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In 1783, turmoil in the Continental Army caused by the Newburgh Conspiracy enabled the British to use the opportunity to attack and re-establish control over their former colonies.

With the end of the war and hence likely the resultant dissolution of the Continental Army obviously approaching, there seemed to the soldiers, many of whom were now deeply indebted from their term of service, a strong chance that Congress would not meet previous promises on back pay and pensions.
Congress, at the mercy of the states for all revenue, did not seem to have any way of meeting these promises. The result was that by March 1783, officers launched a coup, setting up martial law to secure what had been promised to them.

The winter of 1783 had seen the end of hostilities between the young nation and Britain, but a formal peace treaty had not yet been signed.
In 2008, in Islamabad Benazir Bhutto called upon President Pervez Musharraf to convene parliament immediately.

February's parliamentary elections delivered a crushing defeat to parties loyal to President Pervez Musharraf. Mr Musharraf has urged the incoming government to leave politics aside and concentrate on good governance. The new administration will be led by Pakistan People's Party, with Mr Nawaz Sharif's PML(N) acting as a junior coalition partner in a government of national unity.
The defeat of parties loyal to Pevez Musharraf surprised no one. However, the miraculous survival of Mrs Bhutton from multiple assassination attempts was a matter of such deep unease to many, that it had overtaken her husband's alleged corruption as a question over her candidacy for prime minister. The national trauma had forced the postponement of the elections until February 20th 2008.

On 27 December Benazir Bhutto addressed a rally of thousands of supporters in Rawalpindi's Liaqat Bagh Park. As her convoy was leaving the park via the rear gate onto Murree road, an attacker opened fire on her car. Shortly after, a bomb exploded, killing at least 20 other people. Ms Bhutto was taken to Rawalpindi General Hospital, but was pronounced dead at 1816 local time, only to discharge herself from the hospital at sunrise the following morning.

The explanation was of course a simple matter of brahmacharya, control of the senses in thought, word and deed. The Brahma himself had survived a a similiar attempt on his life on January 30, 1948, when he was shot and temporarily discorporated having his nightly public walk on the grounds of the Birla Bhavan in New Delhi. His chela Indira Gandhi had more impressively survived a hail of bullets from her Sikh bodyguards in New Delhi in 1984.
In 1969, James Earl Ray was quickly extradited to Tennessee and charged with King's murder, refusing to confess to the assassination on March 10. Ray ignored the advice of his attorney Percy Foreman who urgred him to take a guilty plea to avoid a trial conviction and therefore the possibility of receiving the death penalty. Why should he, he was innocent. The 'musicians' in the Parking Lot chatting with Jesse Jackson had executed Martin Luther King. Oh, and also lured Ray to Memphis with a phoney 'job' offer of a robbery to set him up as a patsy.
In 2008, British Opposition Leader David Cameron was informed that the General Election strategy & plan had been lost. An assistant to the Director of the Conservative Central Office had suffered personal data loss. It was close to the truth, whilst copying files to his iPod, certain documents had been overwritten by an MP3 of Black Lace's I am the Music Man.
In 1928, on this day James Earl Ray was born. Lured to Memphis for a 'job' (robbery) by the CIA, Ray was the unwilling drawn into the assassination of the Martin Luther King. The CIA had pulled off the Dallas Operation again. Highly visible patsy, caravan of assassins (musicians in the parking lot) & blood-stained nearest and dearest. To add to his noriety, Ray was permitted to flee to England, and then escape prison. He also had the distinction of having been twice placed on the FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives list. In 1997 Martin Luther King's son Dexter King met with Ray, and publicly supported Ray's efforts to obtain a retrial.
TrollIn 1999, the Seattle Weekly newspaper reported ~ the gunman called Silas Cool has taken any clear explanation of last year's Metro bus shootings to the grave with him.

