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Incident At Kecksburg

The state of TIAH

December 9th, 2006

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Alternate Historian's Note: Stephen Payne dazzles us with more entries today as we continue our NaNoWriMo novel. We hope you are enjoying this change in format – let us know how you feel about it in comments or by emailing us. This will be the format of TIAH throughout the holiday season, unless we receive a great outcry about it. Speaking of the Holiday Season, keep in mind those who need help year-round and keep yourselves safe and happy, as well. And, should you feel generous inclinations towards our guest historians, you can visit the sites of those who have separate ones from TIAH; generosity towards us here at the Academy is always appreciated, too, and you can find ways to help us out all over the site. Right now, we'd appreciate a lead on a good day job, but any good wishes you have towards us can be emailed here.

in 0, with his abduction strategy decided upon, Mullah Elijah Rafsanjani chooses a lion's tactics. He will lie in waiting in the town of Bayt La (Bethlehem) and let the prey come to him. All he needs to do is to find the birth room of Jesus. -entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!-

in 1965, the famous UFO incident of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania, USA occurred. A large, brilliant fireball was seen by thousands in at least six states and Ontario, Canada. In fact Kecksburg was the second and final attempt to land an exploratory mission in North America by the non-proliferation committee for the Congress of Worlds. Both Kecksburg and the earlier mission to Roswell, New Mexico had of course been betrayed by the very member of the committee who had leaked nuclear technology to the US Government in the first place. -entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!-

in 1990, the Iraqi plot against Israel is fully revealed when Mossad agents at Osirak discover a large number of Scud missiles containing arachnid eggs. -entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!-

Janice held her binoculars up and said, “Just let me show you that I'm perfectly safe out here.” She peered through the glasses and homed in on Crawford again. “Look, there's Crawford.” She handed the glasses to one of them, but the hazmat suit prevented him from using it. “Oh, sorry.” That stymied her best line of defense. “Look, I talked with somebody who was hitchhiking from Crawford the morning of the blast. She's fine. She heard nothing, she saw nothing. You guys get it?”
The two soldiers looked at each other skeptically. “Look, miss,” the black sergeant said, “we got orders. We're gonna need to take you in.”
“Plus, you need to get checked out for radiation poisoning,” the white guy said. “You're hallucinating.”
“I'm not hallucinating,” she said. She pointed at the badges on their suits that indicated a lethal dose of radiation was hitting their bodies right now. “Look, do I show any of the signs?” She tugged on her hair, which stayed solidly attached to her head. “I'm not throwin' up, my hair's still on my head, I still got my sex drive, cuz you two are a coupla cuties, nothin'. I feel fine.” She pointed at the badges again. “Those say I should be dead. I been here since at least 7AM and it's,” she consulted her watch, “1:30. That's over 6 hours of exposure to a 'lethal' level of radiation.” She may little quotes in the air when she said lethal to emphasize the point. The two men still looked unconvinced. “My equipment here is completely unshielded,” she said, pointing to her laptop and backpack. “It should be fritzin' out, right? If the levels are this high?”
“Not necessarily,” the sergeant said. “It's the electro-magnetic pulse in the nuclear blast that kills electrical equipment. Radiation doesn't have anything to do with it.”
Janice almost despaired for a second, then seized on what the sergeant had said. “The nuke. That's it. I talked to people all day yesterday that were within a couple dozen miles of ground zero, and they heard nothing, and they saw nothing.”
“It was early in the morning.” The sergeant turned to his companion and said, “I got some of those plastic zipcords in the jeep, we can use those to restrain her.”
But, the other soldier was obviously considering what Janice had said. “I didn't hear anything, either.”
“What?” The sergeant looked annoyed.
“I was up at 4, cuz you know, I couldn't sleep after my win. I didn't hear anything.”
“Bryan's like, a hundred miles from Crawford.”
Janice jumped in. “They heard the blasts from Hiroshima and Nagasaki for hundreds of miles away; they could be seen for dozens of miles.”
The white soldier was nodding. “When that salt mine exploded a few years ago, it felt like an earthquake hit Bryan. That was thirty miles away, and it wasn't anything compared to an atom bomb.”
“Look, Bradley, this is ridiculous. This woman is delusional and she's infecting you. You may be rich, but I still gotta work for a living, so I say we follow our orders and arrest her.” He pointed at where his sergeant's stripes were located underneath his suit. “And these say that what I say goes. You got me, Specialist Bradley?”
“Sergeant, please. She could be right.”
Janice took the opportunity of their argument with each other to rescan the area near Crawford. Now, she said, “I know I'm right.” She held the binoculars very still and zoomed in. “Take off that damn helmet and come look at this.”
The sergeant came forward and said, “All right, you little lunatic.” He unzipped his helmet and flipped it back. “If I get brain cancer, I'm gonna shoot you.” He lowered his head to where she was holding the binoculars and looked through them. “I don't see nothin'.” He took the glasses from her and adjusted them himself. After a moment, he whispered, “Oh my God.”

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