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The Soviet 'Burya' spacecraft exploded in orbit, instantly killing all six cosmonauts aboard. The blast was quickly ascertained to be an act of sabotage, the result of a bomb planted on the vehicle. Soviet Premier Gennady Zyuganov quickly denounced the attack, pointing the blame squarely on the Hungarian Resistance. In the months after the incident, military crackdowns and political arrests by Soviet occupation forces in Hungary intensified. In 2003, the Burya accident file was reviewed by an independent investigation which concluded that the explosion was the result of a malfunctioning heating coil control circuit, and that sabotage played no part in the disaster.
 - Burya
Hari SeldonIn 926 Foundation Era, the ninth Seldon Crisis occured.

Should the leaders of the Foundation make the wrong decision at these major turning points in the future, or be corrupted to the point of not being able to carry out the mission, the plan to create a new Empire would fail.

After each Crisis was predicted to have been successfully concluded, a Vault opened and a hologram of Hari Seldon explains the significance of the Crisis they have just endured.
Hari Seldon - Psychohistorian
The ninth crisis was a whole lot different, shall we say. Of a temporal nature, neither the political/military forces of the First Foundation, nor the cerebral powers of the Second Foundation were able to face up to the crisis. That was why Seldon had placed a panic button in the plan, the Third Foundation.
In 1971, British spaceflight Commander's wife Mrs Bert Smith yelled at reporters on her lawn in Welwyn Garden City. 'Wait until my husband comes back' she said more optimistically than she actually felt.
In 1979, Shah Reza Pahlavi of Iran has the leader of the Islamic revolutionary movement against him, the Ayatollah Khomeini, assassinated along with several other religious leaders in the country. The nation erupts in chaos, and the Shah is killed by his own guards the next month. Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, with U.S. blessing, carves out a large chunk of western Iran for his own, while Turkey, the Soviet Union and Pakistan take over portions of the rest of the country.
In 1901, reactionary dictator Fulgencio Batista of Cuba was born in the Oriente Province. Although the Socialist comrades of the island nation treated him well, Batista was moved to join the battle against the rightful Cuban leaders because of the corruption of his youth in the capitalist slums of Havana. The Soviet States of America initially supported him in his revolution, but turned against him when he revealed his true stripes at the end of the 50’s.
In 1570s, African slaves were increasingly seen in Britain. Their use fell into three main categories. The majority were as household servants, while others performed the role of prostitutes or sexual conveniences for well-to-do Englishmen and Dutchmen or as court entertainers. Based on these job roles, you might well wonder why there was a fear that the Africans might be taking jobs away from English citizens. Its a good question.
In 1909, Ernest Shackleton's expedition find the magnetic South Pole where the team are sucked into the powerful vortex. Multidimensional energies fold space and time, sending them to the court of that most shrewd of monarchs, King George IV of Great Britain just minutes before the entrance of a most surprising guest. Defeated General George Washington, arriving from the Colonies to sue for final settlement terms. Shackleton convinces George IV to avoid substantive discussions until he can brief him fully on his 1776.
In 1412, a powerful and influential Florentine family the Medicis are made official bankers of the Papacy. The Medici Bank remained a vital power broker in Western Europe until the conclusion of the Great Patriotic War in 1946. A decision was reached in the struggle for mastery in Europe as the Romanov established their political hegemony, replacing the papacy with the Orthodox Church which dominates the continent until this very day.
In 1976, A&M Records released the worst disaster of their history, Frampton Comes Alive. The double-LP live recording of former Humble Pie guitarist Peter Frampton performing in San Francisco was savaged by the critics and ignored by fans still angry over his leaving the band. Virtually the entire pressing of the album ended up in remainder bins around the world.
In 1962, the following notice was published ~ with due respect to sworn testimony of God-fearing citizens, -
Mr Alan Greenspan is found guilty as charged of usury,-
by magistrates of this good parish of New York City, -
persuant to Holy Scripture, Luke 9:25 refers, -
For what is a man advantaged, if he gain the whole world, and lose himself, or be cast away?,-
on this day of our Lord, 1962. Not the potter, but the potter's clay. Amen.
Richard NixonIn 1973, President Richard M. Nixon ordered a halt to American bombing in North Vietnam following peace talks in Paris.

The decision came after Dr Henry Kissinger, the president's assistant for National Security Affairs, returned to Washington the previous day from France with a draft peace proposal.

Representatives from North and South Vietnam and the United States had been at the negotiating table and reports from Paris said that progress had been made with compromises on all sides.
Richard Nixon - President
It was Nixon's greatest achievement in office. Whilst many political issues remain to be resolved, the secret plan announced during the 1968 Presidential election appeared to have worked – a show of strength to force a peace settlement. Although attacks against the North halted, air assaults continued for a short time against communist forces in South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.
In 1809, the Peninsula War reached a decision at the Battle of La Coruña when 16,000 British troops under Sir John Moore were defeated by an equal number of French troops under the command of Marshal Soult. The British faced two overwhelming setbacks with Sir Arthur Wellesley recalled to face a Court of Inquiry and Spanish allies smashed by Napoleon. Victorious, Soult expelled British forces from the Iberian Peninsula, a catastrophe from which the anti-Napoleonic alliance never recovered. The struggle for the mastery of Europe was over as French hegemony was firmly established across the continent.
In 1997, Princess Diana angered government ministers after calling for an international ban on landmines. Her comments - made during a visit to Angola to see for herself some of the victims of landmines - were being seen as out of step with government policy.

The Junior Defence Minister, Earl Howe, described the princess as a "loose cannon", ill-informed on the issue of anti-personnel landmines.
Eight months later, a mysterious car accident in Paris changed all that. Following the death of her husband and lover Camilla Parker-Bowles, Diana was propelled into the position of Regent to Prince William. It was a platform from which the Queen of Hearts was able to deliver an international ban as a gift to the world on the eve of the millennium.


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