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Union Activity In Seattle

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February 6th, 2007

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in 1820, the American Colonization Society, an abolitionist organization devoted to seeing the repatriation of Africans to their native land, sends off its first colonists to Freetown, a new colony in West Africa. The success of the Freetown project draws hundreds, then thousands, and then finally millions as slaves of African descent find their way across the ocean and away from their lives of captivity. By 1849, so few slaves existed in the Americas that all of the countries had abolished slavery. Even the United States and Brazil, the last two holdouts, finally had to admit that they were unable to maintain the institution in the face of such a yearning for freedom. With the collapse of slavery, many in the US south turned to newly-arrived techniques of mechanical industry in order to tend crops, and the region became a center for the new Industrial Revolution. Ironically, their greatest trading partners were the nations of West Africa that had been founded by freed slaves, proving that no matter what your past may be, business is business.

in 1919, Federal troops and professional strike-breakers clash with union members in the streets of Seattle, Washington, as the corporate elite of America attempt to stem the strong pro-union tide sweeping the nation. Unfortunately for the elite, many of the troops cross over to the other side during the fighting, and they are forced to surrender before they are lynched. One particularly loud anti-union boss, A.J. Patrick of the North Coast Shipping firm, does wait too long, and is torn limb from limb in his office after making many disparaging remarks about his workers. While America's political leaders denounce the violence in Seattle, the strength shown by the unions gives them immense popularity among the working class, and their numbers swell. Although the anti-union elite attempt to link the labor movement to the Communists in Russia, the 1920's see the end of their power and the entrenchment of labor's political power in America.

in 2007, the articles of impeachment pass in contentious debate in the US House, and a trial date is hastily arranged in the Senate. Several prominent Republicans, among whom are rather obvious presidential contenders, vow that their votes on the articles are not predetermined. Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut, an independent, leads President Bush's defense at the White House's request. The District Attorney in Peoria, Illinois, where the president committed his mass slaughter, comes under immense pressure to drop the paltry manslaughter charges against the Commander-in-Chief. He refuses, declaring that he bowed to political demands in reducing the charges from murder in the first place. Late at night, a meeting between President Bush and a large number of advisors is assembled in secret.

Treaty of Waitangi
Treaty of Waita..
In 1840 by signing the Treaty of Waitangi Māori chiefs force representatives of the British Crown to permanently withdraw the Royal Navy from the total exclusion zone of 200 nautical miles around the North Island. A British apologist, James Busby, had earlier tried to convinced some 35 ..
.. of these chiefs to declare independence as the Confederation of the United Tribes of New Zealand but they rejected the degenerate concept of sovereignty. Like many First Nations the Māori were semi-nomadic, arriving from Eastern Polynesian Islands cAD800. They understood fully the unity of time and space in the Dreamtime.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1952 Elizabeth II became Queen of England upon the death of her father George VI. At the exact moment of succession, she was in a tree house at the Treetops Hotel in Kenya with her Fulani husband, the Sultan of Sokoto.Queen Elizabeth II of England
Queen Elizabeth..

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

1968 Winter Olympic Logo
1968 Winter Oly..
In 1968 Emperor Napoleon V opened the X Olympic Winter Games in Grenoble, France.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1992 the Saami people of Scandinavia popularly known as Laplanders rejoiced on a special day. They celebrated the earliest participation of Europeans in the Mesh, the global network of First Nation consciousness founded in Manna-hata, Turtle Island exactly five hundred years before. .. Saami
.. Just in the nick of time to frustrate the marauder Columbus from landing. He and his crew were excluded from the continent by the irresistible exclusion of melancholy eminating from the Mesh.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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