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Congressional Hearings; Sun Day

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May 3rd, 2006

in 1469, the founder of the Conspirator’s faction of the Speaker’s Line, Niccolo Machiavelli, was born in Florence, Italy. He used his wiles to advance the causes of both his prince and his cousins throughout Europe, and starts a movement that changes the world for both good and ill.

in 859, the Sultan of Turqui, Mohammed II, died in his capitol at Istanbul. Mohammed had been one of a coalition of sultans urging Islam to embrace the Europeans rather than leave them as vassal states. Although his views didn’t prevail for hundreds of years, he is remembered fondly by the northerners who wanted to integrate with Islam without losing their unique culture.

in 1898, one of the Greater Zionist Resistance’s greatest leaders, Golda Meir, was born in Kiev. When the G.Z.R. took control of the Pale, her family joined its ranks, and she worked her way up its diplomatic ranks to lead the Russian Zionist Parliament before its destruction at the hands of the German Reich in 1948. Her death at their hands was actually considered a propaganda defeat, because the GZR used her image to generate sympathy in Russia for years afterward.

in 1915, with Dr. Argus McCloud producing his neural neutralizers at a feverish pace, Admiral Esteban Rodriquez opens up talks with the Kainku again. They are more than willing to make reparations to the Q'Bar who have been injured by their presence, and the admiral says that he will pass that along. He decides to withdraw from the system and go back to the Congress of Nations with news of McCloud's discovery.

in 1951, Congress holds hearings on the firing of General Joseph Douglas of the Pacific Command by Comrade President William Foster. Foster and Douglas had disagreed on the advance of Soviet American power in South America, and the President removed the General. The hearings concluded that Comrade President Foster's power as Commander-in-Chief of the military gave him the full authority to dismiss officers. This enraged Comrade Douglas, who mounted an unsuccessful presidential campaign against Comrade Foster the next year.

in 1952, Richard Byrd and Floyd Bennett landed at the North Pole. They found a small castle and several hundred short men working on what appeared to be children’s toys, in addition to a stable filled with reindeer with prodigious leaping abilities. A jolly old man seemed to be in charge of the little village, and he sent them on their way with several bags full of cookies and candy canes.

in 1978, the inaugural Sun Day highlights the possibilities of solar power to solve the world’s energy problems. After this event, solar power gains popularity rapidly, and now provides 80% of the world’s fuel. Our lunar colony uses it exclusively, since solar power is so much more reliable from there.

in 1999, a new South African constitution granted all citizens the right to vote, regardless of race, color or creed. The overthrow of Terreblanche’s National Front party had made this reform possible at last. Nelson Mandela, long thought dead in a South African prison camp, became South Africa’s first president elected by a majority of the population.

in 2005, Chelsea Perkins and Debra Morris visit the Druid's Grove shop again, where Patience Redding has been waiting to see Miss Perkins again. Although Redding has had no actual training as a witch, she has learned much from the patrons of her shop, and she has found a spell that she thinks will bind Chelsea. She casts it, but is disappointed when Miss Perkins leaves her shop, apparently unbound.

Timelines in today's post: the Speaker, Islam Ascendant, the Mlosh, the GZR, Communist America, the Ralph Shephard timeline and the Chelsea Perkins timeline.

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