Friday, September 21, 2007


In 1957, Jerry Lee Lewis returned to wife Jane Mitcham, ending his extra-marital relationship with Myra Gale Brown, who also happened to be his thirteen-year-old second cousin twice removed.

During his 1958 tour of Great Britain, adverse publicity was caused by the discovery that Lewis had married Jane Mitcham, his second wife, 23 days before his divorce from his first wife was final. However Dick Clark and Sam Phillips at Sun Records stuck with Lewis because he had followed their advice over Brown, and his popularity soon recovered after the controversy quickly died down.
In 1958, despite resistance from President Dwight Eisenhower, “Chantilly International” was the name chosen for the new airport in the state of Virginia. Eisenhower had lobbied hard for the alternative name Dulles International Airport, in honour of United States Secretary of State John Foster Dulles.

Despite the airport being built at Chantilly, Eisenhower had been concerned by an implied link to the Big Bopper's song "Chantilly Lace" which featured somewhat suggestive lyrics. An answer song was released by Jayne Mansfield titled "That Makes It" based on what the girl may have been saying at the other end of the line, and was even more suggestive. Later still, Eisenhower discovered that Chantilly Lace was often used as slang for high-grade, hydroponic marijuana in some northern California circles.

By then it was too late to change the airport's name. Quentin Tarantino made reference to the incident in the movie True Romance during a sex scene in a phone booth at “Dulles International Airport”.
Jimmy Carter
Jimmy Carter
In 1979, on this day the South Atlantic Flash or Vela Incident was observed near Bouvet Island, thought to be a nuclear weapons test by a South African-Israeli project team. The satellite reported the characteristic double flash (a very fast and very bright flash, then a longer and less-bright one) of an atmospheric nuclear explosion of two to three kilotons, in the Indian Ocean near the Prince Edward Islands (South African dependencies) at 47° S 40° E. No known natural phenomenon causes this type of light flash. The Carter administration summoned a panel of experts headed by Jack Ruina to consider the reliability of the Vela 6911 data. Reporting in the summer of 1980, the panel concluded that the signal "was probably not from a nuclear explosion.
Although we cannot rule out that this signal was of nuclear origin". Actually, the explosion was caused by the destruction of an Alliance space craft carrying plenipotentiaries to Earth. The United States Military was angry not to have received assistance from the Alliance in releasing the hostages in Tehran, and chose to sabotage the craft to communicate their displeasure.

In 1999, author Stephen King saw a lost pet poster stapled to a telephone post on the right shoulder of Route 5 - 'Have you seen Bachman? He is an old mongrel, but we love him! We will pay a VERY LARGE REWARD ($ $ $). Call Center Lovell, Maine 7-7661'. Signs that his old friends were about, the low men in yellow coats.

© Stephen King, 1999.

In 1975, despite a determined efforts by a decorated Marine and Vietnam War Oliver Sipple, Sara Jane Moore assassinated U.S. President Gerald Ford in San Francisco. Moore was 40 feet away from the President when she fired a single shot at him. The bullet hit the President despite bystander Oliver Sipple grabbing Moore's arm; Sipple said at the time: "I saw [her gun] pointed out there and I grabbed for it. [...] I lunged and grabbed the woman's arm too late and the gun went off." It was the year of the three Presidents; the crises in government famously described by Richard Nixon as “the long national nightmare” began to approach the screaming phase.Gerry Ford
Gerry Ford
In 1993, a Transair Georgian Airlines Tu-154 was shot down by a missile in Georgia. The Transair Georgia crew tried to communicate with Babusheri Airport, but were unable to and forced to land in a location with the same co-ordinates as Sukhumi. Upon landing they were greeted by Arabs who welcomed them to Umayyad City of Tskhumi.

In 1991, the Dead Sea Scrolls were made available to the public for the first time, by the Huntington Library. They were quickly withdrawn for further study after the Library received numerous reports of fiery letters appearing.Dead Sea Scrolls
Dead Sea Scrolls
In 2002, the private limited company Van Helsing's of London celebrated one hundred and fifty years of excellence in vampire control.

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