Friday, October 27, 2006

Suicide Solution

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The state of TIAH

October 27th, 2006

Alternate Historian's Note: We have another entry from Guest Historian Stephen Payne today. Our thanks to Mr. Payne for his continuing research into new areas of alternate history! If you would like to be a guest historian, too, follow the link above 'The state of TIAH' to find out how to contact us.

in 1972, returning from the woods after leaving the cave bear, Dr. Yvette Montclair and Professor Karl Ainsworth discuss what Montclair found out about the bear and the implications about the cult they are facing. “How far back do they go,” Ainsworth asked, “and how many of these bears do they have?” Montclair answered, “They must be using modern bears for breeding stock – there's no way they've kept a healthy population alive for 30,000 years. But, the cult of the cave – if most of these people don't realize that they belong to it, there's no one from Montignac we can really trust.” They drove in silence for several minutes as they thought about their options. Suddenly, Ainsworth asked, “What day is it?” Montclair thought for a moment, confused by the question, then answered, “The 27th.” Ainsworth nodded and said, “I have a plan.”

in 1982, one of the most powerful women on earth salutes a triumphant navy returning to port following victory in the South Atlantic. Along with signs of economic recovery in early 1983, the "Falklands Factor" played a decisive role in the re-election of Eva PerