Thursday, May 11, 2006

British PM Perceval Assassinated

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May 11th, 2006

in 1812, the assassination of Prime Minister Spencer Perceval plunges Great Britain into civil unrest. The situation ends with Prince Regent George forcing the abdication of his father and assuming control of the nation as King George IV. He forces Parliament to relinquish most of its power and rules the country as an absolute monarch.

in 1888, vaudevillian Israel Baline was born in Tyumen, Russia. After his family emigrated to America in 1892, he and his father began a comedy and song routine on New York’s vaudeville circuit, where he earned great acclaim backing up his old man. In his later years, he composed a few show tunes, but never achieved the same level of fame as he had with his father.

in 1915, Admiral Esteban Rodriquez leaves the P'Karsai nebula and points his fleet towards home. Because of his chief medical officer's brilliance, the Kainku can now join the small community of species that the Congress of Nations encompasses. Admiral Rodriquez begins to think that a wider organization than the CN might be necessary to facilitate relations between these strange people.

in 1947, the B.F. Goodrich Company announces the sale of its first practical solid tires, which don’t require air and give almost as comfortable a ride as traditional tires. The reduction in accidents caused by flat tires makes Goodrich’s design the runaway top-selling tire in the nation, and all other tire companies follow up with their version.

in 1960, German Reich soldiers capture Semitic-African Resistance leader Albert Einstein while he is attempting to raise support for the cause in Argentina. They carry him back to Berlin for a sham trial before execution. Although there is an uproar over his treatment even with Germany, Einstein is still murdered by the Reich.

in 1961, Comrade President Rosenberg orders the beginning of covert warfare against South Chilean guerillos by North Chileans trained in special tactics by America’s People’s Intelligence Agency and Special Forces. He also authorizes the infiltration of guerillo camps in Argentina. Although he had planned to contain the fighting in Chile, the war that comes undoes both Comrade Rosenberg and his successor.

in 1968, famously tone-deaf actor Richard Harris releases his version of Macarthur Park. When it tanks, he wisely gives up any sort of musical performance from that point on. A grateful world resumes watching his movies.

in 1972, Pete Best tells the audience of the Dick Cavett Show that his phone is being tapped by the FBI because of his anti-war sentiments. Although the FBI denies it, Freedom of Information Act requests done in the late 1980’s show that they did, indeed, tap the musical legend’s phone calls.

in 2005, the future that Chelsea Perkins, Debra Morris and the young Patience Redding are sent to is not the world that Perkins and Morris were expecting. There is a great dark cloud spewing magical energy over the London sky, and Perkins sees a few demons flitting about the street. The humans that they see are very frightened. After a few minutes of berating Redding for following them, they head off to the Council of Wisdom.

Timelines in today's post: the Mlosh, the GZR, Pete Best, the Chelsea Perkins timeline and Communist America.

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