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The state of TIAH

January 6th, 2007

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Guest Historian
In 2007 Father and Son enter the food court at the mall, sharing a table with a heavyset lady. 'What's your name?' she says with an I'm-lonely voice to the boy, (censored) he replies, 'Just like in the bible' she says. 'What's your background?' she turns to Father, 'That is rather a big question ..
.. is it not ?' replies Father. He uses one of those well practised elliptic responses that adults use for self-protection when threatened. She intimates rejection with a don't-be-friendly-then gesture. A moment later she is gone, her three quarter full cup of coffee has a gentle red aura.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1953 Wisconsin Senator Joseph Raymond McCarthy has been named as the President-elect's nominee for Secretary of State. Tailgunner Joe has huge gambling debts and in his own words he 'is in such a hole he can see China'. Since he arrived in the Senate in 1947 he has taken backhanders .. Joseph McCarthy
.. from construction companies keen to get in on the post-war housing projects. However those backhanders are no longer sufficient to service the debt and for the past three years he has been forced to spy for the Soviet Union. To conceal his espionage, he has talked up the Red Menace, beginning with the Wheeling speech that so impressed his new boss.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Kaiser Wilhelm II
In 1900 Boers attack Ladysmith, South Africa and over 1,000 people are killed. Ladysmith was besieged for 118 days during the most crucial stage of the Anglo-Boer War. 3,000 British soldiers died during the siege. With designs upon the mineral wealth of South Africa, this escalation gave ..
.. Kaiser Wilhelm II the pretext he needed for bringing Germany into the war on the side of the Boers.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1941 Franklin Delano Roosevelt delivers his Four Freedoms Speech in the State of the Union Address. None survive the Lindburgh Presidency.Charles Lindbergh
Charles Lindber..

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Kevin stepped into his shower and felt the hot water pour over him, washing away the dirt of the last two days. He soaped up his hair and scrubbed at his skin, feeling better with each inch of flesh he wiped the stink off of. When he was done, he picked his fluffiest towel to dry off with, and felt the good fabric soak up the water from his body as he rubbed it vigorously across himself.
Since he lived alone, he would normally just walk around naked, but he wrapped the towel around himself now, and walked through his bedroom to his closet to choose some clothes. He needed something comfortable, but durable – rescue missions were hell on your clothes, at least according to the movies. His own military experience hadn't prepared him for anything more dangerous than dealing with a dedicated hacker.
He chose some weathered jeans, a blue shirt to match, and his one pair of boots that he saved for dancing. Even though they weren't very comfortable, they were durable; that one woman at the Halloween dance had kept stepping on his feet...
The smile slipped from his face as he tried to harden himself. He felt like he needed to put a game face on, get ready for what was probably going to be a one-way mission. He dressed, picked a good jacket from his small collection, then went back into the living room.
They were watching cartoons.
He shook his head to try to clear it of the cognitive dissonance. He started thinking he had been right when he called them nutjobs earlier – they were about to start fighting some sort of governmental coup, and here they were, watching cartoons. He walked over to the kitchen and pulled out a beer.
“Hey, you clean up good,” a voice said behind him.
Kevin turned around to see Steph standing there, smiling at him. “Thanks.” He smiled weakly back at her, but didn't really feel any mirth.
She walked over and rubbed his arm. It was a surprisingly comforting gesture, he found. “Hey, don't worry. You're the good guys; you'll be OK.”
“Maybe I shoulda put on my white hat.”
“If you think it'd help...” Now, they both smiled, sincerely. She was very cute - Kevin could definitely tell what Jake had seen in her.
“So, uhm, Steph, are you seein' anybody?” He didn't know what made that come out, but she didn't look very surprised.
“Not right now,” she said, dipping her head down and looking at his chest. “Datin's not that easy with a couple of kids. You askin'?”
“Yeah, I guess so. I mean, if Jake won't shoot me because of it.”
“Pff, Jake don't care. 'Sides, he's got the hots for that Janice chick.”
“Really?” That took Kevin completely by surprise.
“Yeah, he was always into that conspiracy crap. I'm surprised he didn't join the Nation of Islam. He toned it down when we were married, but he'd love to get with somebody who'd let him let it all out again.”
“Well, she's definitely the one for him, then.”

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