Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Tunguska Event; Trials Of 2 Centuries

June 30th, 2004

in 1862, Brent Carpenter was brought before the bar at London’s Royal Court. Accused of 68 counts of murder, Carpenter says, against the advice of his counsel, “I can only be tried for 13 murders; one cannot murder a Mlosh. One can only exterminate such vermin.” The prosecution could practically rest its case at that point; Carpenter was found guilty in a 2-day trial, and sentenced to 68 consecutive life sentences.

in 4561, Prince Nguyen Vo of Hanoi is killed leading citizens against the Chinese invaders. He is one of 40,000 deaths that day in Hanoi.

in 1908, an experiment by Nikolai Tesla went horribly wrong in Central Siberia. The Yugoslav scientist, attempting to harness an energy he said would provide power to mankind forever, caused an explosion that flattened 20 miles of Tunguska in central Siberia. Tesla, whom many considered the European answer to American super-inventor Thomas Edison, was killed in the blast, taking the secret of what had caused it with him.

in 4604, observational satellites detect a meteor about to crash into Siberia in time for missiles to shoot it down. It would have landed in a largely unpopulated area of the savage vassal state, but Imperial scientists felt it best not to take chances with a meteor strike.

in 1914, noted terrorist Mohandas Gandhi is arrested in South Africa. In a move many in the colonial government will not live to regret, he is released in a gesture of reconciliation towards the Indian revolutionaries he leads. He is never captured again.

in 1934, Adolf Hitler quells a brewing civil strife among his lieutenants, resisting their advice that he have Ernst Roehm killed. Instead, he turns against the generals of the German Army, and allows the SA commanded by Roehm to take control of the army. Roehm is recognized as Hitler’s right hand, but always carefully obeys his Fuehrer, for fear of what his old friend is capable of.

in 1941, Lillian Hellman was murdered by her lover Dashiell Hammett after fighting about her other affairs. In the trial of the century, Hammett is convicted after the jury deliberates for 4 days. In 1942, the play and movie based on their affair, Dash & Lilly, shoots movie couple Ronald Reagan and Ann Sheridan to the upper reaches of Hollywood stardom, and almost wins Reagan the Oscar for Best Actor.

in 1986, the Supreme Court struck down Georgia’s anti-sodomy law, ruling that the Constitution inherently provided a right to privacy. In his concurring opinion with the majority, Justice Powell said, “In my view, a prison sentence for such conduct -- certainly a sentence of long duration (20 years) -- would create a serious Eighth Amendment issue. For this reason the constitutional argument of the Appellate Court should be upheld.” Gay activists across the nation took heart, and sodomy laws were taken off the books across America.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Ferdinand Of Castille Is Driven From Cordoba

June 29th, 2004:

in 614, Allah is merciful as Christian rebel Ferdinand of Castille is driven from Cordoba by the faithful Moors. The infidels are pushed north, where they last for another century before the faithful can destroy them.

in 1613, London’s Globe Theatre burns down. Suspicion immediately falls on William Shakespeare, who had been presenting himself as the author of several plays penned by Francis Bacon until Bacon revealed himself as the author. Shakespeare’s life had taken a sharp downturn since that time, and the entire theatrical community knew that he harbored a dep grudge against Bacon for stealing that prestige from him.

in 4561, casualties on either side of the siege of Hanoi stand at 200,000 fatalities as the final week of battle begins. The Chinese forces move slowly into the city, fighting every inch of the way against truly horrifying opposition from the citizens and military inside the city. In his memoirs of the Battle of Hanoi, Imperial General Zuo Zongtang said that he would prefer being dropped into the deepest of the hells to fighting the Viet again.

in 1941, Kwame Toure, future leader of the American underground organization, the Semitic-African Resistance, is born. One of the galvanizing moments of his life happens in his first few hours: the neo-Nazi supported German People’s Underground fires several nuclear missiles at Greater Zionist-controlled cities across Europe.

in 1956, blonde bombshell Norma Jeane Mortenson married famed humorist Arthur Miller. When asked why she had chosen a man who was not exactly known for his physique, Mrs. Miller answered, “He makes me laugh.” Indeed, the sex goddess seemed much happier after the marriage, and the two laughed away their years together until Mrs. Miller’s death in 2001.

in 1964, producer Bob Wesley’s show Star Trek airs its pilot, The Cage. Although the pilot is disappointing, the show’s concept excites the test audience, and Wesley reworks the cast and script. With a new cast starring Canadian William Shatner, the series was a phenomenal hit, running through 1973 and inspiring a wave of science fiction on television.

in 1970, NBC aired The Judy & Liza Show, which paired the mother-daughter team of Judy Garland and Liza Minelli. The emotional show, featuring music and skits between them, won several Emmys, including Ms. Garland’s first after 3 other nominations. Accepting the award, she thanked God, Reverend Martin King, and her daughter, “who’s been on this road with me for so long. I love you, honey.” It was all the more poignant because they had each been nominated in the same category, and rumor had it that Ms. Minelli wanted the award just as much for herself as for her mother. Still, when her mother won, they embraced and the two seemed to bear no ill will towards each other afterwards.

in 2003, the Australian military sent couriers to the US, Russian, British and Chinese militaries with samples of nanobots and the process for making more. Multiple couriers went to each target nation, in case of capture.

Monday, June 28, 2004

Archduke Ferdinand Escapes Assassination

June 28th, 2004

in 1491, future Pope Henry VIII of the Holy British Empire is born. Henry was the most tolerant Pope towards the Protestants in history; some wags even called him the “Protestant Pope”.

in 1862, in a serendipitous stroke of good luck, a police officer in the small town of Heathfield stopped to assist a young man whose vehicle had broken down. The young man looked familiar to the officer, Patrolman Danny Barnett, who scanned his image and checked with the main computers at Scotland Yard. When the man’s identity came back as Brent Carpenter, founder of the Human League, Patrolman Barnett immediately called for help and wrestled Carpenter to the ground. Once handcuffed to his own vehicle, Carpenter began freely confessing everything to Barnett, who let his handheld computer record all the horrific acts of violence against both human and Mlosh that the terrorist told him about.

in 4561, forces in Hanoi are facing starvation, along with the general populace. Chinese troops begin advancing into the outlying districts, and the Viet of the city are urged to fight with whatever weapons they have at hand. “Let us not face them as a goat waiting for slaughter,” Prince Nguyen Vo exhorted his citizens, “but as the tiger in the trap waiting for the man to come. Let us make the price of our lives so high that none will ever wish to fight the Viet again, for even victory is a defeat.”

in 1914, Archduke Ferdinand of Austria and his wife Sofia narrowly escape the bullets of a Serbian madman, Gavrilo Princip. Princip had evidently thought that killing the royal couple would somehow free his native Serbia; in the aftermath of the assassination attempt, Serbian nationalism was brutally repressed by the Austro-Hungarian Empire. This came close to igniting a war among the European powers, but the Empire eased its tactics once international pressure was applied to them.

in 1926, Melvin Kaminsky is born in Brooklyn, New York. Getting his start in show business as a writer on Ike Sidney’s Your Show Of Shows, Kaminsky wrote and directed such comedy film classics as Flamin’ Cowboys and The Directors.

in 1928, Eugene Debs is nominated for a 3rd term as U.S. president at the Communist Party National Convention, but loses in the general election against Socialist candidate Clarence Darrow. Debs, ever the activist, moves to Russia and begins organizing labor there in unions, called soviets. The soviet is such a hit that many American unions and organizations begin using the name to describe themselves; indeed, even some states rename themselves soviets to show their solidarity with the working man. This move might never have happened if Debs had won the 1928 election.

in 1991, Paul McCartney, former bass player for superstar Pete Best, discovers his true calling; his classical oratorio, Liverpool Oratorio, debuts in London to huge critical acclaim, if somewhat spare box office at first. The profits increase when, 2 weeks into its run, Pete Best himself attends, and embraces McCartney on stage at the end of the show. It was the first time the two had spoken since 1962, and the last; Best died 3 years later without seeing McCartney again.

in 2003, Jacob Sheridan replicates and is able to control nanobots created using the techniques copied from the captured Martian vessel. The handful of nanobots he has made are able to generate more power than a rocket engine. Sheridan had been awake for over 48 hours, and was manic when he burst into office of General Bertram Hughes, declaring, “We’ve got the buggers, now!”

