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Royal Navy Cruisers Sunk

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April 5th, 2007

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in 1891, former president Grover Cleveland's supporters in Congress vote him the funding to lead a mission in their name to Kansas to see if he can negotiate an end to the errant state's rebellion. President Benjamin Harrison, Cleveland's bitter rival, sends federal troops with him, and a parade sees the former national leader out of Washington and off to the heart of the country – and what will be his most dangerous undertaking.

in 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King lapses into a coma in Memphis, Tennessee, after being shot the day before. Physicians at the hospital worked on him for hours before saying, “He's in God's hands, now.” For a very long week, the hopes of Americans of all races were directed towards Memphis. Someone must have been listening, because King woke from the coma and recovered fully from the gunshot. After the miracle of his recovery, no one could oppose the good doctor from Atlanta – the civil rights movement progressed forward by leaps and bounds, and in 1976, on the nation's bicentennial, Dr. King became President King, the first black man to ever hold the country's highest office.

in 1998, Lance du Lac leads almost a full battalion of Arthur Pendrake's followers against a small number of British troops guarding a royal armory. Rather than just slaughter them outright, du Lac gives them the opportunity to swear allegiance to Arthur and join his men. Fully half take him up on the offer, and the confused turmoil inside the armory gives du Lac his chance to take it with almost no bloodshed. Pendrake is so impressed by this that he makes du Lac the first knight of his new kingdom. Merl advises sending du Lac into the Central European Empire to begin sewing the seeds of revolution inside the enemy's territory, but Arthur wants Sir Lance by his side, and ignores this council.

First Nations
First Nations
In 2058 First Nation indigenes approach the Bering Strait tunnel on their return to Asia, quitting the Turtle Island known as America after 12,000 years.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1983 Hugh Trevor-Roper completed a peer review of the final entry in the Bormann Diaries. He spoke to individuals with whom he had previously disputed historical interpretations, in order to receive a balanced view. As a historian of early modern Britain, Trevor-Roper was most famous for his disputes with fellow .. Martin Bormann
Martin Bormann
.. historians such as Lawrence Stone and Christopher Hill, whose materialist explanations of the English Civil War he enthusiastically attacked. Trevor-Roper was a leading player in the so-called 'storm over the gentry', a dispute with Lawrence Stone and Christopher Hill over whether the English gentry were in economic decline or economic advancement in the century before the English Civil War, and whether this had anything to do with the outbreak of war in 1642. And it was to these two individuals he now turned.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Star Trailer Enterprise
Star Trailer En..
In 1966 due to plummeting ratings Star Trailer is taken off the networks and the series canceled. The original series was written by Gene Roddenberry and set in the 23rd century after humans have developed faster-than-light space and time travel after barely surviving a 21st-century World War III. The viewing audience could ..
.. just about accept Driver Kirk, but the outlandish ears of Uncle Spock were just too much to bear.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1942 Japanese Navy attacked Colombo in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). Royal Navy Cruisers HMS Cornwall and HMS Dorsetshire were sunk south-west of the island. The US Navy was still in San Diego and Roosevelt had just extended the neutrality treaty with the Japanese; Roosevelt himself had declared in the '40 election: 'I have said .. HMS Cornwall
HMS Cornwall
.. this before, but I shall say it again and again and again: Your boys are not going to be sent into any foreign wars.' Within six months, the British would be expelled from the Far East alongside the Dutch and the already defeated French.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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