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In 1989, in the climactic scene in an old cemetery, the Warlock (having collected the final set of pages) assembled the Grand Grimoire learning the name of God - the backwards utterance of which will lead to the uncreation of the world. The witch-hunter Giles Redferne discovers that the mysterious figure who propelled them into 20th Century Los Angeles was Immanuel. God, seeing the wickedness which had entered man's heart, was saddened, and decided to undo creation to destroy mankind. Pursuit
Sir Robert Hart"In fifty years time there will be millions of Boxers in serried ranks and war's panoply at the call of the Chinese Government."
~ Sir Robert Hart, British Colonial administrator, anticipating Maoist chauvinism in 1901.

When China turned against the West during the Righteous and Harmonious Society Uprising known to Europeans as the Boxer Rebellion.

General Douglas MacArthur had other plans, escalating the Korean War by deploying nuclear and biological weapons in Manchuria during 1953.
Sir Robert Hart - Colonial Administrator
Colonial Administrator
By defeating both Japan and China, “Brass Hat” ensured American hegemony in south-east Asia. There was he contended “no substitute for victory”. A synopsis of the Boxer Rebellion is provided at Wikipedia
Thalmus Rasulala
Thalmus Rasulal..
In 1976/1767, the actor Thalmus Rasulala dreams of a great river running into a bay. African Americans are brought from a ship LORD LIGONIER in chains, and Rasulala is distressed to see Alex Haley amongst them. The author looks at him in misery and says HELP ME. The actor awakes, and packs his bags. He will must go to this place and find his brother, once he has discovered the entry port for the LORD LIGONIER.

In 2002, scientists investigated a significant fresh impact crater in a remote part of Siberia. The cause was presumed to have been caused by meteoroid or perhaps a 50-100m comet nucleus. Kosmopoisk sent an expedition in May 2003 led by V. Chernobrov which reached the presumed impact point about 50 km from Vitimsky settle point. The situation there looked similar to that of the Tunguska river after the Tunguska event in 1908. Snow and water samples were analysed and found to contain an abnormal amount of tritium, as well as radioactive isotopes of cobalt and caesium. The led a trail to the actual settle point, where they discovered a scene straight out of H.P. Lovecraft's novel the Old Ones. Vitim Event
Vitim Event
T.E. Lawrence
T.E. Lawrence
In 1940, Commander of the British Eighth Army Colonel T.E. Lawrence arrived in North Africa where he defeated Rommel's Afrika Corps and Italian allies. This incredible story is recounted in the semi-factual book Loose Cannon. The essence of Susan Shwartz's masterpiece is the book within the book, 'The Sphinx Lies Heavy' in which Lawrence does not survive his 1935 motorcycle accident. Instead the incompetent Command Claude Auchenlech is defeated and the Wehrmacht cross the Suez Canal to link up with Operation Barbarossa.

In 1992, George Zebrowski published Let Time Shape. The counter-factual masterpiece examines the possibilities of Columbus finding the Turtle Island populated by indigenous first nation Americans and not the technologically sophisticated descendants of refugees from Carthage. However, there is twist; the indigenes carry a lethal cocktail of diseases that wipe out the budding European colonists.Columbus

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