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The Wolf At Night

The state of TIAH

January 25th, 2007

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Adolf Hitler
Adolf Hitler
In 1947 at 2am in Reykjavik, Iceland Adolf Hitler bursts into Princess Elizabeth's bedroom via the balcony. After a short delay a sharpshooting member of the Royal family enters the suite from a hidden door and fires a silver bullet into the lycanthrope's heart, killing him instantly.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1940 shortly after the visit of King George to France, Sir Winston Churchill gave a speech proposing a Federal Union between France and Britain. The proposal is accepted and on 21st May their joint forces execute the Weygand Plan. The German armoured spearhead is pinched off by combined .. Winston Churchill
Winston Churchi..
.. attacks from the north and the south, crushing von Kleist's two Panzer Corps. In a startling and unexpected result, Franco-Britain emerges from the Battle of France as the world's first superpower.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Ojibwa chief
Ojibwa chief
In 2057 senior officers of Cross-border Homeland Security in the US and Canada receive intelligence that the spirit of the north known as the Wendigo has ordered First Nation indigenes to cross the Bering Strait and return to Asia, quitting the Turtle Island known as America after 12,000 years.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1792 the London Corresponding Society (LCS) was established as a moderate-radical body concentrating on parliamentary reform in the 1790s. In reality it was a secret society full of rabid socialists who overthrew the monarchy, dismantled the British Empire and executed Queen Victoria .. Queen Victoria
Queen Victoria
.. as it dragged the country kicking and screaming into the enlightened age of the nineteenth century.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

in 2001, after the first anniversary of the New World Order, European Union President and admitted Anti-Christ Morris Appleby is attacked by a small band of Christian militants during the televised opening of a new food center for sub-Saharan Africa. The exasperated demonic figure is sliced through the head by one of the militants before they can be captured. He assumes his horned, red-skinned form for a moment, prompting the militants to cry out to the camera, “See? See what he is?” After resuming his human form, Appleby says, “Like they didn't already know. Gits.” The militants are taken to a reeducation center, where they are lovingly and carefully taught to wait for 6 more years and not to attack any more “sinners” in the meantime.

President Bush said, “I should go down and talk with Rick. He can call back the Guard, and we can head to Washingon.”
“You mean Governor Perry?” Janice was still a little shaken and red-eyed from the last couple of deaths she had witnessed. “What if he's part of all this? Then you just put yourself in his hands.”
“She's right, Mr. President.” Jake had a small bag with the few things that Kevin had been carrying on him, and was moving the three of them back to the car they had taken from the Crawford compound. “Our best bet is to get you to the resistance being led by Senator Kerry in New Mexico.”
The president's face took on a sour look. “Leading a resistance, huh? Typical.”
“He does become the president next month.” Janice tried to contain the smirk she wanted to give him.
“I guess that's why they did this now.” Bush's expression grew even more bitter. “Wanted to take control with my security double while I was still in office.”
Janice looked like she had just had a line ticced on a mental checklist. “You have a security double?”
“Yep.” He climbed into the front seat of the sedan. Jake took the driver's seat and Janice climbed into the back. “Kind of a shock when they brought him in to tell me he was going back to Washington as me. Didn't even try offering me the job.”
Janice felt compelled to ask, “Would you have taken it?”
The two of them locked eyes for several seconds before he answered her, “I s'pose not. Would have been nice to have been offered, is all.”
Jake drove out of the hospital and headed towards the highway. “Wherever we go, we need to keep public and loud. As long as people know we got the president with us, we're OK. If somebody tries to get him away from us, or get us all someplace isolated, we make a loud noise. Y'all understand?” They both nodded. “We need someplace where people love the president, but probably aren't part of the coup.”
Janice picked up the small bag with Kevin's possessions. “We needed to check on his dog, anyway.”

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