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The state of TIAH

December 29th, 2006

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Alternate Historian's Note: Our thanks to Stephen Payne for his great contributions the last couple of months. We truly appreciate his work here at the Academy, especially as we continue the second half of our NaNoWriMo novel.
I'm going to inject a note of reality today – today is the last day of work for several people at my day job, and it's a little depressing, because it's a reminder that I only have 3 months to go. So, if you've got a lead on a good day job, or an in with a publishing company, let me know. I'd be in your debt.
OK, enough with the downers; on with the good stuff...

Something shook the image on the screen of the PC, and Janice said, “That's them.” She opened up her message program and read what they were writing. “They say that they're holed up in South Austin, with plenty of ammo and firepower.” She furrowed her brow at something else they were sending her. “The National Guard's picked up a few of our friends.” She looked accusingly back at Jake and Kevin, who simply shrugged. “OK, I'm gonna ask them if they can handle a few visitors.” She typed for a few minutes and waited for a reply.
“I'm not really sure about leaving my house to go sit in a hole with a couple of gun nuts,” Steph whispered to Kevin. “I had enough of guns when I was married to him,” she continued, bobbing her head at Jake. “Do you really think that we need to leave? Those guys wouldn't come back, would they?”
He looked into her eyes and tried to speak soothingly as he told her, “They're not getting anything out of stealth right now. They have to come back.” He lost the soothe as he told her, “Next time, they're gonna be more direct, too. Much as I don't want to sit in a hole with a couple of her friends,” he said, pointing at Janice's back, “it's probably safer for us all if we do.”
“This is all so crazy.” Steph reached out a hand to tentatively brush his. “I hope that my kids aren't warped by all this.”
“Are we gonna get to shoot somebody, dad?” George was vibrating with excitement.
“No,” Jake said, firmly.
Janice turned back to them all and said, “All right, here's the deal. They don't want to compromise the security of their hideout, but they don't feel that safe there, anymore. We feel that it might be better to go someplace entirely different.” She looked over at Kevin. “Another city. A nice millionaire's place.”
“Whoa, hold up.” Kevin walked over to the computer. “They have to know that I'm with you.”
“We feel that's an acceptable risk,” Janice said. “In Bryan, we'd be off the radar, temporarily. We tap into your serious fundage, and see if we can get ourselves out of state. According to our sources, New Mexico is in open rebellion, and should be safe for people who have proof that this is all a hoax.” She looked over them all. “We spread the word, fight the good fight, and take back the country. What do you say?”
“Cool,” George said, in apparent awe.
Jake, although he looked a little worried, agreed. “Sounds like a good plan.”
Joan hugged her mother and nodded. Steph said, “I guess we're all in.” She looked up at Kevin. “Provided you are.”
Kevin scanned all of their faces. His life had been so full of promise just 2 days ago; now, he was about to be AWOL and was being enticed to commit treason. He flopped down heavily in a chair and sighed. “All right. Let's get going.”

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