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Ten Significant Events

June 26th, 2007

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The Announcement

in 1999, King Arthur II met with Prime Minister Kay Ector, freshly returned from Greece. “Our war is over,” Ector told the king. “On every front, the Illuminati are extinguished; the Central European Empire is no more.” Arthur clapped his old friend on the back and congratulated him on his work in bringing this war to an end. “The queen was a huge help,” the prime minister said. “Her influence on our allies, and her ability to rally our people, proved invaluable in this struggle. Where is her majesty, by the way?” Arthur looked away uneasily. “My queen isn't feeling well at the moment, Sir Kay. You'll forgive her absence?” The prime minister bowed slightly and said, “Of course. I hope it isn't anything too serious.” The king's face grew stony as he replied, “No, I don't believe it is.” After the meeting, he went to Queen Gwen's cell, alone, to speak with her. “I want to know something,” he said, standing close to the bars. “Did you ever feel anything for me?” She shrugged. “In the beginning, when we were fighting to unseat the Windsors – you were all fire back then. Remember that night when you first took the crown?” She ran a hand along his on the bars, and he didn't pull away this time. “That was real passion, my king.” For a moment, a long moment, they stared deeply into each other's eyes, then drew together for a kiss between the bars of the cell. “I still love you,” Arthur said, drawing back. “God help me, I still love you.” They twined their fingers together and Gwen told him, “I'm sure by now you've learned that those I once served are eradicated, my liege. I could be your queen again, sitting at your side, aiding you as you rule the most powerful nation on earth.” Arthur yearns to set her free, but cannot bring himself to do it. “You're bearing du Lac's child.” She reached a hand out to his face and stroked his beard tenderly. “You could not give me a child, my king; can you think of a better man to produce Great Britain's next monarch?” Arthur took his hands away from her and walked away. Gwen hunched against the bars of her cell in disappointment and said, “Before you leave, I do ask one thing.” He murmured over his shoulder, “What?” She whispered softly, “Your forgiveness, Arthur.” He took a key from the wall and opened her cell door. “It is granted.”

In 1999, the networks ran installment one of Ten Significant Events of the Twentieth Century (TSEotTC). British Prime Harold Macmillan spoke of the Hurricane of Change sweeping Africa. The "Terrorist" Nelson Mandela was executed after his 1964 mistrial in Rivonia. And Malcolm X brought it home in the Deep South.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In the beginning, the First Man and Woman put the stars in a blanket. The Coyote made the Milky Way by hurling the blanket into the sky. Navajo astronaut Jamie Waterman cherished the wisdom of the Old Ones. When the international mission landed on Mars, he simply reported “Ya'aa'tey” (“It is good”) to the NASA controllers. A self-described red man on the red planet, he had no time at all for the jingoistic nationalism of his fellow astronauts; his mission was to find life.

~ variant from Steve Payne : to celebrate the author's genius, original text of Ben Bova's classic "Mars" has been reserviced to present an "in context" alternate ending.

In 1971, recording of the double LP Exile on Main Street was suspended at Nellcôte, guitarist Keith Richards' nineteenth-century villa on the French Riviera.

Exile wasn't intended to be a studio album and therein lie the problem. A number of factors were to blame for the lost opportunity for the Rolling Stones to make their greatest album at their absolute peak and capture the atmosphere at Nellcôte with messy faithfulness.

"We recorded in Keith's disgusting basement, which looked like a prison. . . . The humidity was incredible. I couldn't stand it. As soon as I opened my mouth to sing, my voice was gone. It was so humid that all the guitars were out of tune by the time we got to the end of each number." "It was 120 degrees," Richards recalled. "Everyone sat around sweating and playing with their pants off. That's when I got into Jack Daniel's. You're trying to get backup vocals finished . . . and the voice starts to go: 'This'll give you another half hour.' It's those fumes that do it, man."

The Stones had literally attempted to make Exile on the run. In May '71, they moved to France, citing the excessive taxation and police harassment in their native Britain. Many of the Jagger-Richards songs planned for Exile reflected the exhaustion and madness of the Stones' personal and public lives at the time ("Torn and Frayed," "Soul Survivor"). Jagger's marriage to Nicaraguan model Bianca Perez Morena de Macias on the eve of the Exile sessions irritated Richards, who wanted his singer's full attention during recording; Richards was at the height of his 1970s heroin addiction and spending a lot of time with American country-rock icon Gram Parsons.

~ variant from Steve Payne : to celebrate the author's genius, original text of Ben Bova's classic "Mars" has been reserviced to present an "in context" alternate ending.

Fallen woman
Fallen woman
In 1761, the fallen woman dipped her swollen feet into the cool Atlantic ocean. As she arose, her fellow stowaway gasped in shock, dropping the Arab wine vessel to the deck where it smashed into pieces. Her lower legs had a crimson hue.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1918, at the Battle for Belleau Wood, Allied Forces under George Armstrong Custer defeated Imperial German Forces commanded by German Crown Prince Wilhelm. Custer said it was the toughest battle in fifty years, referring of course to his victory over Sitting Bull and Crazy Horse near the Little Bighorn River.Battle of Belleau Wood
Battle of Belle..

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Viennese Airlift
Viennese Airlif..
In 1948, an airlift was started to Austria after the Soviet Union blockaded West Vienna. The Western allies turned to USAAF General Curtis “Candy Bars Away” LeMay. By now an expert in such operations, LeMay put into operation a plan he had conceived in 1946 for the resupply of the Japanese home population during Operation Downfall.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1963, on this day John F. Kennedy spoke the famous words "Ich bin ein Wiener" ("I am a citizen of Vienna") on a visit to the Western occupied quarter of the Austrian City. A former citizen of Vienna, Adolf Schicklegruber was not there to enjoy the speech. He was languishing in Spandau Prison with Rudolf Hess, intermittently .. John F Kennedy
John F Kennedy
.. arguing over the wayward deputy's flight to Scotland in 1941. Hess' only regret was not staying in Scotland, he been forced to listen to this admonishment for eighteen long years.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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