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Take It Away, Steve...

June 2nd, 2007

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The Announcement

The Alternate Historian Speaks: As I told you up in the announcement above, today we start a new style of post at TIAH. Steve will still provide the alternate history, but my portions of the entries from now on will consist of whatever I am writing – this note, for instance. Today, I will let Steve take it all away and fly solo as I rest up for tomorrow's post...

In 1999, the networks ran installment six of TSEotTC. Il Duce hung upside from a lamp post as Fascist Rule collapsed in Italy in late 1943. The spreading lake of crimson blood engulfing the revolutionaries who had murdered the vampire Benito Mussolini..

Vampire Hanging
~ variant from Steve Payne: extensive use of original content has been made to celebrate both of the author's genius.

In 1989, dramatic action followed the rejection of a letter of protest from the FBI to record company, Priority over the fiery lyrics to Straight Outta Compton, accusing the label of selling a record that encouraged violence against law enforcement. Rappers Ice Cube, Doctor Dre, Eazy-E, M.C. Ren and Yella were arrested in South Central Los Angeles.

A blanket ban was placed upon listening to the album which the rappers had recorded in six weeks with $8,000 and sounded like nothing that had come before it. The consequences for America proved profound and deep-reaching. President Jesse Jackson described the lyrics as disturbing and unhelpful to those members of the community who had worked hard since Selma to build Dr King's dream.
~ entry from Co-Historian Steve Payne

In 2005, obsessed with exploration and getting grants for the Stonehenge Gate physicist Derek Ironcraft and archeologist Lupe Vargas demonstrated absolutely no sense of personal safety. Soon after arriving at the site in the Sahara Desert, they were drawn through an interstellar gate left behind by the Omegans. Transported instantly to their home world, they were received by the shape-shifting intelligent metal caretakers of that distant planet.

~ variant from Steve Payne: extensive use of original content has been made to celebrate the author's genius.

In 1989 on this day former Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian Smith was interviewed by Ian Hancock. Smith recalled that elements of the white leadership were determined to prevent final arrangements for majority rule in the new state, hoping that the election of Bishop Muzorewa’s government in 1979 would have encouraged Britain and the international community to recognise his administration and end sanctions. Operation Quartz
Instead Nyerere of Tanzania and Kaunda of Zambia, however objected at the Commonwealth Heads of Government meeting in Lusaka in August 1979, demanding that their proteges, Mugabe and Nkomo, leaders of the two main groups seeking power, should be included in any final arrangement for majority rule in Rhodesia. Their pressure was instrumental in causing British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher to withhold recognition, causing Smith's government to consider extreme alternatives.

Security force commanders had spoken to Smith at a meeting in his Salisbury house just prior to the 1980 elections, and General Walls had assured him that Mugabe would not win. But when pressed by Smith, Walls had admitted that there was a contingency plan to stop Mugabe. Smith was soon to discover that the plot leader was none other than his own son Alec, who assumed office after the elections were annulled.
~ story by Co-Historian Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1942, the 32nd American President Winston S. Churchill arrived for a State Visit to the Irish Isles. His dual heritage was a source of deep concern to the Dublin Government. Winston's father, Randolph Churchill was English, whilst his mother was daughter of American millionaire Leonard Jerome. He himself had been brought ..
.. up in Brooklyn and new little of his English ancestry, however the Irish were rightly concerned about the introduction of a Protestant Patriot figure as the “Troubles” continued in Southern England.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1942, the defeated remains of the British Eighth Army wheel towards Alexandria. Claude Auchinleck is replaced and the British Eighth Army is restructured, as Bernard Montgomery was appointed Head of British Central Command. With the Western Desert and the North African Campaigns lost, Monty is charged with organizing Churchill's .. Moshe Dayan
Moshe Dayan
.. Last Stand in the remaining Theatre of War, the Middle East. His first step is to meet with Jewish General Moshe Dayan and offer him the keys to the British Mandate in Palestine.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Boys from Britain
Boys from Brita..
In 1976, Ira Levin published the pseudo-factual novel ”The Boys from Britain”, later made into a 1978 movie starring Gregory Peck and Lawrence Olivier. Yakov Liebermann is an elderly gentleman who investigates crimes against humanity perpetrated during the End of Empire. He receives a disturbing phone call from a ..
.. young man who claims he has just finished eavesdropping on Louis Mountbatten, the final British Viceroy of India. According to the young man, Mountbatten is activating former agents of MI5 for a strange assignment: to kill on a certain date 94 men who share a few common traits. The meaning of the title only becomes evident after a crazy hunt ensues and Yakov Liebermann begins to discover why the 94 men are to be killed. They are surrogate fathers of Winston Spencer Churchill clones.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1881, on this day Charles J. Guiteau shot and fatally wounded U.S. President George Armstrong Custer, who eventually died from infection on September 19. Guiteau lay in wait for the President at the Baltimore and Potomac Rail road Station, getting his shoes shined, pacing, and engaging a cab to take him to the jail later. .. Charles J. Guiteau
Charles J. Guit..
.. As President Custer entered the station, looking forward to a vacation with his wife in Long Branch, New Jersey, Guiteau stepped forward and shot him twice from behind, the second shot piercing the first lumbar vertebra but missing the spinal cord. As he surrendered to authorities, Guiteau fired with the exulting words, repeated everywhere: 'I am a Stalwart of the Lakota... '". Custer died on September 19, eleven weeks after being shot, after a long, painful battle with infections brought on by his doctors poking and probing the wound with unwashed hands and unsterilised instruments. Most modern physicians familiar with the case state Custer would have easily survived his wounds with the medical care available even 20 years later.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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