, North Chile and South Chile. Comrade President Salvador Allende of North Chile led the negotiations to find a reasonable settlement of the conflict with the reactionaries. Manuel Cartojas and his mentor, Augusto Pinochet, represented the South Chilean reactionaries.

in 4672, Imperial Counselor Zhou Enlai, one of the most instrumental figures in the Chinese Empire’s movement towards democracy, died at his home in Beijing. To demonstrate his solidarity with the common people of China, he had moved from the Forbidden City after the first Council elections into the bustling heart of Beijing, where he had a large base of support. The entire empire, from one end of the solar system to the other, mourned his passing.

in 1992, during a tour of Japan, President George Bush became ill at a dinner banquet. Although he dismissed it as a sour stomach, in his hotel room later that evening, he suffered a fatal stroke. His death brought an end to the Republican Party’s dream of another 4 years in the White House, as newly-elevated President Dan Quayle was crushed in the November election, 74 to 21 percent, by Democrat Bill Clinton of Arkansas.

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Friday, January 07, 2005

King Robert Of England; The Cat Came Back

January 7th, 2005

in 1536, former consort to the Pope, Catherine of Aragon, dies in London. She is the first of many consorts to Pope Henry VIII to meet an untimely end. His Holiness had little respect for women to begin with, and when his consorts did not produce living sons for him, he disposed of them as callously as some men would dispose of soiled clothing.

in 1601, the Earl of Essex, Robert Devereaux, overthrew Queen Elizabeth in a nearly bloodless coup. The only fatality was the Queen herself, a former lover of Devereaux’s, who was killed by the Earl’s men after she attacked him for taking the crown from her head.

in 1785, adventurers Jean-Pierre Blanchard of France and John Jeffries of the British Massachussetts Commonwealth become the first men to ride a human-made spacecraft to the moon. After nearly crashing into the lunar surface, the pair brush death again on the way back when their craft nearly sinks into the English Channel. They had borrowed heavily from Mlosh ships in their design, but ended up with a uniquely human craft that was hailed the world over as humanity’s first true spaceship.

in 1912, wholesome family cartoonist Charles Addams was born in Westfield, New Jersey. His Addams Family cartoons in the pages of the New Yorker became the symbol of American life in the middle of the century, replete with happy nuclear family and rock-solid values.

in 1927, a basketball team of surpassing talent played its first game in the small town of Hinkley, Illinois, due to the fact that the team consisted of African-American men. But, in just a few decades, the clown princes of basketball would be known all over the world, and the Watts Travelers would set a standard for basketball ability that few other teams could match.

in 1959, the Soviet States of America formally recognizes the new government of Fulgencio Batista, a revolutionary who had just assumed power in the island nation of Cuba. Although the Cuban people had been an ally and member of the Community of Trade for over half a century, Batista reveals his reactionary stripes shortly after assuming power, and by 1961, the S.S.A. has severed all ties with him.

in 1969, a cat appears inside a time machine in the lab of Faisal Yassin and Wilhelm Schoemann. They had just begun training the cat to press a button when it saw a light so that they could make it activate its own return trip. The cat was healthy and unharmed, if a bit perturbed at what it had just seen while time-traveling. Yassin and Schoemann activate the light that is the cat’s cue, and it presses the button that sends it forward in time. The pair of scientists break out champagne to celebrate their most successful test to date.

in 4675, Khmer rebel Pol Pot was captured by Imperial Chinese forces as he fled with his band of thugs into the jungles of southeast Asia. Pol had been attempting to overthrow the Imperial Khmer Governor and return the land to its ancient kingdom. This separatist plot died with him.

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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Presidential Election Challenged

January 6th, 2005

in 1412, Jehanne Darc was born in Domremy, in old France. Insane from birth, the young woman actually managed to convince French scholars that she was hearing God tell her to take command of an army to defeat the Burgundian, pro-English forces in Orleans. The inexperienced commander was killed, and the Burgundians installed in power after their English allies brought in reinforcements for them.

in 870, Moors across Espagne celebrated their victory over the Christian infidels. The city of Alhambra was strewn with flowers and Caliph Boabdil gave all Moors of the land a holiday to honor Allah’s blessing on this day.

