Friday, November 30, 2007


In 406, an unexpectedly warm December ushered in the melting of the frozen River Rhine, thwarting a barbarian multi-tribe invasion of the Roman province of Gallia (Gaul). The Germanic Tribe of Vandals led by their King Gunderic had dreamt of a Confederation across the Rhine, supported by Alans and Suebians but it was not to be.
Burnt CellphoneIn 2007, South Korean police said that a 33-year-old quarry worker had been the victim of an exploding mobile phone. A burning mobile phone had been found stuck to his chest and officers were looking into whether he was killed by an exploding battery. Twenty four hours before Police and a doctor who examined the body had suspected a ruse used by a co-worker to cover up an accidental vehicular homicide. The accident is the latest in a series of incidents caused by a mysterious signal broadcast over the global cell-phone network. Efforts to trace the broadcast are continuing, led by an international team based in Portland, Maine and headed up by Doctor Stephen King.
Burnt Cellphone - Evidence
In 1919, Research Fellow Ned Lawrence departed from All Souls College at the University of Oxford. Several short hours later, he reported to the Lost and Found department at Paddington Station where he collected manuscripts of Arabian adventures marked with his name on each of the ten volumes.
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan
In 2003, on this day the compendium “A Collection of Political Counterfactuals” was published. Simon Burns' masterful entry "What if John Hinckley, Jr. had missed?" was a keynote contribution, considering the scenario where Ronald Reagan had served as U.S. president until 1989. Missing Reagan’s heart by less than one inch, the bullet instead pierced his left lung, which likely spared his life. In the operating room, Reagan joked to the surgeons, "I hope you're all Republicans" (though they were not, Dr. Joseph Giordano replied, "Today, Mr. President, we're all Republicans"). Reagan later famously told his wife, "Honey, I forgot to duck" (borrowing Jack Dempsey's line to his wife). On April 12, Nancy Reagan escorted the President home from the hospital.
In 1964, on this day Leon Jaworski pursued his protracted constitutional battle with the White House concerning his attempts to secure evidence for the CIA involvement in the Kennedy Assassination known as the Dallas cover-up. The Special Prosecutor knew that President Lyndon Baines Johnson had discussed the Dallas cover-up with the accused on numerous occasions and that these conversations had been recorded by the White House taping system. Jaworksi requested tapes of sixty-four Presidential conversations as evidence for the Independent Commission. The President refused to hand them over, citing executive privilege. Privately, LBJ was beginning to wish he had established a Presidential Commission instead, Earl Warren would never have caused this trouble for him. Kennedy
In 1967, former British Prime Minister Anthony Eden published his auto-biography. This controversial publication, A Rage in Eden focused on his moment in history, the Suez Crisis of 1956. Serialised in the Times, the first instalment described Eden's initial response to the nationalisation of the Suez Canal by President Abdul Gamal Nasser - screaming “I want him destroyed”. Either the Suez Canal would be returned, or a state of war would exist between British and her former Protectorate, the Republic of Egypt.
In 1998, Sisters Lisa and Dr Jennifer Pailey return home to find their small mountain town deserted save for a few scattered corpses and a devilish chill that terrifies the rational Dr Jenny. Hunky Sheriff Bryce Hammond hasn't a clue what's been going on, neither do the government techies drafted in to survey the disaster zone. Only one man can solve the mystery. Enter supernatural specialist, Dr Timothy Flyte. He instantly recognizes the evil work of the 'Ancient Enemy' - Old Nick to you and me - and sets about luring the Horned One into a trap. Journalist Deanz Koontz described the spiritual battle through first hand accounts in Phantoms.Message from Ancient Enemy
Message from Ancient Enemy

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