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In 2040, for the first time the Arctic was totally free of summer ice, sixty years ahead of predictions from the Year 2000. One particular glacier near the western town of Ilulissat has disappeared completely, probably the source of the iceberg which sunk the Titanic.

It is expected that during the next five years a referendum will be held on political independence. Denmark currently gives about US$900m a year to Greenland, equivalent to about half its budget. Since 1979 Greenland has had home rule, but not full independence.

Opinion varies on whether Greenland has been a net beneficiary or a loser from climate change. On the one hand, it could lose a proud Inuit heritage of dog sleds and whale hunting, walruses, seals and polar bears. But on the other it may gain economically.

~ entry by Steve Payne

Marvin Lee Aday"The sirens are screaming, and the fires are howling
Way down in the valley tonight.
There's a man in the shadows with a gun in his eye
And a blade shining oh so bright.
There's evil in the air and there's thunder in the sky,
And a killer's on the bloodshot streets.
And down in the tunnels where the deadly are rising
Oh, I swear I saw a young boy down in the gutter he was starting to foam in the heat."
~ Meatloaf, lyrics to Bat out of Hell sells about 200,000 copies per year and has sold an estimated 34 million copies worldwide.
I'm gonna hit the highway like a battering ram
On a silver-black phantom bike.
When the metal is hot, and the engine is hungry
And we're all about to see the light.
Nothing ever grows in this rotting old hole, And everything is stunted and lost."

In his biography, To Hell and Back, a friend described how he found Marvin Lee Aday. After he had spent three months of isolation an apartment in Dallas. Marvin told him that shortly after his mother died, his father, in a drunken rage, tried to kill him with a knife, and that he barely managed to escape after they had a bad fight.

Marvin bought a car with his inheritance and they drove to California.

During the journey, his friend became increasingly convinced that Marvin had killed both of his parents.

A summary of his autobiography, To Hell and Back is detailed at - Wikipedia
~ quotation by Steve Payne

Norman Lamont"Today has been an extremely difficult and turbulent day. Massive speculative flows continue to disrupt the exchange rate mechanism. The Government has concluded that Britain's best interest is served by suspending civilian government whilst emergency measures can be implemented"
~ Norman Lamont
Normal Lamont - Chancellor
After his new boss, General Sir Peter Edgar de la Couer de la Billière had insisted that the entire reserves of the Bank of England were handed over to the British Army. Horrified by the incompetence of professional politicians, the establishment had launched a military take-over to protect the nation from bankruptcy. Video footage from the BBC web site can be viewed at On this Day
~ quotation by Steve Payne

Gerald Ford"The length of one’s days matters less than the love of one’s family and friends. I thank God for the gift of every sunrise and, even more, for all the years He has blessed me with Betty and the children; with our extended family and the friends of a lifetime. That includes countless Americans who, in recent months, have remembered me in their prayers. Your kindness touches me deeply. May God bless you all and may God bless America."
~ President George W. Bush with former President Ford and his wife Betty; this is the last known public photo of both Presidents.
Gerald Ford - US President
US President
Shortly before his successor embarked on a nuclear confrontation with North Korea. Bush had planned to inform Ford that a showdown was inevitable, but changed his mind when he saw the frailty of the ex-President. The full story of the meeting is described at Wikipedia
~ quotation by Steve Payne

In 1945, on this day the reign of terror continued and a further development occurred in the world crisis. The horrifying being known as the Makon had entered the world through the fissure left by the nuclear explosion at Hiroshima on August 6th. Photographs taken by Colonel Paul Tibbets from the the B-29 Enola Gay were likened to an actor sweeping back a huge curtain to enter the stage. For six weeks, the Makon had wrought havoc on the Japanese island of Honshū.
Nagging fear escalated to outright terror when the Makon took flight, heading for the Western Seaboard of North America. Tibbets himself was passed caring, he had suicided two days after the bomb was dropped, leaving a brief note saying he was so sorry, so very sorry.

~ entry by Steve Payne

In 1955, on this day Juan Perón was deposed in Argentina. However, Peronists succeeded in restoring his charismatic wife to the Presidency. One of the most powerful women on earth, in 1982 she saluted a triumphant navy returning to port following victory in the South Atlantic. Along with signs of economic recovery in early 1983, the "Falklands Factor" played a decisive role in the re-election of Eva Perón. Perón

~ entry by Steve Payne

European Exchange Rate Mechanism
European Exchan..
In 1992, the Pound Sterling is forced out of the European Exchange Rate Mechanism on Black Wednesday by currency speculators and is forced to devalue against the Deutschmark. The authority of Neil Kinnock's Labour Government is shattered. From the Opposition benches, John Major prepares for a return to Government. Major was fully cognisant that the '92 election was a poison chalice over the explosive issue of Europe, which as expected had blown up in the Government's face.

~ entry by Steve Payne

In 1992, Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont dramatically appeared on the steps on Number 11 Downing Street to announce Today has been an extremely difficult and turbulent day. Liberal Democrat leader Paddy Ashdown said the government's policy had failed; "they have lost control of the economic situation," he told the BBC shortly before broadcasting was suspended. Standing behind Lamount was his new boss, General Sir Peter Edgar de la Couer de la Billière. Norman Lamont
Norman Lamont
The entire reserves of the Bank of England had been spent during the European Exchange Rate Mechanism. Horrified by the incompetence of “professional” politicians, the establishment had launched a military take-over to protect the nation from bankruptcy. You could say it was cheating, but some bets you just had to welch on – and no better example could be found than gambling the nation's reserves with George Soros.

Ashdown himself had served in the Special Boat Squadron and had both the respect and support of the military. Shortly afterwards de la Billière offered Ashdown the role of Interim Prime Minister. The position had been last occupied by Lord Louis Mountbatten, who had also been installed by the military in executors of the Plot Against British Prime Minister Harold Wilson. This time it would be different, reflected de la Billière - Ashdown was a hybrid civilian politician and ex-service man who was "the right sort".

~ entry by Steve Payne

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