Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The State Of TIAH

Dear Readers,

Today in alternate history, I'd like to skip a day and talk to you about the state of TIAH.

Lately, there has been a dearth of original material in favor of reposts with meaningful links. While many people have told me that they wanted to see the inspiration behind the posts, or the actual events that an alternate history was based on, that's not what I wanted TIAH to be. The drop-off in readership tells me that's not what you wanted TIAH to be, either.

The only excuse I can offer is that having and raising a baby takes a lot of time, as does coming up with original material for this site. One of the two had to give, and I'm afraid that my little historian comes first.

So, how do we get back to all-original, (or at least, mostly original), material for TIAH? That's where you come in, my dear readers. You hopefully noticed the announcement I posted where I asked for volunteers for a writing project; I got a few responses through that, but I'd like more, so I'm announcing it to everyone now.

I'd like some Co-Historians. If you can commit to writing about 500 words a week, send me a writing sample, You don't have to follow the format that I've established for TIAH, and please use your own material. You will own the rights to any original work you create on this site, provided it is original and won't get you or us sued. Heck, I'm willing to have a nice alt-hist piece of artwork posted up once in a while, too, if you're of the more visual persuasion.

If there is just a flood of response to this, and a lot of quality material submitted, I would also like to revive the old idea of a TIAH magazine. I would contribute and edit, but if we put out a magazine, you guys would have to supply most of the content. I think it's doable – I just need to know enough of you do, as well. Send me your ideas on that, too, please.

Please comment on this, email me, talk in the forum – let me know what you think. You guys are as much TIAH as I am.

Thanks for your attention – we'll return to our regularly scheduled alternate history tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I've been reading TIAH for a while now (its one of my check-daily news sites), and enjoying it considerably. The only reason I haven't been contributing to the various reader-supplied things is not disinterest, but a lack of inspiration.

In theory, I'd love to help out, but the same applies - I just don't have the inspiration to think of anything....


Robbie Taylor said...

Thanks for reading - that's been my greatest source of inspiration! :)

If inspiration does strike, though, be sure to remember my email address -

azzula said...

good articles, thangs

TIAH Editor says we'd like to move you off the blog, if you're browsing the archives - and most people are - more than half of them are already on the new site. We need to be sure the new web site accomodates your archive browsing needs because we don't want to lose any readers. Please supply any feedback or comments by email to the Editor and please note the blogger site is shutting on December 1st.