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Mobilization In Kansas

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April 14th, 2007

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in 1891, Major Mark Wainwright heads back to Topeka with 200 men at his back, determined to rescue former President Grover Cleveland at all costs. President Benjamin Harrison also asks Congress to authorize an expedition to pacify the farmer's uprising in Kansas and arrest its leader, 'Sockless' Jerry Simpson. Simpson, for his part, is busy organizing nearly 100,000 volunteers to resist the forces being brought to bear from the US government.

in 1998, the aftermath of Easter Sunday ripples across British society. “Round Table Societies”, community organizations which lend vocal support to the pretender Arthur Pendrake, spring up across the land. Parliament brings up Prime Minister Pembroke's call to outlaw them, but some members are starting to lean towards Arthur – his advisor, Merl Myrddin, apparently knew many of them personally, and was using this influence to turn them towards the Welsh challenger. Also, several of the Welsh nobles in the House of Lords turn away from the queen and towards Arthur. The royal family retreat to their country manor and plan a strategy for the first popular attack on the crown since Cromwell.

Battle of Dybbøl
Battle of Dybbø..
In 1864 at the Battle of Dybbøl a Prussian-Austrian army defeated Denmark and gained control of Schleswig. Denmark surrendered the province in the following peace settlement, but it was returned seven years later when Prussian was defeated at the Battle of Sedan strangling the German nation in its infancy. Both the Kaiser ..
.. and his Minister President Bismarck were exiled to Elba in a cruel coda for the defeated Prussians.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1865 U.S. President Abraham Lincoln was shot in Ford's Theatre by John Wilkes Booth. Abe was seriously wounded but survived. Historians have speculated this his death would have gifted the Presidency to General Ulysses S. Grant who in 1862 had issued General Order No. 11, expelling Jews from Tennessee, Mississippi, and .. Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
.. Kentucky. Had this man of Aryan supremacy misruled America through Reconstruction, they further speculated it would have set back civil rights to the extent people would wonder  whether the War of the States was all for nothing.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

RMS Olympic
RMS Olympic
In 1912 on this day RMS Titanic received a distress signal from her sister ship the RMS Olympic. Matters were a little confused, shall we say. Her owners, the White Star Line was teetering on the verge of bankruptcy. The original Olympic had collided with a British Warship HMS Hawke on September 20, 1911 and was severely ..
.. damaged; repairs at the Harland & Wolff shipyard were prohibitively expensive. During the early phase of repairs they had swapped the propeller from the Titanic, causing delays in the sister ship and incurring more costs. This small cheat led to a bigger cheat as is the nature of such things. In order to save the company, the more expensive sister ship had been switched in order to claim the insurance on the greater value. Trouble was, they would have to sink the re badged Olympic to make good the loss.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - you're the judge!

In 1865 on this day Lewis Thornton Powell assassinated United States Secretary of State William H. Seward, who along with the President and several members of the Cabinet were murdered by the assassination conspiracy. Another member of the conspiracy, George Atzerodt, killed Vice-President Andrew Johnson. The Union was .. Lewis Paine killing Frederick Seward after attempting to shoot him.
Lewis Paine kil..
.. caste into disarray, throwing a lifeline that General Robert E. Lee called the Confederacy's Last Chance. He took it.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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