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Human League Kills 68; Sonny & Cher Divorce

June 27th, 2004

in 1829, English scientist James Smithson dies in Genoa, Italy. In his will, he has a clause that should his only nephew die without heirs, his whole estate would go to "the United States of America, to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an Establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge." Unfortunately for the U.S., Smithson’s nephew Henry Hungerford has 4 children before dying in 1841.

in 1862, in a chillingly bloody raid, Human League terrorists smash into the Mlosh Quarter of London and slaughter over 50 Mlosh, including 14 children. 13 humans were also killed by the terrorists because they attempted to shield the aliens with their own bodies. Parliament is galvanized into action, calling out the military. Prime Minister Henry Palmerston vows, “Though these cold-blooded killers may think that all men of England support them, I say that true men of Britannia will never support those who slaughter the innocent; I say that we will hunt them down as the vermin they are; and I say that they shall see justice, justice for all the dead, human and Mlosh.” These words echoed across the nation and the world, and Mlosh support for Palmerston was unparalleled.

in 1930, H. Ross Perot, businessman and statesman, is born in Texarkana, Texas. Although of humble origins, this small-town man rose to become one of the richest men in the world. His radical notions of straight talk and giving people the information they needed to make good decisions about politicians led him to bring down the 2-party system in America by successfully winning the presidency in 1992 and again in 1996. During this time, his Reform Party managed to claw its way into spoiler status in Congress, and they enacted measures that led to our current multi-party state.

in 1940, the Germans begin using their unbreakable code, Enigma to send communications on the western front. The Allies’ failure to break this code was a large part of their defeat by the Nazis.

in 4648, the b’Han scientists, in a tour of Beijing, see beggars being hustled away from their route. Asking why these humans are treated differently from others, their guide, Imperial Minister Chang Kai-Shek, explains, “There are some humans that are born lower than others. I, for instance, was born lower than our glorious emperor; my servants were born lower than I; and these,” he said, pointing after the beggars, “are born lowest of all.” This seemed to trouble the b’Han, and they immediately made a report back to their ship. When news of this reached the emperor, he told the guides that the b’Han should be guided away from such unpleasantness from now on.

in 1954, the CIA is dealt a serious blow as the rebels they sponsored to overthrow the elected government of Guatemala are defeated and executed. The international humiliation and condemnation is so intense that President Eisenhower effectively muzzles the CIA. They are forbidden from performing covert operations without express Congressional approval. As much as the organization grumbles and chafes at the restrictions, their performance as an intelligence-gathering body improves exponentially, and by the end of the 60’s, they are regarded as the most reliable agency operating in the U.S. government.

in 1975, famed musical duo Sonny and Cher divorce. While Sonny Bono continues in the music world, at first producing other acts and then beginning a successful solo career of his own, Cher moves into the business world. She starts a few restaurants, and then moves into politics, winning elections as mayor of Palm Beach and then to the U.S. Congress.

in 2000, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named surges outward from the ruins of our solar system, pursued reluctantly by the forces of galactic justice. They have little choice in doing so, because He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is on a course straight to the most populous region of the galaxy.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

"Ich Bin Ein Berliner"

June 26th, 2004

in 1483, evidence is produced in Parliament that young Edward V, son of the late King Edward IV of England, is the product of a bigamous marriage, and therefore illegitimate and ineligible for the crown, as is his brother Richard. Their uncle, Richard of Gloucester, is urged by many nobles present to seize the crown for himself. Torn between love for his family and righteous indignation at the thought of a bastard on the throne of England, Richard proposes a compromise. He would adopt the boys as his own, rule as regent till Edward came of age, and then abdicate to the boy. After much wrangling, Parliament agreed to this, and Richard was crowned Richard III ten days later. He named Edward his son and heir, and upon his majority, willingly surrendered the crown to him. Richard’s reign is remembered for his fairness in civil matters and mercy to his enemies.

in 1483, Archbishop Richard of Gloucester was named by the College of Cardinals as the next Pope of the Holy British Empire, following the death of Pope Edward IV. Many cardinals of the Order of St. Lancaster objected, preferring Monsignor Henry Tudor of their own order, and this caused a holy war to break out between the 2 factions. In the ensuing battle, the Lancastrians won, and Henry was installed in 1485 as Pope Henry VII. The Holy British Empire mourned the change; His Holiness, Henry VII, was not the best leader they had had.

in 4561, after their captured air raft is shot down, General Pham Tat Tran leads a division of his men to ambush a Siamese unit. Taking their uniforms, they sow division between the Siamese and Chinese soldiers by staging raids on the Chinese in Siamese colors. This tactic succeeds brilliantly, and thousands of Siamese and Chinese soldiers are killed in the in-fighting over the next three days until Pham’s unit is discovered and the ruse is unmasked.

in 1962, Comrade President Rosenberg makes his famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech in East Berlin, decrying the wall that fascist Europe has built between itself and the enlightened socialism of the east. In this most famous speech of his career, he said, “There are those who say that communism is the wave of the future. Let them come to Berlin!” Thousands of dedicated communists heeded his call and descended on the divided city to work for the advancement of socialism there.

in 1974, after a brief separation, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton reconciled their marriage, and remained together happily until Burton’s death ten years later. Ms. Taylor, distraught over losing her greatest love, never married again.

in 1998, Gone With The Wind is re-released. The nostalgic look at northern life prior to the devastation of the Civil War was one of the few films to have successful box office on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line when it was released in 1939. In the wake of the coming reunification of the Confederate and United States, though, it is seen by many on both sides of the border as unnecessarily inflammatory.

in the 45th year of Mikhaol’s reign, the Pharaoh’s ships smashed into Thebes, taking the rebels completely by surprise. By the end of the day, the capital city was once again under the Pharaoh’s control.

in 2003, Martian forces control ¾ of Greenland and penetrate deep into the Scandinavian peninsula. They also land on Tierra del Fuego in South America and begin fortifying their positions on Antarctica. Meanwhile, desperate Australian scientists manage to crack the secret of their power source; nanobots tearing down matter and generating small, controlled nuclear reactions. Jacob Sheridan, a nanotechnologist from New Zealand who had been recruited by the Aussie army, begins experiments to see if he can replicate these effects.

Friday, June 25, 2004

The Battle Of Evesham

June 25th, 2004

in 1265, Bishop Simon de Montfort faced Pope Henry III at the Battle of Evesham. After de Montfort was thoroughly routed, Pope Henry said, “God has decreed a terrible punishment for all those who stand against him,” and ordered the rebel bishop dismembered. After tales of de Montfort’s grisly end spread across the Holy British Empire, no one dared take up arms against the pope until after Henry III’s passing.

in 1888, the Communist Party National Convention in Chicago nominates Alson J. Streeter as its presidential candidate. Streeter leads his party to victory against Socialist Grover Cleveland, but is defeated by Cleveland 4 years later in Cleveland’s surprising return to the presidency.

in 1947, pilot Ken Arnold buys his own airport with money that he said “a rich Uncle Sam left me.” He never did say why.

in 1949, comic-philanthropist Jimmie Walker was born in the Bronx. During his stint on the TV series Good Time, Walker was paid a handsome salary, which he invested wisely. When the series came to an end, he was able to pick projects of high quality, rather than simply jump at any entertainment job that presented itself to him. He also donated to several charities, most notably the United Negro College Fund. The Jimmie Walker Memorial Scholarship was set up in his name to help other young black comics get both an education and a leg up in the entertainment world.

in 1950, the Korean conflict begins. With Chinese aid, the fascistic northern Koreans invade the Soviet American-aided southern Koreans. The bloody war rages for almost 4 years, and only results in a fierce stalemate, as both sides agree to end overt hostilities. China and Soviet America also agree to end covert hostilities towards each other after the conflict proved almost as costly to them as it had to their surrogates.

