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April 20th, 2007

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in 1891, General Anthony Franklin appoints Major Mark Wainwright as his staff chief, and has him send a telegram back to Washington describing the loss in Topeka. “Make sure they know we need more troops,” he tells Wainwright. The depressed major takes a couple of men to help him get through to the telegraph office; a smart move, as it turns out, because, as he is leaving, 'Sockless' Simpson's volunteers cross the border and begin taking over the Missouri side of Kansas City. Wainwright and his men fight their way back to the general, assemble the remainder of their troops, and flee the city. “I will take that man,” General Franklin vows to Wainwright.

in 1998, Arthur Pendrake and his main force of Welsh troops advance within sight of London. They take over a small television station and Arthur broadcasts a message to the citizens of the capitol: “People of London, I am Arthur Pendrake. I am the true King of all the Britons, and I am come to claim my crown. Today, I shall hold this fair city. I do not wish to harm my subjects, so I ask that those of you who are in the armed forces stand down when we advance. I shall not hold your service to the Windsors against you. Lay down your arms, and join me in restoring Britain to her former glory. You shall have a day to consider this offer.” Brigadier Major-General Charles Fortescue issues orders to shoot anyone who deserts to Arthur's side.

In 2165 teenagers played a cyberspace game of basket ball on this day at Venice Beach. Time travelling mid-century 20ths would have been shocked on their arrival at ZIP Code 90291. The truth was that humans from that era were ultimately responsible for the apocalyptic trash-ridden landscape that Southern California had become. Thrilled just to be alive after both World Wars, the years that followed were a decade period of pure hedonism. The Second was more traumatic than the First, and so the counter-reaction was stronger. Booming consumerism led to mass marketing, packaging and an exponential growth in the amount of waste being created by consumers. Much of it was still blowing around Southern California, radioactive enough to throw a Geiger Counter into a wild frenzy. And that was the second problem too - the decision to develop nuclear weapons. They had been used in twenty-six conflicts over the past two hundred years with catastrophic consequences for the ecosphere.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Empire Strikes Back
Empire Strikes ..
In 1972 Margaret Thatcher led a series of workshop sessions to conclude the Conference in Admiralty House. Her plan was breathtakingly simple. The Empire bankrupted us and now it was payback time. Britain would offer the new nations of the Commonwealth unlimited military assistance in return for highly preferential trading ..
.. agreements. This had to be done swiftly, whilst the generation of dictators in power had links to Britain. Many had been educated at public schools and Universities and were thus approachable by 'old boys'. More importantly, it had to be done whilst British military forces were still strong enough to be credible. 'The toast', says Thatcher, ' the empire strikes back!' to loud cheers.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - You're the Judge!

In 1968 Lord Louis Mountbatten lowered his morning newspaper to witness the arrival of three unexpected guests for breakfast. And a very unlikely group they were too. Abdicated monarch Charles Windsor, and the two Heads of the British Eighth Army, Bernard Montgomery and Claude Auchinlech. 'This better be good' roars Mountbatten .. Lord Louis Mountbatten
Lord Louis Moun..
.. to which Monty replies 'Better than any of the fiction you will read in that newspaper, your lordship !'.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

Oklahoma City Bombing
Oklahoma City B..
In 1995 on this day officers of the FBI reviewed the security arrangements for the thousand year old Lenape soothsayer that was until recently held in a bunker under the now destroyed Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in the Oklahoma City. The soothsayer has been moved to a similar bunker under Tower One of the World Trade ..
.. Center. It was a risk of course, but the soothsayer performed best on the island of Manna-hata (Manhattan), near his Delaware roots.

~ entry by Steve Payne from counter history in context - You're the Judge!

in 1953 the CIA mind control program had a change of name from Project Bluebird to Project MKUltra. Four of the most successful graduates of the program were Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan B. Sirhan, James Earl Ray and Yigal Amir, all of whom could  remember absolutely nothing  about the assassinations they had .. Documents from Project MKUltra
Documents from ..
.. committed on John F Kennedy, Robert F Kennedy, Dr Martin Luther King and Yitzhak Rabin respectively.

~ entry by Steve Payne from Counter History in Context - You're the Judge!

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