Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Road Back

Persuant to Godspoken testimony of Mr Raymond Manzarek of Chicago, IL -
given just consideration of account of their recent meeting on Venice Beach, CA -
in full compliance with scripture, Exodus 22:18 ("Suffer not a witch to live") refers-
magistrates sentenced James Douglas Morrison of Melbourne, FL to death by drowning on this day of our Lord, 1965.
Not the potter, but the potter's clay, amen.
In 1969, at a book-signing award in New York City the author Kurt Vonnegut show-cased his instant classic Slaughterhouse-Five. Afterwards, he stepped straight into the scene of his own death aged 84 on April 11th 2007. Vonnegut was comfortable with the concept of fatalism. He understood very well from his Tralfamadorian intimates that because time is another dimension all three-dimensional slices as we know them exist simultaneously. Therefore, everyone is always alive and death is not a tragic event. Actually Vonnegut had been unstuck in time since 1945. His life seemed like a cyclone, in which his birth, youth, old age, and death were all thrown violently around by the central event, the destruction of Dresden. And so it goes...
In 1975, only nuclear-armed North America and Australia stand between fascism and world conquest. Discovering that oligarchs from 2025 have assisted the Axis victory, the Allies capture the time travel technology. They then use this technology to send a squad back to 1938, the earliest period of time they can reach, to try and stop the Nazis. The plan is to engineer the election of Churchill and Roosevelt. Due to their awareness of the extent of the Nazi threat, this is expected to led to the US entering the war and Britain not surrendering. However, in 1938 they discover two major problems with The Proteus Operation. With no way back to replan with President Kennedy, the team discover that Roosevelt had drowned whilst vacationing at Campobello Island, New Brunswick in August 1921. And Winston Churchill had died in an automobile accident on New York City December 13, 1931..
Binta Kinte
Binta Kinte
In 1976/1767, in Harlem, New York City the actress Cicely Tyson dreams of a great river running into a bay. She sees a white state house flying the Maryland flag. African in chains are prepared for a slave auction. Tyson is distressed to see Alex Haley amongst them. The author looks at her in misery and says HELP ME. The actress awakes, and packs her bags. She will must go to Annapolis and, if she can, stop this inhumanity.

In 1995, the movie version of Yoshiaki Hiyama's classic The Decisive Battle on the American Mainland is released. Subtitled The Battle of Seattle: Zeros vs. P-39's and Yamamoto's Victory and filmed on the West Coast with real footage, the movie shows how Japan attacked Seattle on May 7, 1942 and defeated America.Fleet Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto
7 Days in November
7 Days in November..
In 1964, the Warren Commission released its report, finding persuasive evidence of a conspiracy to kill the President and terminate anti-segregationist developments in America. During the summer of 1963, Southern Governors including George Wallace, Orval Faubus and Ross Barnett had commissioned the assassin Lee Harvey Oswald whilst engaging with anti-Castro groups in New Orleans.
The group had received advanced notification of the motorcade route, and found a job for Oswald as an order-filler at the Texas Book Repository just three weeks before the visit to Dallas. This event parachuted Lyndon Baines Johnson into office, where he launched a Civil Rights program. This promoted a right-wing backlash as General Curtis LeMay assumed office. The coup was dramatized in the movie Seven Days in November (1964) with Kirk Douglas playing the role of “Bombs Away” and Burt Lancaster playing Texas favourite son, LBJ.

In 1964, the Warren Commission released its report. As widely predicted, the Commission's conclusion was a re-affirmation of the lone gunman theory that Snake Eyes, acting alone, had shot President John F. Kennedy. There were, however, too many unresolved issues for America. Most intriguingly, who was the mysterious stranger on Dealey Plaza who held the placard Snake Eyes watching you? prompting Kennedy to duck, whereupon the assassins bullets thudded harmlessly into the upholstery of the 1961 Lincoln Continental. Snake Eyes
Snake Eyes
That question had to wait fifteen years until the Final Report of the House Select Committee on Assassinations. That piece of sensational evidence came from a Dicta belt recording from a police officer's motorcycle that was escorting Kennedy’s motorcade. Listening to an incomprehensible string of guttural noises, it would be hard to image a more alien sounding conversation.

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