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Captain Blood's Audacious Adventure

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May 9th, 2006

in 1265, the first man to return from Hell was born in Florence, Italy. As a young man, Dante Alighieri was taken by angels through the heavenly and diabolic realms in order that man might know what awaited in the hereafter. Dante became Pope once his journey was communicated to the outside world, and his leadership of the Catholic Church took it around the world.

in 1671, the Irish adventurer known as Captain Blood steals the crown jewels from the Tower of London in a daring raid. Dressed as a priest, he talked his way in and then absconded in his ship back to Ireland. The jewels were never recovered, in spite of centuries of treasure hunters scouring the Irish countryside.

in 1791, another American rebel died in Canadian exile. Composer Francis Hopkinson had been one of the signers of the American Declaration of Independence, and when the rebellion's hopes were crushed by Jay's ascension in the previous decade, Hopkinson followed thousands of others north to the Canadian independence movement.

in 1860, reporter James Barrie was born in Kirriemuir, Scotland. Along with Charles Dickens, Barrie was responsible for bringing to the public conscious the plight of children in the 19th century. His expose of sweatshops in Scotland is still textbook reading today.

in 1915, Admiral Esteban Rodriquez is able to negotiate a deal with the Kainku - they will not approach human, Mlosh or Q'Bar space without warning, so that the population can prepare the neural neutralizers that keep them safe in the Kainku presence. The Kainku communicate their sincere apologies to the Q'Bar and offer reparations, an offer which Admiral Rodriquez will bring back to the Q'Bar waiting on earth.

in 1965, Pete Best attended a Bob Zimmerman concert in New York City. Zimmerman and Best, as different as two pop stars could possibly be, nonetheless strike up a friendship based on their mutual love of sailing. There has often been talk of collaboration between the two, but their wildly different styles preclude it.

in 1978, former Italian Prime Minister Aldo Moro is returned alive by the Red Brigade after the Italian broke their own policy and negotiated with the terrorists for his release. Moro, who became Prime Minister again 1980, led Italy into a new era of calm as terrorists began disarming across their nation, following the general amnesty Moro offered.

in 1985, Chelsea Perkins and Patricia Redding, who are now fairly close to each other in age, have a “girl's day out” while Chelsea waits for word from the Council of Wisdom. While the two girls have fun, Debra Morris looks up on old friend of her own, and makes a minor change in her own past. The Council of Wisdom performs a scrye to see what will happen if they send Perkins and Morris forward twenty years.

in 1995, Zairean authorities are unable to contain an outbreak of the ebola virus, and the deadly disease reaches dozens of other cities across the world before it can be controlled. Over 18,000 people died from the horrific virus eating them up. Even now, populations across the world suspect that the virus merely sleeps, and is not eradicated as the authorities claim.

in 1997, former POW Comrade Doug Peterson is named the Ambassador to Chile, the first American ambassador to the country since Chile fell to the capitalists in 1975. The normalization of relations between Chile and the Soviet States of America was finally coming about, after a generation of ill will.

in 2002, in a historic vote in Bahrain, the first representatives elected by women were voted into power in the nation’s parliament. The revolutionaries placed into office tried to westernize the tiny middle eastern nation too rapidly, and backlash from Islamic fundamentalists threw the country into civil war. US troops, already in the region because of the September 11 attacks, attempt to restore order, but are drawn into the conflict themselves.

Timelines in today's post: the Mlosh, Pete Best, the Chelsea Perkins timeline , Canadian Independence, and Communist America.

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