in 1978, hearts are broken across host country Argentina as they lose the World Cup 3-1. In the Netherlands, however, hearts soared as they avenged their loss in the 1970 Cup.

in 1982, porn star John Holmes is acquitted of murder charges in the death of an acquaintance. After this narrow escape from death, he turns his life around and obtains a law degree from UCLA. Although dying of AIDS, he spent the rest of his life advocating for those who had been trampled by life, and tried to bring hope to others suffering his condition.

in 2003, Aussie scientists begin taking apart the Martian craft to see if any of its secrets can be put to human advantage. Meanwhile, Martian forces in the Arctic begin bombardments of cities along the southern edge of the Arctic Circle.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

The Equal Rights Amendment Is Passed

June 24th, 2004

in 1204 AUC, Valentinian III, emperor of the western Roman Empire, saw the appearance of a flame in the sky as an omen that God was displeased with his decision to allow Marcian to ascend to the throne in the east. He ordered his legions to take and kill Marcian, and after this was done, he declared an end to the bisected empire. No longer would Rome face the world with 2 heads; Valentinian would lead as sole emperor.

in 110, by the grace of Allah, the forces of the Umayyad defeated the Frank general Charles Martel at Poitier. The path was then cleared for all of the Frankish people to be brought the teachings of the Prophet.

in 613, Islam was dealt a serious blow when the Mali leader Sundjata Keita was defeated by Susu ruler Sumanguru Kante at the Battle of Kirina. Sumanguru disavowed Islam and ruled under traditional Mande law and religion. Many entreated Sumanguru to convert to the true faith, but he and his people resisted the will of Allah throughout his reign. His land became known among the infidels as sanctuary against the hard steel of the faithful.

in the 3rd year of Kamanestra’s reign, the Army of the Western Lands arrived in Eire and forced them back into the service of the Pharaohs. Pockets of resistance lasted for several years, but most of the population had never heeded the words of the chieftains, anyway, and barely obeyed the Egyptians.

in 1947, pilot Ken Arnold made contact with a group of flying saucers over Mt. Rainier in Washington. When [REST OF POST CENSORED]

in 1982, the Equal Rights Amendment is passed. In spite of what its opponents had believed, it does not lead to enforced homosexuality, abortion and divorce. In spite of what its proponents had believed, it does not lead to equality, fair wages and sensitivity among men. It is an amendment, not magic.

in 1984, the Silver Beatles, musical superstar Pete Best’s old band, release an album of covers, mostly of his old songs, but also a few recent pop singles. Their cover of “Don’t You Want Me, Baby” actually makes it to the top 50 charts in the UK, but interest fizzles out after a few weeks.

in the 45th year of Mikhaol’s reign, he led his reassembled fleet from Harmakhis back to earth to crush the rebellion that the Europeans had committed against him. In his absence, the Europeans had raised Anubis above all other gods, and committed atrocities in His dark name.

in 2003, Australian forces engage the Martians in Antarctica with disastrous results. However, one unit does manage to steal a Martian ship. Unable to fly it, they place it on a naval vessel that immediately heads for home. The Martians obviously think the ship was destroyed, because no one chases after them.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Workers Revolt In Paris; Chdo Land On Earth

June 23rd, 2004

in the Dreaming, the Pindanjaru began to receive signs that the pale men were approaching, and to be wary. The wise among them heard Wandjina warn them that they would have to endure many seasons under the pale men. They told their people to harden themselves for the days ahead.

in 1848, workers in Paris stage a bloody insurrection against the government. As the king dithered over what to do about them, they attracted support from across the country, and soon were able to topple the government of King Louis-Philippe. Installing Pierre Joigneaux as Prime Minister, they began building a new government based on Marxist ideals.

in 4561, a sortie out of Hanoi managed to capture two of the air rafts that had been bombarding their city. They crashed one trying to get it back to the city, but managed to salvage the other and used it to fight off other air raft. This small victory was short lived; the stolen air raft was shot down by Chinese forces in 4 days.

in 4648, the ship carrying Emperor Dao-Ming and the scientific expedition of the Chdo Democracy landed at Star City in China. The people of the empire thronged to see the aliens as they gingerly walked into the bright sun. Speaking through a translation device, K’T’Teloa n’Dhao, the leader of the expedition, said to the crowd, “Neighbors, we come in peace for all Chdo. We bring friendship, life and knowledge, and hope only to exchange such with you.” The b’Han scientists were soon the toast of the Star City social circuit, celebrities everywhere in the world.

in 1956, Gamal Abdel Nasser is elected President of Egypt. The visionary leader does the unthinkable in his first year in office – he makes peace with Israel. Egypt under his rule becomes the most open and westernized of the Arab nations, and is the envy of even Israel in freedom and prosperity. Nasser attributed his success to a chance meeting with Albert Einstein in his youth. Taken with the Jewish physicist, he worked his whole life to bring about “a world where the two of us needn’t hate or fear each other for our differences,” he said in his final public speech.

in 1969, Coleman Young is sworn in as Chief Advocate of the Supreme People’s Court. The lifelong Communist Party member and activist for local soviets had risen to distinction by chairing the investigation into the assassination of Comrade President Rosenberg. Many claimed that the investigation was a thinly-disguised party whitewash of the truth, but most of the public accepted its finding that the counter-revolutionary, Oswald, had acted on his own.

in 1972, President Nixon vetoes an act barring sexual discrimination in college sports. “Women need to be able to stand on their own, without help from the government. This is the only way in which they can be truly independent.” The Republican Party never regained the women’s vote after that statement.

in 2003, Australian forces reach the coast of Antarctica and discover that the huge layer of ice that should be covering the continent has been greatly reduced. They see ships, laden with ice, leaving the surface and heading into an apparent orbit.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Great Britain Outlaws Slavery; Living In The Material World

June 22nd, 2004

in 1770, Great Britain outlaws slavery. This movement, spearheaded by the Mlosh community in the U.K., will spread across Europe by the end of the decade. While it is welcomed by most Europeans, a small number of former slaveholders harbors resentment against the Mlosh for this. They join with people of similar sentiments in the North American Confederation to form the Traditional Values Brigade. This xenophobic movement gives birth to many other anti-Mlosh organizations, such as the Warriors of God, the Sons of Adam, and of course, the Human League.

in 2656 AUC, Jovanis Centurius Crotus became the first Roman on Luna. A man who had begun life as a pauper in Germania, he became an inspiration to the entire Republic. His words, “A small step for me; but with it, our people leap into the future,” were left emblazoned on a plaque at his landing site.

in 1935, Astrid Pflaume, leader of the Greater Zionist Resistance, is assassinated by her former allies, neo-Nazi time-travelers from the late 1960’s. In spite of the loss of one their greatest leaders, the GZR grows even stronger. The neo-Nazis at this point have little choice but to begin shuttling weapons of the future into the past.

in 1989, George Harrison, former guitarist for Pete Best, produces an album for a new artist named Madonna Ciccone. The album, Living in the Material World, featuring the song Material Girl, is an international hit.

in 1991, Mt. Didicas erupts underwater in the Philippines. After the eruption is over and the sea has cooled, vulcanologists diving in the area see the remains of some sort of settlement in the area around the volcano. Further study shows that the “settlement” was a city stretching for miles. Paranormal researchers the world over converge on the Philippines, thinking that they have discovered Atlantis.

in 1998, Judy Garland dies of a heart attack. In her youth, many people thought that the famed entertainer would have died much younger, due to her drug and alcohol abuse. But, in her 40’s, she met a young preacher from Georgia named Martin King who convinced her that her life meant something. She went on to win 2 more Oscars and to use her fame to speak out in favor of racial equality and addressing the needs of the poor in America.

in 2000, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named burst back forth from the rubble of our solar system to attack the forces of galactic justice. Surprised, they are temporarily driven off.

in 2003, Martian ground forces emerge victorious from a desperate fight with the Russians and Canadians. Civilian populations of the 2 countries begin moving south. At the same time, Martian air forces begin making raids in the southern hemisphere. Most of the casualties from these raids were Australian; the island continent, in perhaps a brash move, sent its entire military to Antarctica in an attempt to crush the Martians there.

