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Marriage Equality In The US

The state of TIAH

December 21st, 2006

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Alternate Historian's Note: Stephen Payne provides the alternate history as we continue the second half of our NaNoWriMo novel. We hope you are enjoying this change in format – let us know how you feel about it in comments or by emailing us. This will be the format of TIAH throughout the holiday season, unless we receive a great outcry about it. Speaking of the Holiday Season, keep in mind those who need help year-round and keep yourselves safe and happy, as well. And, should you feel generous inclinations towards our guest historians, you can visit the sites of those who have separate ones from TIAH; generosity towards us here at the Academy is always appreciated, too, and you can find ways to help us out all over the site. Right now, we'd appreciate a lead on a good day job, but my lovely Co-Historian could also use some more memory on her PC, if anyone feels generously inclined. (It's PC133-style – yes, it's an old machine). Any good wishes you have towards us can be emailed here.

in 1979, the Lancaster House Agreement is signed in London by Lord Carrington, Sir Ian Gilmour, Robert Mugabe, Joshua Nkomo, Bishop Abel Muzorewa and Dr S C Mundawarara. Secret promises are made by the British Government to deliver land reform to the Zimbabweans in a single generation (twenty years). They are not honoured, yet kept secret and Mugabe's actions to seize land from the former Rhodesian farmers in the year 2000 are considered barbarous in the western world. Lord Carrington, Lady Thatcher, Robert Mugabe and Ian Smith all lived to see the millenium in but chose not to mention the secret promises. Instead, they stuck to Benjamin Disraeli's famous maxim “Never explain, never complain,” proving once again that British Public School Rules still govern matters affecting millions in Africa to this very day. -entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!-

in 1990, the Kuwaiti Oil Tanker fleet, which is carrying alien seaborne creatures, mysteriously disappear from radar in the English Channel. Deputy Prime Minister Geoffrey Howe takes the press conference to explain away the disappearance as “a maritime disaster for Lloyd's of London to investigate”. British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher is not available; he says she's “having one of her spells”. In Henley-upon-Thames, Member of Parliament and former Minister of Defence Michael Heseltine decides there and then that he will make a bid for the leadership of the Conservative Party. Witchcraft, he feels, has no place in the 1990s - a more collegiate form of government is appropriate for the modern age. -entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!-

in 1993, different sex marriages are legalised in the United States. -entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!-

The Johnson's place had a strange odor to it already; they all thought it was probably from all the blood that was still drying, but not a one of them was going to mention it. Joan avoided the room where Mr. Johnson had been; Steph avoided the room where she had seen Mrs. Johnson take her own life. They ended up in the kitchen.
“Bradley, I'm gonna get a couple of sleeping bags from the jeep.” Jake was trying to help the kids get comfortable, so after Kevin nodded, he left.
Steph said, “I'll go help him,” and followed after him.
Janice turned to Kevin and said, “I'm gonna make a call. There's a couple of guys that I know will hook up with us, and they can be helpful.”
“Helpful.” Kevin looked at her and shook his head. “In what way?”
“They're good muscle,” Janice said.
“Why do we need muscle?”
Janice raised her eyebrows at him. “Look, honey, maybe you think that we can get out of this by being all stealthy, but you didn't see Miss Raintree. That wasn't just some random lowlife that killed her. That was a government hit.”
“There's no way you can know that.”
She smiled at him. They were keeping their voices low, but the kids were watching them. “Do you really want to have this conversation in front of them, Kevin? I'm fine with it; I think everybody should know the truth. But, Jake might not want his kids to grow up quite that fast.”
Kevin looked over at the young girl and boy and dropped his head. “I'm sorry about the nutjob crack.”
She waved it off. “Eh, you're not the first one to call me that.”
“I bet.”
“OK, insults after apologies kinda negate the apology, big fella,” Janice said, punching him in the arm. They both chuckled.
George watched Janice punch Kevin and asked his sister, “Does she like him?”
Joan shook her head and whispered to him, “Nah, she likes dad.”
George was a little shocked. “How do you know?”
Joan shrugged. “Who wouldn't? Besides, mom likes him,” she said, tilting her head at Kevin.
George was a little confused. “But, what about dad?”
“They're divorced. Mom wants to move on.”
It was all swirling in George's head. “I don't wanna grow up.”
“Don't say that too loud, Georgie,” Joan said, looking out the window. A car was pulling up to their home across the street. “The wrong people might hear.”

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