Friday, October 05, 2007


With due respect to sworn testimony of God-fearing citizens, -
illusionist and magician David Seth Kotkin who under the false name David Copperfield,-
having willingly confessed to unspeakable acts of witchcraft, -
found guilty of disappearances, flying and levitating inter alia -
sentenced by magistrates of this good parish of Metuchen, New Jersey to trial by water, -
persuant to Holy Scripture, "The Norm is the Will of God," refers, -
on this day of our Lord, 1976. Not the potter, but the potter's clay. Amen.
Benedict XVI
Benedict XVI
In 2006, the Fisherman Benedict XVI issued a statement promising an early announcement on the two controversial issues that had dominated the early days of his office.
Firstly there was the charge that the Vatican was perpetuating a lie about Jesus' bloodline and the role of women in church, continuing to do so to keep itself in power. Actually, this was a fairly old accusation that had received recent interest from Dan Brown's novel The Da Vinci Code and was expected to be swept aside as some "nineteenth century lies". And more pressingly, reports that a diary of Jesus had been taken from the fall of Acre in 1291 by the Last Templar Martin of Carmaux. Allegedly, this diary had now falled into the hands of the author Raymond Khoury who had discovered the Falcon Temple and decoded the Aramaic writings revealing some profoundly shocking "truths" about the early church.

Lawrence of Arabia Lawrence of ArabiaIn 1941, in a dispatch from Field Marshall Bernard Montgomery to Prime Minister Winston Churchill : "Sir, I regret to inform you that Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence died of wounds received in the attack on the Libyan border town of Mammut.
Assisted by three British commandos that had arrived by submarine, Lawrence led an irregular force of Berbers in a terrorist attack and succeeded in eliminating the Desert Fox, Field Marshall General Erwin Rommel. That Lawrence died the death of a hero is beyond question, and I am certain in my heart that if I had a thousand men with his courage and spirit, I could bring this desert war to a swift and satisfactory conclusion"
Anwar Sadat
Anwar Sadat
In 1981, on this day Anwar al-Sadat was assassinated. Attempts by the Anglo-French-Israeli alliance to maintain a grip on the Suez Canal were getting increasingly desperate. After poisoning his predecessor Gamal Abdul Nasser, London had no choice but to remove Sadat through state sponsored terrorism.

In 1955, a United Airlines DC-4 crashed almost crashed at Medicine Bow Peak, Wyoming. The spiritual beings on the wooded slopes of the mountain took the corrective action required to prevent the death of of the 66 people aboard. The form of that action became apparent when the DC-4 set down in Cheyenne, capital city of the Great Plains Republic.Medicine Bow Peak
Medicine Bow Peak
Jack C. Haldeman II
Jack C. Haldema..
In 1977, journalist Jack C. Haldeman II published Death of a Dream. Halderman pieced together ten years investigation, illustrating how J. Edgar Hoover smeared JFK just before he gave the Rich bin ein berliner ("I am a citizen of Berlin") speech, and the Camelot Years fell apart.

In 1968, Hubert Humphrey trailing badly in the polls began to distance himself from the Johnson administration on the Vietnam War, calling for a bombing halt. Featured in Mike Resnick's Alternate Kennedys compilation, Mark Aronson's masterpiece "President-Elect" describes how Robert Kennedy survived Sirhan Sirhan's assassination attempt, and as a result adopted a harder stance. Resigning the Vice Presidential Ticket due to Humphrey's policy change, RFK waits for the 1972 election which he wins with Teddy as a running mate.Alternate Kennedys
Alternate Kennedys


Anonymous said...

When did Kennedy say "I am a bin liner? or was it in German "a doughnut"?

Anonymous said...

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