Monday, June 21, 2004

Death Of Santa Anna; Little Wars

June 21st, 2004

in 1788, the colony of New Hampshire elects not to join the fledgling United States, and declares itself a free republic. The republic is beset by financial problems, as its small population consisting mostly of farmers can barely sustain itself during the harsh New England winters. During the War of 1812, it is occupied by British troops and forced to become a province of Canada.

in 1876, Emperor Generalissimo Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna, leader of Mexico and the greatest power in North America during his reign, died. In battle, the great general had defeated a rebellion against his rule in the state of Texas, and an invasion of his northwestern borders by the smaller United States of America.

in 1905, young Adolf Schickelgruber entered the Viennese School of Art. On his exit from the famed art college, Schickelgruber led a movement of German artists that attempted to recapture the glory of pagan Germany. His feelings of nationalistic fervor led him into the German army during the Great War, where he was killed in a mustard gas attack. His work has recently sold for as much as US$5 million.

in 1911, noted author H.G. Wells releases a small game he has devised, called Little Wars. It is a wargame where each player takes the side of a small army of miniature figures and leads them in war against the other. It is wildly successful, and spawns an industry of wargame manufacturers

in 1925, hot off the success of his studio’s first talking picture, Thomas Edison releases a new type of record player, as well as a new type of record. The records are magnetic in nature, and the players are able to read the magnetic impulses with an electric stylus. The sound is scratch-free and almost as clear as if you were in the room when it was being recorded. These magno-albums, or Maggies, revolutionize the music industry.

in 1945, American and Canadian forces in the Aleutians surrender to the Japanese. With their capitulation, Japanese forces begin their inexorable march to control of the Canadian mainland.

in 4648, Emperor Dao-Ming flew back to earth with a small group of scientists from the Chdo Democracy. These b’Han, which looked like a cross between grey slugs and dragons, had been trained in chinese culture during their voyage to our solar system, and in spite of the physical difference, Dao felt perfectly at ease with them. This relationship proved valuable to the emperor in the coming years, as his people explored further out into the universe.

in 2003, Russian and Canadian forces engaged the Martians in the Arctic circle, and the world held its breath for the outcome.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Best, Ltd formed; Interstellar Peace Treaty Signed

June 20th, 2004

in 1791, former King Louis XVI escapes from the clutches of the revolutionaries and is given sanctuary in England. When the English refuse to extradite him to the revolutionary government, the two great nations go to war. Over the next 6 years, the two great powers waste themselves on each other, and their lands and colonies around the world are seized by other opportunistic European nations.

in 1802, the Great Seal of the North American Confederation was adopted; 4 hands, European, African, Native American & Mlosh, grasped together over a map of the continent.

in 1837, Pope William IV of the Holy British Empire dies, and is succeeded by his daughter, Pope Victoria I. Victoria takes the stagnant Catholic empire and extends its rule from Europe onto every continent in a papacy that lasts for 70 years. Many during her reign believed that she was Arthur finally reborn, but this was squashed as heresy.

in 1880, Thomas Edison begins Edison Electric, a company which provides local businesses around him with electricity from Edison’s custom-made generators. Edison Electric today provides power to most of the U.S.

in 1944, Congress chartered the Central Intelligence Agency. The rest of this post is classified.

in 4648, Emperor Dao-Ming of the Chinese Empire and Ambassador Ko’cho Lmota of the Chdo Democracy hammer out the Agreement on Interstellar Protocols, a peace treaty between the two space-faring races. Ko’cho is also eager to see what resources the empire has for trade, and gains permission from Dao-Ming to allow researchers to land on earth and explore the rest of the system.

in 1963, the United States and the Soviet Union made a hot-line agreement that established emergency communications between the two superpowers. It was only used once, during the nuclear exchange over Israel in 1973.

in 1963, Pete Best forms Best, Ltd, a corporation dedicated to handling his prodigious income.

in 2003, something large and bright lands in Antarctica. Russia launches a nuclear strike at the Arctic territory that the Martians control, but the first missile never seemed to explode; nor did the next ten.

Saturday, June 19, 2004

Juneteenth, Deliverance From Slavery

June 19th, 2004

in 485 B.C., upon Xerxes’ ascension to the Persian throne, slaves throughout the great kingdom rebelled. The councilors to the king debated long as to whether to simply kill the slaves or bring them back into servitude. Xerxes seemed to have had a change of heart recently, because he counseled a third course; he proclaimed an end to slavery within Persian lands. Many nobles rebelled, but the king was able to enforce this edict throughout his reign.

in 71 B.C., the slave army of Spartacus marched on Rome and defeated the army led by Crassus of Rome. Spartacus then sacked Rome and freed all the slaves of Italy. Roman General Pompey, coming too late to assist Crassus, attempted to drive the slaves from Rome itself, but was defeated and killed at the battle of the Appian Way.

in 1765, the Mlosh negotiate an end to slavery in the European colonies of North America. With their labor-saving machinery, there is no need for slaves anymore, and most people support the ban. Some former slavemasters harbor resentment against the Mlosh for this, though, and begin secret societies based around myths of racial superiority.

in the 2nd year of Kamanestra’s reign, news reached the shores of Eire that Pharaoh Cheokhan had freed them. There was much celebration, as the people of Eire went back to their old ways of clan rule by chieftains.

in 1861, as he begins his second term, President Walt Whitman states that "the Constitution of the United States stands for all people, or it stands for no people." He sends out a proclamation that slavery is illegal within the borders of the United States, and declares that all persons currently held as slaves within those borders would now be free. The nation braces for a southern rebellion against the Communist leader.

in 1203, King Rafan ibn Sulaiman declares the end of slavery within his domain. Europeans taste freedom for the first time since the Great Jihad in 804. There are celebrations throughout the continent. Many in Islam feel that King Rafan has gone too far, and he is ostracized throughout Islam for the rest of his days. Among his European subjects, though, he is beloved as no other ruler.

in 1867, Union riders still in the Confederate state of Texas tell as many of the slaves as they can of the Emancipation Proclamation and freedom in the Union. As the Union armies withdraw to their side of the border, many black slaves find a way to spirit themselves along; over half of the slaves in Texas leave with the Union troops. This mass exodus is still popularly celebrated by their descendants in the US as Juneteenth.

in the Dreaming, the Pindanjaru are delivered as Wandjina returns with his thunder to destroy the pale men. The great spirit tells his people that they must now rise up to rid the land of the pale ones. He gives them lightning bolts to strike their enemies, and talismans which protect them from the bullets of the pale one’s rifles. Soon, the people of the land are freed.

in 2003, the Martians halt their advance southward from the Arctic reaches, and the human world attempts to regroup.