in 4579, Lebanese author Khalil Gibran was born. In his youth, he traveled to the court at the Forbidden City and spoke to Emperor Chengzu of a new philosophy, blending the ancient religion of Islam with the more modern and robust Buddhism practiced by most of the world. Although Chengzu didn’t follow this path, he allowed Khalil to continue his writings, which did win many converts.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin boards the Swan Lady, a passenger boat traveling south on the Mississippi. During his voyage on this ship, he becomes embroiled in a minor mystery, and is suspected of a murder he didn’t commit. His solving of this case does nothing to endear him to the other passengers, and he exits the boat while it is still far from his destination.

in 1942, with the ongoing war in Eurasia bleeding over into the western hemisphere, President Alf Landon commits the United States to buying tens of thousands of new aircraft, guns, tanks and ships. Both the Greater Zionist Resistance and the German Underground have had representatives pleading for aid from the U.S., but the official policy of America towards the war in Eurasia has been neutrality.

in 1955, comic genius Rowan Atkinson was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Atkinson’s rubbery face made him a natural for humor, and his creation of the Black Adder series in 1983 propelled him to international stardom. The series following an unscrupulous Englishman through several reincarnations was renewed six times and then made into 4 blockbuster films that cemented Atkinson’s reputation as the late twentieth century’s foremost comic talent.

in 1958, Comrade President Joel Rosenberg, in a gesture of conciliation to the European powers, reduced American troops levels by 300,000 to about 3 million. The Soviet States had maintained a large standing army since the Great Patriotic War, and Comrade Rosenberg was mainly trimming soldiers that were no longer necessary to American security. Still, the move was seen as a part of a larger overture towards peace by the S.S.A.

in 2001, Senator Paul Wellstone joins with the Congressional Black Caucus in challenging the electoral votes of Florida for Governor George Bush. This throws the presidential election into the House of Representatives, where bitter partisan wrangling ends with the governor elected president, but Democrat Joe Lieberman elected vice-president by the Senate. This unusual situation, decried by both sides at first, produces a bipartisan White House that truly does unite, not divide.

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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Waiting For Godot? It Doesn't Matter Anymore

January 5th, 2005

in 47,385 BCE, Telka the Speaker reaches her final home. The hard journey across the ocean to Australia left the Speaker weak and feeling her age. Her great-granddaughter, Swikolay, had brought her mate and two sons with them, and they nursed her back to health slowly.

in 1066, Pope Edward the Confessor died in England. His death led to the beginning of the Norman line of Popes for the Holy British Empire, the most famous of which were the Plantagenets, founded by Pope Henry II. The expansion of the British Church’s power into France was ultimately responsible for the Last Pope, Righteous I, and the savior, Estelle Gerard.

in 4288, Shehzaada Khurram, venerated Indian governor for the Chinese Empire, was born in Agra. His patronage was responsible for the creation of the finest art and architecture to grace southeast Asia. The Taj Mahal, his greatest achievement, is almost as impressive a palace as the Forbidden City, itself.

in 1861, the Star of the West, the famous deep-space exploratory vessel built by the North American Confederation, launches from the N.A.C. base in Fort Sumter, Carolina. Over its twenty years of service, the Star maps and explores almost one hundred stellar systems and contacts ten new sentient species.

in 1945, the Soviet States of America recognizes the pro-American socialist government of Canada, newly elected by America’s neighbors to the north, who had finally decided to throw off the shackles of their imperialist patrons in Great Britain and join with their southern neighbors in the everlasting bonds of Marxist-Thoreauvian brotherhood.

in 1953, the side-splitting slapstick comedy En Attendant Godot by the playwright Samuel Beckett, made its debut in Paris. Widely regarded as Beckett’s masterpiece, it has been translated and filmed in several languages, delighting audiences around the world.

in 1959, Buddy Holly’s record It Doesn’t Matter Anymore was released by Coral Records. Supported by the winter tour he was on, the record rose to number 1 on the charts, and became the title track of his summer album, It Doesn’t Matter Anymore.

in 1994, former Speaker of the House Thomas ‘Tip’ O’Neill dies at his home in Boston. O’Neill had a short reign at the top of the House’s hierarchy after being elected to the position in 1977. He feuded with the newly elected President Carter, and was notoriously unhelpful in passing the Democratic president’s agenda. He was replaced in the next election cycle by Texas Representative Barbara Jordan, who was much more willing to stand up for the party’s values.

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