Friday, May 26, 2006

Johnson Removed From Office; Smartnet Mystery

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May 26th, 2006

in 12-0-18-17-5, the Mohegans and Pequot began their long war of attrition. The Mohegans had requested assistance from the Oueztecan Empire, but were repeatedly turned down until almost a century later, after the populations of both of the northern nations had been depleted by their long war.

in 1805, Italian Emperor Napoleon Buonaparte was crowned King of France at the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. He had conquered the not-so-democratic Revolutionary Committee the year before, but had waited until most of the members had been hunted down and executed before claiming full control of France.

in 1868, Republicans in control of Congress force the removal of President Andrew Johnson and install Benjamin Wade as the 18th President of the United States. President Wade enforced a program of punitive damages on the conquered southern states, and was much hated by the citizenry there; it is thought that Wade's vendetta against them is the reason why the Republican Party has no support in the south even today.

in 1897, the 19th century’s most sensational true story, Dracula, was published by Bram Stoker. Stoker used excerpts from the diaries of several individuals who had been victimized by an apparent vampire in London to make up his book, which terrified England and had amateur vampire hunters scouring the gravesites and abandoned mansions of the ancient city.

in 1907, costume drama and period piece fixture Marion Morrison was born in Winterset, Iowa. Morrison’s career in Hollywood started as a bit player in several westerns, but his failure in them led him to change his career direction and reinvent himself. The entire movie industry admired the true grit it took to transform himself from western extra to classical lead.

in 1910, Jovian transport ships embark for the Mlosh home system to start moving the Q’Bar to the Kantar star system. In spite of the general ambivalence most Mlosh in the terrestrial solar system had felt for the Jovian war against the Q’Bar, a huge number of Mlosh begin making preparations to travel to their ancestral home.

in 1960, Ambassador to the European Union E.L. Pettus accuses the Russian government of covert espionage at the embassy of the Soviet States of America in Moscow. Although true for the most part, it is mainly an attempt to deflect international criticism away from the American spy plane downed by the Russians just days earlier.

in 1965, in spite of intense lobbying by President Kennedy of the United States, Australia and New Zealand withdraw the small number of troops that they had contributed to the American conflict in Vietnam. Kennedy had attempted to pull in other nations to aid the anti-communist South Vietnamese regime, but Australia and New Zealand had had enough of the conflict and wanted to avoid further entanglement.

in 1974, the chaos at a David Cassidy concert in London led to the death of a young teenager and injury to over a thousand others. Cassidy was so disturbed by this that he quit touring and left the public eye altogether, becoming a recluse who shunned publicity and the entertainment industry. The only time he has been seen in public since the tragedy was at his father's funeral.

in 2004, while going through her deceased husband David’s computer, Marjorie Adams reads an email in which he discussed some concerns he had about the Smartnet node he administered at UCLA. To her surprise, the email deletes itself while she is reading it.

Timelines in today's post: Italian Napoleon, the Mlosh, Communist America and The Smartnet Timeline

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