Friday, June 18, 2004

Lunar Explosion; The Martians Move In

June 18th, 2004

in 1178, an explosion is seen on the moon by 5 Canterbury monks. Believing that this heralds the end of the world, they flee the monastery and exhort all about them to pray for deliverance. Within a week, all of England is paralyzed with fear of the end, and mass suicides begin happening across the country.

in 3874, Emperor Xiaozong Shen saw a star attack the moon, and the moon glow as bright as day for a moment. This vision seized him, and he summoned his royal astronomers. “Bend all your will towards getting us there,” he told them, pointing at the moon. “The Heavens must be ours.” It took over 700 years, but the vision of the emperors never wavered. Even as they controlled the earth, they knew that their destiny lay among the heavens.

in 556, a group of shepherds saw Allah smite the moon with a stone from his sling. They immediately ran to their Caliph and told him what they had seen, and he pondered the meaning of this for many days. He then sent messengers to other Caliphs, and they agreed that Allah was telling them that moon-worshipers would not enter paradise. A sense of responsibility for the men around them required them to strike out and convert all the pagans to the true worship of Allah.

in 1776, Tlamsita’s Congress of Nations gains its first members as both the North American Confederation and the Sioux Nation agree to join. By the end of the month, all of the western hemisphere has at least agreed to talks on the organization.

in 1815, Napoleon defeated the allied forces of Britain, Belgium, Germany and Holland in the battle of Waterloo, in Belgium. The emperor’s defeat of the Duke of Wellington and Gebhard Leberecht von Bl├╝cher, commander of the Prussian forces, was so crushing that the Austrian and Russian armies, arriving late to the battle, immediately retreated to their respective countries on seeing the carnage. France continued to dominate the continent until the emperor’s death in 1821.

in 1921, Thomas Edison unveils his latest invention; an electric car. The Jove can run for over 100 miles between recharges, and can achieve speeds of up to 35 miles per hour. Edison begins working with dozens of cities to establish public recharge stations for the Joves; (with power supplied by Edison Electric, of course).

in 1940, Winston Churchill gave what would be his last speech on British soil, urging his countrymen that this would be “our finest hour” as Nazi bombardments intensified. It was a lost cause, though, and the government soon evacuated Britain.

in 4648, Emperor Dao-Ming of the Chinese Empire of Earth met Ambassador Ko’cho Lmota of the Chdo Democracy. Dao wept openly at the fulfillment of his ancestors’ dreams.

in 1953, the Boston Red Stockings established a professional Town Ball record by clubbing in 17 homers in one inning to defeat the Detroit Panthers 23-3.

in 1961, the long-running western Gunsmoke aired for the last time on the radio before moving to television. When viewers saw star William Conrad reprise his role from the radio show, they were less than impressed, and the television series ended after one season.

in 2003, Martian invaders attacked Alaska, northern Canada and northern Russia. The few people living in these areas fled south with horrifying stories of ten-foot tall monsters that breathed fire and could take a gunshot directly to the chest without even slowing down. Panic grips the world.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Battle Of Breed's Hill; Whitman Nominated For President

June 17th, 2004

in 1579, Sir Francis Drake lands on the western coast of North America. The native people, at first welcoming to him, become hostile after one of his men rapes a young woman. In the ensuing battle, Drake and most of his men are killed. One ship barely makes it back to England.

in 1775, rebel colonial forces were routed by the British at the Battle of Breed's Hill near Boston, Massachusetts. Rebel commander George Washington was almost captured, and the rebel army was thrown into disarray. Virtually all colonials gave up the idea of freedom at that point, with only a few hardcore rebels failing to acknowledge that the fight was over. They manage to battle on another 4 years, but never win another engagement.

in 1856, the first national convention of the Communist Party, formerly known as the Republican Party, is held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. At this raucus meeting of the people, Walt Whitman is nominated as the party's candidate for the presidency. Whitman's speech accepting the nomination, the first ever delivered at a national convention, brings tears to the eyes of the delegates. His moving, poetic words stir the nation, and he becomes the youngest man ever elected President of the United States.

in 1880, John Monte Ward has the best day of his life as he throws a perfect game of Town Ball, and his Providence Sailors beat the Buffalo Northmen 5-0. It is only the 2nd perfect game of Town Ball ever.

in 1928, Janet Dixon, famed aviatrix, became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She later disappeared trying to fly solo across the Pacific.

in 4648, an Imperial Star Fleet ship sailed out to the agreed coordinates, just outside the orbit of Jupiter, to meet the Chdo Ambassador. Emperor Dao-Ming considered the meeting to be of such importance that he had been through Star Sailor training himself in Star City, and flew on the vessel.

in 1972, unknown assailants killed a night watchman at the Watergate Hotel in Washington, D.C. The crime was never fully investigated for some reason. Conspiracy nuts continue to say 3-term President Richard Nixon had a hand in it, but who can believe those nattering nabobs of negativity?

in 2003, Juan Diego, an Argentine scientist from Antarctica crashlanded in Tierra Del Fuego. He had heroically escaped from the Martians, and had come to warn his people that the alien invaders were coming.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Babylonia Destroyed; Woman In Space

June 16th, 2004

in the 43rd year of Hammurabi’s reign, Babylonia was destroyed and the great Priest-King himself was killed when the Hittites took the country. The great laws of the king were shattered, never to be seen again.

in 1776, Tlamsita, Ml’Astra’s First Chancellor, begins her campaign to establish a meeting place for representatives of all governments on the planet. Mlosh-friendly populations in North America, Asia and southern Africa are all receptive to her invitation, but the old guard countries in Europe, north Africa and South America resist. Tlamsita dies before seeing the culmination of her dreams, the Congress of Nations, established in 1864.

in 4582, the first female Star Sailor, Yueh Chan Juan, achieves orbit over the earth. She would also become the first woman on the moon 19 years later, as Imperial Administrator of the colony there.

in 1934, uranium is smuggled into Germany by Nazi time-travelers even as the Greater Zionist Resistance is battering at its borders. Plans for nuclear weaponry follow in short order, but Zionist sympathizers among the German scientists funnel them to the GZR. There will soon be a mushroom cloud over Berlin.

in 1959, George Reeves, an actor best-known as Superman up to that point, attempted suicide. Rushed to hospital, he was saved from a nearly-fatal gunshot wound, and began a slow recovery, both mental and physical. This produced such a profound change on him that he left acting to become a minister to the poor in Los Angeles.

in 1976, students in Soweto, South Africa, begin a rebellion that topples the white government in 4 months time. The nation formerly known for its racism becomes a shining beacon of tolerance as the newly-freed leader of the nation, Nelson Mandela, embraces his former captors.

in 1978, the film adaptation of the Broadway hit Grease, premieres in New York City. Reprising their stage roles, Jeff Conaway as Danny Zuko and John Travolta as Kenickie turn the show into the top-grossing movie musical of all time. Conaway’s film career takes off, with dozens of star turns. Travolta, who had seemed promising in the TV series Welcome Back Kotter and the movie Saturday Night Fever, fades into obscurity, his career ending in the science fiction series Babylon 5.

in 2003, the tension is finally broken as the first Martian ship lands in Antarctica. It returns when all contact with the international bases there is lost.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Magna Carta Signed In Holy British Empire

June 15th, 2004

in 1225, Pope John of the Holy British Empire signed the Magna Carta, guaranteeing the rights of all British citizens. This move is universally opposed by his bishops and cardinals, leading to the first of many rebellions against his Holiness.

in the 60th year of Tutankhara’s reign, a land was discovered across the Western Ocean. The new steam-powered vessels of the Pharaoh were able to cross the vast expanse of the ocean in mere weeks, making all the old tales about the Western Ocean hiding the home of the gods a lie. The Oeztecan Empire that was found there immediately saw the advantage of trade with the east, and a long partnership was begun between the two mighty people.

in 1802, Virginian farmer George Washington is elected to serve as First Chancellor of the North American Confederation. He serves for two terms, and is succeeded by his Iroquois Second Chancellor, Onatah.

in 4561, the first of many disastrous sorties was made by the rebels in Hanoi. The waiting Chinese army destroyed a thousand men before the rebels could make their way back within the city. On this day, also, a peace envoy was sent out to begin negotiating with the Chinese. Although they struggled heroically, they would ultimately prove unsuccessful.

in 1949, Oscar-winning tragic actor Jim Varney was born in Kentucky. He rose to national prominence playing Evan Earp, a descendant of Wyatt Earp’s on the dramatic TV series, The Rousters. This was followed by his first Oscar-worthy performance in the film Hey, Vern, It’s Ernest. He also won a Tony for his performance as King Lear the year of his death, in 2000.

in 1956, John Lennon asked Paul McCartney to join his band, The Quarrymen. They would have been another unremarkable teenage rock band, except that 4 years later, their drummer was international superstar, Pete Best.

in 1990, Pete Best’s final album before his death was released. Fool In Love sold 1 million copies in its first week, proving the old man still had plenty of fans left.

