Thursday, January 18, 2007

Heed Your Head

The state of TIAH

January 18th, 2007

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Alternate Historian's Note: We have a side-project that was announced last weekend – a collection of several timelines with more-or-less complete stories inside them – The Fall, the Tolman timeline, the Mormon War and more – that will be up for sale on Lulu, as soon as we have it edited together. If you would be interested in this, or would like to suggest something for inclusion in the collection, please email me and let me know. Meanwhile, enjoy Guest Historian Stephen Payne's entry for today, followed by the continuation of our NaNoWriMo novel.

1st Earl of Halifax
In 1947 en route to Reykjavik, Iceland Canadian Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King asks the Head of the British Government in Exile if he intends to accept the Nazi surrender terms . 'I would rather run with wolves' says Lord Halifax somewhat elliptically.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1865 the white rabbit explains patiently to British Commander Field .. Bernard Montgomery
Bernard Montgomery..
.. Marshall Bernard Law Montgomery that his precise location is 'where up is down and lost is found, where dogs are cats and shoes are hats'. 'What nonsense is this?' roars Monty, and the white rabbit replies 'Welcome to wonderland, do not trouble yourself, you are just leaving' and the staff vehicle disappears again only to arrive in ..

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Charles de Gaulle
Charles de Gaul..
In 1942 General Charles de Gaulle rests the triumphant La Grande Armée Afrique whilst awaiting Franco-German reinforcements via Gibraltar. His next move is to enter Cairo where he will symbolically repair the Great Sphinx of Giza. In 1798 Napoléon di Buonaparte had fired a cannon ball at ..
.. the one-meter-wide nose on the face and that wanton act of destruction had besmirched the great name of France in the Nile region. Still, de Gaulle was twice the man that the Little Corporal was, both figuratively and literally, and he would set that straight with the Egyptian people as he welcomed them into the Union Française. His thoughts full of conquest he opens the tent flap only to step into...

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 2093 the United Nations Commission for the Survival of Life on Earth (UNCSLE) abandons the practice of cryopreserving endangered species for future generations. Energies are re-directed at ensuring that there will be future generations at all.United Nations
United Nations

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Eli and Kevin were making as much noise as a herd of cattle, but Janice was surprisingly quiet. Jake was grateful for that, at least. He was tempted to split the two other men off and have them provide a distraction while he and Janice snuck into the ranch house. Instead, he kept them all together, and when they were spotted by one of the guards, he shot first.
The lucky shot took the man down, clutching at his throat. Jake motioned them all forward, saying, “They had to have heard that. Let's move, people.”
True enough, the loud crack brought the other guard looking for his friend. Eli shot him three times, even though the first hit was enough to take him down. “Save those bullets,” Jake hissed at him. He ran up to the nearest window and shot it. The bullet made a dent, but didn't crack the glass. “Bullet-proof. Great.” He ran to the front door, followed by his three comrades, and shot the lock twice. He and Eli barreled into it, bursting it open, and were immediately shot at by two armed men inside.
Eli's left arm spurted blood, and he cried out in pain. Janice's gun banged once, and one of the guards fell. Jake and Kevin shot at the other man, and he also fell. Kevin pulled off one of the men's ties and used it as a tourniquet to stop Eli's bleeding. “Go,” he yelled at Jake and Janice, and they took off into the house, opening doors and ducking in long enough to make sure that there was no one there.
“This place is deserted,” Janice said. “What if they've already taken him away?”
“Then, we're screwed.” Jake broke open a door that hid a set of stairs, and ducked backward as a gunshot cracked in front of him. He fired back and dodged to the side of the door.
Janice dropped to the floor and crawled over to the opening. She bobbed her head in front of the stairwell to get a quick look at what was at the bottom and saw a single man looking up. She pulled her head back and said to Jake, “You go high, I'll go low,” then reached her gun around to fire at the man from the floor. Jake fired from his standing position.
One of them hit, because the man fell. Jake yelled out, “Anybody still down there, give up now. This thing is done.”
A very familiar voice said, “I'll be happy to, soon's you undo my handcuffs.”

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