Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Letting Rip

In 1786, Rip Van Winkle stumbles into the city of New York, attempting to find this imposter, George Washington, who had supplanted the rightful rule of King George. He had been told that the capital of these United States was in New York City, the old New Amsterdam. He strode the streets like a ghost from another world, his long gray hair and beard giving him the appearance of an ancient wizard risen and seeking something in this new country that had been ripped from him. He stopped in a shop to replace the flintlock that had rusted beside him in the hills, but his money did not match this new land's. He attacked and killed the shopkeeper in his anger, and the young son of the shopkeeper, a boy named Washington, incensed the old man as well. He shot the child, and was surprised to find himself fading away...
In 1979, Stanley Shapiro wrote the fourth in a series of articles entitled A Time to Remember in which the journalist was sharply critical of post-Vietnam Foreign Policy. Better for the US to have been humbled by the war in Vietnam and then this ultra-belligerance would have been nipped in the bud, and Westmoreland sent off into a quiet retirement was Shapiro's view.
Shapiro suggested that an altered history required a correction. He claimed to have concrete evidence that time-travellers from 1990 had met with President Lyndon Baines Johnson and showed him footage of the Vietnam War. Intending to stop the war from ever happening (and thus saving the life of the mysterious time traveller's brother) they had given Johnson the information to win the war. Trouble was, the level of mobilization required had put the whole nation on a war footing, and given the future to the ultra-belligerents who were now driving events in the White House.
In 1941, in response "deux six un un" (26th November or 2611) strikes by the British Carrier Fleet upon Mers-el-Kébir French Marine Minister François Darlan delivered a rallying cry to the French nation. This "day of infamy" must be avenged by a united French nation, who should support the Vichy Government in fighting alongside the Germans to defeat Perfidious Albion
Alternate Historian says, Have you figured out yet which Washington Rip Van Winkle shot? :-)
In 1963, the strange being known as Snake Eyes entered closing mode as the number of critical issues was at last diminishing. Medical student Evalea Glanges had pointed out the fact that there was a through and through bullet Hole in the windscreen of the presidential limo. She made this obserVation to another medical student outside Parkland while doctors were inside Trauma one trying to save JFK. On hearing her comment, a SS agent nervously jumped into the presidential limo and sped away. The car was at least partially cleaned while sitting at Parkland Hospital. No record of any evidence found at this time was kept. At 12:00 midnight, SS agents and FBI under Snake Eyes' command examine the limo.
Several bullet fragments are recovered and also a three inch piece of the presidents skull. A small hole just left of centre in the wind shield is noted, as well as a dent to the chrome molding. Carl Renas, head of security for the Dearborn Div. of Ford Motor co. drives the limo from Wash. D.C. to Cincinnati.Renas notes several bullet holes, the most notable in the chrome strip. He believes that it is a "primary strike, not fragmentary damage." The Secret Service tell Renas to"keep your mouth shut." Renas recalled thinking at the time"Something is wrong here."The chrome strip is replaced, and the entire vehicle is rebuilt. The preceding passage was quoted loosely from Charles Crenshaws work,"JFK-Conspiracy of Silence"
In 1980, “it came like a malignant shadow with seductive promises of power. And somewhere in the night... a small girl smiled as her mother burned... asylum inmates slaughtered their attendants... in slimy tunnels once- human creatures gathered. Madness raged as the lights began to fade and humanity was attacked by an ancient, unstoppable evil..." Through found hand experiences of The Dark the truth story was was recounted by journalist James Herbert from his first hand experiences.James Herbert
James Herbert
In 1963, with the assassination of John F Kennedy, the Republican party sense an opportunity. Instead of confronting a popular one-term President, they have instead only to beat Lyndon Baines Johnson. One of the nominees being considered is Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona. Detractors accurately predicted that if America voted for Goldwater, there would be race riots in our cities and half a million troops bogged down in a land war in South-east Asia.
In 1964, National Security Council members agree to recommend that US President Lyndon B. Johnson adopt a plan for a two-stage escalation of bombing in South Vietnam. Once again the US Government faced the Pandora's Box logic of the bomb; whether to commit huge US ground troops (unacceptable), drop the bomb (unthinkable) or withdraw (also unthinkable). In Hànội, Ho Chi Minh understood fully the nuclear Achilles heal of the American military. A firm ally since the 1919 Paris Peace Conference, Minh offered additional assistance to effect regime change, and rid the world of Vietnamese President Ngo Dinh Diem and his younger brother, Ngo Dinh Nhu.Lyndon

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