in 2003, the UN attempted to contact the Martian fleet orbiting earth, but was met only with an eerie series of beeps and squeals.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Peasant's Revolt Succeeds; Argentine Forces In Malvinas Expel British Invaders

June 14th, 2004

in 1381, the Peasant's Revolt, led by Wat Tyler, climaxed when they took the Archbishop of Canterbury hostage and demanded to speak with the King. Richard II, after much negotiating, agreed to the peasant's terms; the nobility was abolished, except for the King's own line, and Wat Tyler was made Richard's Prime Minister. This immediately caused the Baron's Rebellion, which was put down in short order by huge armies of peasant volunteers. In his triumphant speech to his troops after the negotiations, Tyler said, "We will be free forever, our heirs and our lands."

in 1603, Francis Bacon fired the actor who had been his cover in the years when he had assumed a nom de plume. William Shakespeare had rarely contributed anything to the company, anyway.

in 1931, the time-travelling Nazi backers of the Greater Zionist Resistance met with Astrid Pflaume to determine the best way to get their plans back on course. Unknown to them, her loyalties had switched after the hard fighting with her Zionists, and when the Nazis arrived, she had them all shot.

in 1951, Pascal-Edison, Inc, introduces its first mini-Eddie, an electronic difference engine small enough to fit on top of a desk, rather than being the desk itself. This machine, the Univac, becomes an indispensible tool for the home and business, and millions of them are sold.

in 1954, President Adlai Stevenson vetoed the Republican attempt to add the words "under God" to the pledge of allegiance, declaring it against American values. "We can defeat the Soviets without recourse to petty jingoism or invoking the Almighty," Stevenson told a press conference.

in 1982, Argentine Army regulars struck out from Port Stanley and crushed the British troops that had come to seize back the Malvinas. After suffering a horrifying 1200 casualties, Great Britain withdrew her troops, and ceded the islands to Argentina.

in 1994, international sensation Pete Best died of a heart attack at his apartment in New York City. Fans the world over mourned.

in 2003, NASA and the European Space Agency began detecting large numbers of ships coming into orbit over the earth. The Martians had arrived.

Sunday, June 13, 2004

Trojan Forces Invade Greece

June 13th, 2004

in the Dreaming, Wandjina came to the people of Pindanjaru with much wisdom. He spoke of caring for the land, of building a bridge to the stars, and of the coming of the pale men. He promised to return on that day to defend the Dreaming against their invasion.

in 1149 B.C., Trojan forces landed on the shores of Greece, and began a 10-year siege of the peninsula.

in the 3rd year of Usermaatreakhenamun's Reign, a vision of Egypt destroyed came to him in a dream. The young pharaoh had been sickly, but this dream filled him with strength. He began to eat only fresh vegetables and meats, and soon his strength grew. By the end of his 53-year reign, Usermaatreakhenamun had conquered half of the known world, and Egypt would never be in danger of destruction again.

in Kaliyuga 597, Gauthama Siddhartha, a prince of India, sat beneath a tree and meditated. The riches of his people were before him, privilege and honor enough for 10 nobles. But he knew nothing of poverty. After much meditation, he decided he preferred it that way. He became a hideous tyrant, conquering the lands to the north as well as other Hindi.

in 1304, so-called "Protestants" founded the city of Jesu, in France. Worshipping in secret, the Protestants grew in number in the region until they felt strong enough to attempt secession from the Holy British Empire.

in 1789, Mrs. Alexander Hamilton served a dessert treat for General George Washington, a dish called ice cream. It was not received well, and has never been a popular sweet since.

in 4561, in a desparate attempt to gain access to food from farmlands around the city, troops in Hanoi burst through the Chinese siege forces in a bloody battle lasting half the day.

in 1892, Sir Basil Rathbone, famed director of the British cinema, was born. Early in his career he had tried his hand at acting, but was such a miserable failure that after only one or two films spent the rest of his career behind the camera.

in 1947, Japanese forces consolidated their hold on Canada, and agreed to a truce with the US. Until Emperor Hirohito's death in 1989, the border of Japanese Canada and the US was the longest militarized border in the world.

in 1964, attempting to capitalize on Pete Best's success, his former bandmates, the Silver Beatles, release old recordings that had been made of him playing with them. Bestmania being rampant across the world, the recordings gave these men, Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison, a good living for several years.

Saturday, June 12, 2004

Terrorism Strikes The Mlosh

June 12th, 2004

in 1862, the Human League takes credit for a series of bombings against Mlosh citizens of Britain. The Crown vows to catch them, but there are sympathetic elements in Scotland Yard that slow the investigation.

in 1934, Pascal, LLC, with the assistance of Carla Lambert, persuaded Congress to fund a system of linking Eddies together such that they could share information constantly. Using telegraph lines and radio frequencies set aside for them by the Congress, Pascal constructed a Knowledge Railroad that made the almost instantaneous transmission of information possible across the nation.

in 1958, Buddy Holly reunited with his old band, The Crickets, for a successful US tour. This reunion produced such hits as I'll Be Lovin' Her, Puerto Rican Mama, and their remake of I'll Be Seeing You.

in 1977, President Reagan enacted sweeping tax cuts, mostly aimed at the well-to-do, but with some at lower ends of the economic spectrum. They didn't prove to be the stimulus he expected, though, and the nation plunged into a deep recession.

in 1982, King Charles of England called on all exiled nobles of England to return and take their rightful place at his side. He announced a general amnesty for those who had supported the Nazis, and declared that England would rise again to its former glory.

in 1992, filmmaker Oliver Stone releases JBR, in which he attempts to give credence to People's Attorney Presley's arguments that Comrade President Rosenberg was killed by a conspiracy rather than a lone counter-revolutionary. The film is a huge success, prompting the Communist Party to call for its banning.

in 1995, the formal Church of Elvis, Christian, is founded in Memphis, Tennessee. The initial congregation numbers in the hundreds.

in 2000, something stirs in the rubble of the solar system.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Human League Formed In Great Britain; Christmas Truce Rebellion

June 11th, 2004

in 1861, Lyle Fitz-Warren and Brent Carpenter met in Fitz-Warren's London apartment to discuss Mlosh infiltration into British society. Both men had an intense fear and hatred of the alien race, and resented the warping effect they had had on human civilization. Together, they vowed to bring an end to the Mlosh presence, and created a charter for their group, which they named the Human League.

in 4561, Siamese troops arrived at Hanoi to reinforce the Chinese. The Viet inside Hanoi began building tunnels underneath the city to provide escape routes for all the non-combatants. The system of tunnels survives to this day, and is a popular Imperial tourist destination.

in 1901, President McKinley is shot by a radical Spaniard in retribution for the Spanish-American War. He dies immediately, and his Vice-President, William H. Taft, is sworn in as the 26th President of the United States.

in 1915, British and German troops that have refused to fight each other since the Christmas truce are attacked on either side by reinforcements sent from their respective countries. This plan backfires as the reinforcements, realizing they are firing on their own countrymen, also go over to the pacifist side. By the end of June, all troops in Europe return to their countries of origin and begin toppling the governments. Royalty across the continent flees in panic.

in 1925, Dynamic Pictures, Thomas Edison's film company, produces The Sounds Of The Night, a horror film starring Lon Chaney as a werewolf. The unremarkable plot and acting are not the reason the film breaks all box-office records; instead, people flock to see the movie because of the incredible transformation sequence of Chaney into the wolf, and because it is the first film produced with sound. Edison had resisted the innovation since his engineering teams had first been able to do it in 1907, but the success of Chaney's film makes a believer of him.

in 1952, Douglas MacArthur defeats his old boss, Dwight Eisenhower, in the Missouri Republican primary, and secures enough delegates to win the nomination of the party as its presidential candidate. He goes on to be trounced soundly in the general election, and never returns to politics, but simply fades away.

in 1982, a car engine that runs on water - by breaking it down into hydrogen and oxygen - is developed and marketed by EcoMotors. This company is part of President Carter's energy initiative, a massive government program designed to wean the US from foreign oil. By the end of President Mondale's second term, US oil consumption has dropped 75%.

in 2001, the Union of Town Ball Players strikes for more control of the game. The T-Ballers eventually win a portion of gate receipts from the owners, an important step in helping the players make living wages from their profession.

in 2002, obscure New Zealand filmmaker Peter Jackson releases the first film in what becomes the best-selling series ever released - The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Nothing Happened

June 10th, 2004

This day was uneventful across all dimensions. It is being studied by alternate historians for its singularity.

