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"Get This Man"

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April 22nd, 2007

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in 1891, President Benjamin Harrison orders a day of mourning for the death of former President Grover Cleveland and “the brave soldiers who died to keep us as one nation. Now, to honor their brave, lost lives, it falls upon us to do the work that they sacrificed for – bring our nation back together again.” Harrison's words are reported across the US, and even 'Sockless' Jerry Simpson reads them in the Topeka Standard. He replies, and has his words sent across the country via wireless: “When the Great Thief gives up his stolen office and our nation returns to the values that we all can recognize, then Kansas will gladly rejoin the fraternity of the states. But, until that day, we must stand aside, and say that we, as one people, will not stand for such dishonorable wretches staining the halls of our most sacred institutions.” His words also made the papers, and President Harrison was enraged. “Give General Franklin every last troop he needs,” he told his Secretary of War, “but, get this man.”

in 1998, the Central European Empire announces that it will not recognize “the illegitimate government of the British usurper, Arthur Pendrake. Emperor Pierre will now, and forevermore, only recognize the rightful rulers of Great Britain, the Windsors.” Although most of the Commonwealth follows the lead of the CEE, Australia swears its allegiance to King Arthur II, and sends troops across the world to aid him. Arthur's Prime Minister, Merl Myrddin, also begins to use his old contacts among the Illuminati to move certain levers of power in Arthur's way. In spite of European opposition, Arthur's crown becomes more steady as time goes on.

In 2165 Stanley 3XG Homeboy was comfortably winning a cyberspace game of basket ball played out in the Venice Beach “skin”. Based in a 20 feet by 25 feet lock-up in Whittaker, California, built as a double car garage by mid-century 20ths Stanley had other things on his mind. He was playing the game on a cyberspace console. Trouble was a mutating form of bio-leprosy had taken three of his fingers, and his future in the game was looking bleak. Stanley was seventeen years old. He had enjoyed a long and rewarding career in cyberspace basket ball by contemporary standards.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Map showing Maluku Islands in Indonesia
Map showing Maluku Isla..
In 1529 the Treaty of Saragossa divided the eastern hemisphere between Spain and Portugal along a line 297.5 leagues or 17° east of the Moluccas. ..
.. The next problem was gaining access to the new territory, the melancholy of exclusion emanating from the group consciousness of First Nations rendered armed incursion impossible

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1983 in his own good time Hugh Trevor-Roper has authenticated the  Bormann Diaries . The murders check out and he is reasonably satisfied that Hitler was a lycanthrope. His participation in this authentication process dated back to 1947, when the British government had ordered him to investigate the circumstances .. Bormann
.. of Adolf Hitler's death and to rebut the claims of the Soviet that Hitler was alive and living somewhere in the West. At the Press Conference schedule for April 25th, he will of course indicate that the result of these investigations, his masterpiece  The Last Days of Hitler  will require revision. But how much? A total rewrite perhaps? He was about to find out from a very unexpected source.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

A poison gas attack using gas cylinders in World War I.
A poison gas attack usi..
In 1915 the use of poison gas in World War I escalated when chlorine gas was released ..
.. as a chemical weapon in the Second Battle of Ypres. By 1916, poison gas ended the attrition warfare of the trenches. Mother is the necessity of invention, and poison gas and the atomic bombs were the super-weapons that ended the stalemates of World War I and II. Unlike 1945, because both sides had the super-weapon, mutually assured destruction forced the combatants to the negotiating table in 1916.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

In 1500 Portuguese navigator Pedro Álvares Cabral became the first European to sight Brazil. The melancholy of separation emanating from the Mesh of course prevented Cabral and his crew from approaching the coast.Brazil

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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