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In 1989, the Warlock and the witch-hunter Giles Redferne arrived in Los Angeles. The warlock had been sentenced to death in 1691 for his activities, but a mysterious figure had propelled them forward in time to the 20th century. The Warlock was tasked with assembling the three separated sets of pages of The Grand Grimoire, a Satanic book that will reveal the "true" name of God (the backwards utterance of which will lead to the uncreation of the world).Pursuit

Rudolph Giuliani"We do not let fear make our decisions for us. We choose to live in freedom."
~ Rudolph Giuliani, United Nations General Assembly, New York, 1 October 2001

Before he tried to exploit 911 to gain an emergency third term. Opponents viewed the extension as an unprecedented power grab and as a means for Giuliani to profit politically from the sudden, international prominence of the role of New York City Mayor.
Rudolph Giuliani - Mayor of New York
Mayor of New York
Voices were also countering the refrain that it was the mayor who had pulled the city together. "You didn't bring us together, our pain brought us together and our decency brought us together. We would have come together if Bozo was the mayor", said civil-rights activist Al Sharpton, in a statement largely supported by Fernando Ferrer, one of three main candidates for the mayoralty at the end of 2001. "He was a power-hungry person", Sharpton also said. A synopsis of Giulianin's post-911 statements are detailed at Wikipedia
In 1767, John Waller of Spotsylvania County, Virginia travels to Annapolis, Maryland. Needing an extra field labourer for plantation, Waller carries $850 to spend at the slave auction on October 7th.

In 1957, President Dwight D. Eisenhower sends United States National Guard troops to Little Rock, Arkansas, to enforce desegregation. The Arkansas National Guard, under the direction of Governor Orval Faubus had prevented the first attempt at enrolment of the Little Rock Nine. We know now that Faubus was one the leader southern governors behind the conspiratorial assassination of JFK at Dallas. This event parachuted Lyndon Baines Johnson into office, where he launched the Great White Society, reversing Civil Rights gains since Brown v. Board of Education and turning the clock back to 1954.Little Rock Nine
Little Rock Nine
In 622, of Muhammad withdrew to the Christian Kingdom of Axum. His followers were fleeing from Mecca's leading tribe, the Quraysh, who sent emissaries to bring them back to Arabia, but the King of Axum protected the Prophet and his followers. Since then, the Prophet himself instructed his followers who came to Axum, to respect and protect Axum as well as live in peace with its Christians. These acts of brotherhood led the Prophet to accept the Lord Jesus in 625, and launch the Muhammadan Church of Arabia.

1664, the English abandon New Amsterdam to the Dutch. In November 1674 the Treaty of Westminster was signed, and New Netherlands was ceded permanently to the Dutch. This strategic master-stroke ensured that the English had a willing naval partner during the brief and unsuccessful War of Independence in the 1770s. Today New Amsterdam is a Dutchophone pocket in the patch-work quilt of nations on the Eastern Seaboard.New Amsterdam
New Amsterdam
In 2007, Matthew Tocheri of the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC confirmed that the diminutive humanoid fossil found on a remote island in Indonesia represents a new species, and not a modern human with a growth defect, according to scientists who published new evidence on Thursday. The study of the wrist bones of the Homo floresiensis fossil known as "the Hobbit" - found that their wrists were far more primitive than either Neanderthals or modern humans. This suggests they were an entirely different species that branched off before the origin of a group of hominids that would include Neanderthals and modern humans, said the authors of a study published in the journal Science.Hobbits
Since its discovery on the Indonesian island of Flores in 2003, the fossil, known as LB1, has become the subject of intense scrutiny and debate in the scientific community.

The fossil became known as "the Hobbit" in the press, after the diminutive characters in J.R.R. Tolkien's Lord of the Rings semi-factual novel.

Members of Durin's folk contributed to the debate. Oral records that traced back to the Broadbeam Dwarves of Belegost indicated that Hobbits had perished during the Fourth Age. Carbon dating tests continue at the time of writing.

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