Wednesday, June 09, 2004


June 9th, 2004

in 1803, President John Adams received a communique from Napoleon of France that the territory of Louisiana was available for purchase to the United States. After much deliberation, Adams turned down Napoleon's offer, feeling America needed no further territory to the west.

in 1866, President Lincoln of the United States of America pulled all Union troops north of the Mason-Dixon Line. Jefferson Davis pulled Confederate troops south of that border, and the uneasy cold war of the 2 Americas began.

in 1912, Carla Lambert, after a 6-month absence from the public eye, returned to the front pages with news that she had adopted a young baby boy. The boy's name, Thomas Edison Lambert, practically confirmed the rumors that she and Thomas Edison were having an affair.

in 1947, [CENSORED].

in 1964, Comrade President Gus Hall received the Communist Party's full endorsement for reelection. Comrade Hall had taken over from former President Rosenberg when Rosenberg was assassinated in Dallas the year before.

in 1984, John Lennon, an obscure musician who had once been in a band with international sensation Pete Best, writes a tell-all book about Best, detailing their crazy life in Hamburg, Germany, and their rough-and-tumble beginnings in Liverpool, England. The book, I Want To Tell You, is an international best-seller.

in 1990, Fascists are swept from power in Italy, and Germany sends troops in. The overburdened Nazis, besieged on every front, will lose power by the fall, but not without hundreds of thousands of casualties.

in 2000, the forces of galactic justice begin sifting the rubble of earth's solar system to ensure that He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is truly gone.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

First Contact Is Made With Alien Civilization

June 8th, 2004

in 1783, the Laki volcano in Iceland was contained by Mlosh technology as it erupted. The thousands of people near the volcano were profoundly grateful to the Mlosh, and from that point on, had a warm relationship with their alien neighbors.

in 4561, Chinese forces brought in the newly-developed Air Rafts, single-man bombing aircraft that allowed them to pinpoint targets within Hanoi. Viet forces within the city now had to watch the sky as well as the walls.

in 1880, Communist Party Chairman Chester A. Arthur is chosen as the party’s presidential candidate. Arthur goes on to win the general election, but loses the White House after one term.

in 1245, two devout young men of European descent honor Allah by creating a powered aircraft. They name it the Wings of Gabriel; the maiden flight lasts a mere 2 minutes, but is hailed as a great advance by scientists throughout Islam.

in 1933, Thomas Edison’s company, Edison Electronics, is taken over by rival Pascal, LLC. Unable to beat the genius when he was alive, the French program company finally beats him after his death. Development on the hardware of the Eddies slows somewhat as the company begins to focus on the various uses a difference engine can be put to in a home or small business. This is often looked at as the real beginning of the DE revolution; this was when the Knowledge Railroad began to be built.

in 4642, the Ching-Tao telescope on the moon caught a signal from outside of our solar system and relayed it to earth. Interest in the Star Fleet program was instantly rekindled, and Emperor Dao-Ming opened his treasury to it. By the end of the decade, contact had been made between the Empire and the Chdo Democracy.

in 1950, a one-game scoring record was made in a Town Ball game between the Boston Crimson Stockings and the St. Louis Browns. Boston beat St. Louis 19-4.

in 1973, football legend Johnny Unitas signed with the San Diego Chargers for what would be his final season. He led the team to the 1974 Super Bowl, winning in overtime against his old team, the Baltimore Colts, 21-17. The great sportsman was then able to retire as a winner.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Bestselling Car Of All Time: The Edsel

June 7th, 2004

in 1893, Indian revolutionary Mohandas K. Gandhi organizes a guerilla cell in South Africa to struggle against the government there. Fueled by his hatred of the British, and his successes in warfare in South Africa, Gandhi returned to his homeland and ignited violent rebellion there. His name was forever after linked with violent resistance to colonial government.

in 1954, the bestselling car of all time, the Edsel, is introduced in Detroit.

in 1976, hot off the success of American Graffiti, director George Lucas begins work on a science fiction film that he has written himself, based on old film serials. Unfortunately for him, and everyone involved, the picture runs horribly over-budget and the studio barely advertises it at all. The name Star Wars becomes synonymous with movie failure from that point on.

in 1988, Senator Gary Hart of Colorado secures the Democratic nomination for the presidency. Much mud has been slung at the Senator, but the public doesn't seem to see anything bad about him. In the general election, with Texas senator Lloyd Benson at his side, he demolishes the unpopular Republican candidate, Vice-President Gerald Ford.

in 1997, a condom manufacturer delivers a small case of its product to the White House. The rest of Bill Clinton's second term is quietly uneventful.

in 1377, Malik al-Hajj al-Shabazz rises to lead the people of Africa to independence from Islam. While professing adoration of the Prophet and Allah, al-Shabazz says that subservience to other men is not the destiny of the African. His message resonates with oppressed people throughout Islam.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Mlosh Arrive On Earth; Operation Overlord Repulsed At Calais

June 6th, 2004

in 1720, the alien race known as the Mlosh land on earth. They announce to the human populations they interact with that they only wish to join earth and its cultures, and be treated as equals among us. After some initial panic, they are welcomed, (begrudgingly in some quarters), into the company of man.

in 1910, Thomas Edison is introduced to Carla Lambert, beginning a lifelong relationship with her that many felt was unseemly, given Edison's married status and the vast difference in their ages.

in 1944, the desperate push by the Allies to invade Europe and end Hitler's control of the continent is begun at Calais, France, under the command of General George Patton. Despite Patton's brilliant leadership, the Allies are defeated, and Nazi control of the continent is solidified.

in 1968, Pete Best, international sensation from Liverpool, announces that he will no longer be touring after his current tour is over. He claims that since the fans scream so much during the concerts, no one hears anything, anyway. Millions of disappointed fans sell out his remaining venues, prompting critics to cry that it was all just a publicity scheme.

in 1976, former Governor Ronald Reagan secures the Republican presidential nomination from President Gerald Ford, and goes on to win in the general election against another former governor, Jimmy Carter of Georgia. His presidency is only one term long, due in large part to a hostage crisis in Iran at the end of his presidency.

in 1989, the Revolutionary Committee of Tiananmen Square declares itself the True People's Republic of China, and appeals for recognition from the various foreign emissaries who had come to Beijing for a conference with the old government. The foreign powers are reluctant to recognize them, giving the old-guard Communists a chance to regroup.

in 2001, Former President John F. Kennedy passes away quietly, in his sleep. The 2-term president was 84 years old.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

Robert Kennedy Survives Assassination Attempt

June 5th, 2004

in 4561, the Chinese army regroups after the horrific Sun Bomb attack and hits Hanoi hard, causing over 10,000 casualties in one day of fighting.

in 1894, Thomas Edison has a dream where his Eddies have a small movie screen on them that let the users preview what is being input. It takes 8 years of development, but this dream is realized with the Vidalia model of the Eddie.

in 11-5-12-9-1, King Chihuehue, eventual ruler of the Incan/Mayan people, is born.

in 1914, the Confederate state of Texas is invaded by Mexico. In a bloody 3-year war in which it is aided by the United States, Mexico wrests Texas from the Confederacy.

in 1931, the Greater Zionist Resistance captures Moscow. At this point, they control an area from Moscow in the east to the Danube in the west, and their secret Nazi backers begin wondering how they can be stopped.

in 1968, Democratic Presidential candidate Robert Kennedy is narrowly missed by an assassin's bullet. Football player Rosie Grier saw the assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, and tackled him just in time to prevent another horrible tragedy in the Kennedy family. Kennedy went on to win the presidency against Republican Richard Nixon.

in 1978, Afghanistan breaks away from Soviet influence. In the course of remodeling its society, the Afghani people become a model to the East of how post-Soviet democracy can work. The Soviet Union, in spite of initial hardliner insistence that Afghanistan be invaded to be brought back into the fold, lets them go, and over the course of the next decade, copies many of their reforms.

in 1994, Elvis Presley is shot by a deranged lunatic at his home in Graceland. The man claimed that Elvis should have died in 1977. Presley, in spite of immediate medical attention, dies from the wound that night. Fans throughout the world begin mourning; a cult of Elvis springs up around Graceland as many fans claim to see the resurrected Presley that very night.

in 2001, FBI agents arrest several Saudi Arabians who had been planning to hijack several passenger jets and smash them into buildings in New York and Washington. President Gore commends them for their work; the Republican Congress condemns it as showboating, since terrorism is not a real problem facing America.

