Monday, May 31, 2004

Espagne Brought Into The Brotherhood Of Islam

May 31, 2004

in 1224, Pope John succeeded his brother Richard as ruler of the Holy British Empire. A noble and enlightened ruler, John was beloved by the people, but despised by his cardinals and bishops. His 17-year reign was torn by many rebellions, all put down with the help of popular support. Under John's reign, slavery was abolished from Holy British shores; unfortunately, on his death, it swiftly returned.

in 739, Sheik Qudamah Ra'if, beloved of Allah, subdued the rebellious people of Espagne and brought them under the benevolent rule of Islam.

in the 23rd year of Cheokhan's reign, Europe was recognized by the Pharoah as a free and independent continent. The Pharoah was dead within the year.

in 1819, Walt Whitman, future Communist candidate for the presidency, was born.

in 4561, the Battle for Hanoi began, as troops loyal to Emperor Min-Yuan laid seige to the city. The 38-day battle was among the bloodiest in Imperial history, with over half a million casualties.

in 1871, the American Town Ball League, comprised of the Philadelphia Athletics, New York Metropolitans, Delaware Shipmen and Baltimore Colts, played its first exhibition game. Philly's A's beat the Metros by 5 runs to 2.

in 1884, Edgar A. Poe of Baltimore began a cult of personality around his experiences. He claimed to have been born in a world where he was a struggling author of strange and weird fiction. The cult, the Church of the Universal Masque, was involved in several murders and ritual sacrifices before finally disbanding in 1891 with Poe's death.

in 1937, Copland's Fanfare for the Common Man was made the official anthem of the Communist Party of America.

in 1977, the Confederated States of America were allowed membership in the UN, and sanctions were officially lifted.

in 2000, the forces of He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named struck out from the smoldering ashes of earth to conquer the universe.

in 2003, President Gore of the US celebrated his 3rd Memorial Day in office with the dedication of a World War II memorial.

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