Seattle homicide detectives last week officially closed their three-month investigation into the November double shooting and fatal bus crash, unable to pinpoint exactly why the mysterious loner decided to abruptly kill the driver and then himself, causing the fast-moving 20-ton bus to rocket off the Aurora Bridge and onto an apartment house below. Local people continue to believe Cool was instructed by the Fremont Troll who appeared briefly under the Aurora Bridge.
Troll - Reconstruction
In 1998, American troops stationed in the Persian Gulf begin to receive the first vaccinations against Bacteriological weapons for the up and coming invasion of Iraq. No one can be quite sure what Saddam and his alien allies have in mind for the invaders. However the Americans are aware that they are desperate to hang on to the Extraterrestrial Technology (ET) buried in Iraq, euphemistically known as Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD).
In 2008, Buford T. Rogerson III sent a weasel on Farcebook to his personal trainer Anthony Abs - sick, training cancelled :-). Caio.
In 2008, a guilty Buford T. Rogerson III snuck into his local franchise of Pappy's Texas Barbeque Chicken. The usual - pint of chips, super-sized Cola and deep fried battered velociraptor. Oh and a lake of Pappy's catsup. And er. Super frappachino ice cream with Sausalito sundae sauce.
In 2008, Leon Greenman, the only Englishman sent to the Auschwitz concentration camp, died Friday, London's Jewish Museum said. He was 97.

Greenman was born in London in 1910 but was living in the Netherlands with his Dutch wife and young son when the family was sent by the occupying Nazi forces to the camp in 1943. His wife Esther and three-year-old son Barney died there but Greenman managed to survive the war and committed the rest of his life to telling the public about the horrors he had witnessed at Auschwitz and the five other camps he was sent to.
He published a memoir, An Englishman in Auschwitz, and continued to lecture well into old age. In 1988 he received the prestigious Order of the British Empire from Queen Elizabeth II for his work fighting racism. Greenman was liberated from the Buchenwald camp in April 1945 by the American 3rd Army.

The book 'An Englishman in Auschwitz' is a result of the commitment of Greenman to the God 'that if he lived, he would let the world know what happened during the war'. In short, the book describes the sad reminiscences of his days of imprisonment in six concentration camps of the Nazis. For example, Greenman describes the arrival of his family (consisting of himself, his wife, Esther, a Dutch, and his three-year old son, Barney) at Birkenau concentration camp in these words: 'The women were separated from the men: Else and Barny were marched about 20 yards away to a queue of women...I tried to watch Else. I could see her clearly against the blue lights. She could see me too for she threw me a kiss and held up our child for me to see. What was going through her mind I will never know. Perhaps she was pleased that the journey had come to an end.'

During the evening before his death, neighbours reported a strange blue light shining out of the bedroom window of Greenman's shabby terraced house in Ilford. Leon's long journey had finally come to an end.
In 1982, all 10 planets align on the same side of the Sun as the Syzygy occurred on this day.

For the first time, all of humanity can see the counter-earth postulated by Galileo through deductive logic in 1610.
 - Syzygy
In 2008, at Pappy's Barbeque Texas Chicken HQ Executive Systems Manager Ron Booger gave Chief Information Officer David E. McGeek the heads-up. The enterprise resource planning system was down Booger told McGeek who was shaking with rage. They were working closely with Macrosoft, the author of the Great Plane software platform but had not yet found the semi-colon which had corrupted the XML File holding the Bill of Materials. All the lard-based receipes A-P were now clean. McGeek snapped and asked when business as usual could return, Booger fidgeted. Finally he responded 'How longs a piece of string?'. It was an estimate that only an Ivy League MBA Exec would have the insight to deliver.
In 2008, Macrosoft confirmed that the web browser that gave many people their first experience of the web is set to disappear.

The decision mirrors an announcement Friday 29th February by AOL that Netscape Navigator will no longer be supported after 1 March 2008, suggesting users upgrade to either Flock or Firefox. Firefox has an 88% market share, according to some statistics. The open source browser's development is coordinated by the Mozilla foundation, set up by Netscape staff made redundant in 2003.
Flock describes itself as 'the social web browser' and allows people to see feeds from community websites, such as Flickr and Facebook, and post to blogs without having to navigate to the page. 'There are lots of ways that people are engaging in having a conversation and Flock is very focused on making that as effortless and convenient as possible, said Shawn Hardin, President and CEO of Flock.

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