Friday, June 04, 2004

Women's Suffrage Defeated

June 4th, 2004

in 1774, Mlosh negotiators prevent the British Parliament from raising taxes on their North American colonies; they manage to convey the colonials' feeling to the government that taxation without representation was unjust, and would likely lead to hostilities between the Crown and its subjects. This mighty piece of negotiating is the beginning of the Mlosh' rise to prominence in North American politics, paving the way for their creation of the North American Confederation.

in 4561, the shocked Emperor Min-Yuan refuses to use one of his remaining Sun Bombs against Hanoi, in spite of the urgings of angry generals. "In the act of ruling my people, I shall not destroy them," declared Min-Yuan. Black rain began falling on Hanoi; both sides took this as a bad omen.

in 1884, the Democratic Party, the oldest in America, finally gives up the ghost and announces it will not be fielding any candidates in the general elections that year. Instead, it urges its supporters to stand behind the Socialist Party, which has emerged as a conservative alternative to the Marxist Communists. In response to this call, Socialist Grover Cleveland defeated Communist President Chester A. Arthur in the general election.

in 1896, Henry Ford is killed after losing control of his new automobile. Americans take this lesson to heart and ban the horseless carriage from the streets of the nation.

in 1902, Pascal, LLC, the makers of the Pascal Difference Engine, announce that they will be shifting the focus of their business from the manufacture of DEs to the research of different uses for it. After several years of teetering on the brink of bankruptcy, this move will pay off in the end; Pascal became the most successful manufacturer of programs for Edison's Vidalia line in the 30's.

in 1919, an amendment to the US Constitution guaranteeing women the right to vote was defeated in the Congress. Opponents had called passage a sure road to anarchy, but the reverse seemed true; at the announcement of the amendment's defeat, suffragists took to the streets of Washington, and the town burned for 3 days.

in 1947, the Philly A's clinched the American Town Ball Pennant with a 10-7 defeat of the Rochester Raiders. They go on to win the Town Ball World Series against the National Town Ball champs, the Toledo Mudhens.

in 1989, the Communist government of China flees Beijing, and the People's Revolutionary Movement declares itself the true government. Fighting in the streets continues, though, and none of the foreign representatives present for an international conference recognize the revolutionaries.

in 2003, NASA detects movement in the Cydonia region of Mars as the Martian natives begin to rise from their centuries-long sleep. The first of many hostile ships is launched from the surface of the planet towards Earth.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

Holy British Empire Founded

June 3rd, 2004

in 899, Pope Pius III met with King Arthur of Britain and declared him to be God's Apostle on earth. He crowned him Pope Arthur I, abdicating his own position, and Arthur renamed his kingdom the Holy British Empire. It included many disparate areas of Europe at its beginning, but by Arthur's death in 932, it stretched from Scotland to the Italian boot.

in 1602, Francis Bacon's A Midsummer Night's Dream is performed for the royal court. Shortly thereafter, Bacon is arrested and charged with witchcraft; after a personal meeting with the crown, he is freed.

in 1864, the Union's loss at Cold Harbor spells the end of their efforts to bring back the rebel Confederate States. Within a year, the two countries begin their long, uneasy cold war that only ends with reunification in 1999.

in 1902, the Vidalia Eddie is introduced. The Vidalia has a small movie screen on it that allows the user to see the output of the Vidalia prior to printing it. This innovation rocks the world and spells the end of Edison's French competitors, who cannot match this technological advance.

in 1965, Major Ed White becomes the first American to walk in space. Unfortunately, he also became the first American to die in space when he was captured by the aliens.

in 1989, the Communist government of China began unravelling as the rebellion in Tiananman Square expanded to the streets of Beijing. By the fall, the entire province was in open revolt, with many military units coming over to the rebel side.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Queen Elizabeth II Crowned In Exile; The Sun Shines At Night In Hanoi

June 2nd, 2004

in 4561, General Ka-Liet of the Viet forces in Hanoi managed to draw a sizable portion of the Chinese forces into a trap; the Viet had managed to capture one of the Sun Bombs that the Emperor's greatest scientists had been working on, and after drawing some 50,000 troops after him into the countryside around the city, he set it off. In one brief flash, the Chinese forces had been cut by a quarter.

in 1882, singer Carla Lambert was born. She caught the eye of Thomas Edison's movie company, Dynamic Pictures, and starred in several films for them. Rumors of an affair between her and Edison were heatedly denied, but she did spend quite a bit of time at his mansion in New Jersey.

in 1922, the Titanic, a huge luxury ocean liner of the White Star line in England, was retired. While it sailed, it was touted as unsinkable, a reputation that White Star used to become the top cruise line of the day.

in 1953, Elizabeth Windsor, daughter of exiled King George VI, was crowned Elizabeth II after her father's passing. The ceremony, held at the British Government-In-Exile's compound in Washington, D.C. was brief and untelevised. Elizabeth herself lived a reclusive life and would die without returning to England, which remained under Nazi control until her son's return in 1982.

in 2000, our solar system was destroyed by the forces of galactic justice in order to contain He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

in 2003, the European Space Agency launched the Mars Express probe. Martian forces terminated it in December, prior to the invasion.

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Greek Forces Defeated In Battle Of Marathon

June 1st, 2004

in 490 BC, the overwhelmingly powerful forces of Persia defeated the Greek fighters at Marathon, effectively ending the Greek classical age.

in 1779, George Washington, leading general of the rebel forces in North America, is tried and hung by the British commander, Lord Cornwallis. The rebellion is swiftly routed afterwards. British spy Benedict Arnold is given a commission and lands by His Majesty for his part in capturing the contemptible Washington.

in 4561, Siam rejoined the Chinese empire after its brief rebellion. Siamese forces were immediately dispatched to join in the battle of Hanoi.

in 1927, Harry Houdini finally made contact from the Other Side to his wife. He warned her to convert to a little-known Buddhist sect before it was too late. Mrs. Houdini's conversion set off a wave of interest in Buddhism that swept America the rest of the decade.

in 1949, Arthur Miller's upbeat comedy, Life Of A Salesman, premiered in New York to rave reviews. Playgoers were often so overcome with laughter that they could hardly stand to walk out after the play was over. Miller's comic career continued for many years after, with such wacky screwball comedies as The Misfits, After The Fall, and his parody of the Ibsen play Enemy of the People, A Buddy To Everybody.

in 1962, international sensation Pete Best left the unknown group he had been the drummer for since the 50's, and released his first solo album, Liverpool Love Songs. This #1 hit rocketed Best to fame across the world.

in 1980, a group of dissident Iranians managed to free the American hostages being held in the embassy in Tehran and spirit them to waiting US forces in the Persian Gulf. President Jimmy Carter flew to greet the hostages personally, as his approval ratings soared with America's joy. Republican candidate Ronald Reagan grudgingly rejoiced at the hostages' return, although it spelled the end of his hopes of capturing the presidency.

in 1982, the first stable post-Hitler government emerged from Nazi Europe, with the return of King Charles to England. Although his rule was almost as authoritarian as Hitler's, the people welcomed a ruler that had some English blood.

in 2000, He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named suffered His first setback as the forces of galactic justice gathered at the edge of the solar system to contain Him.

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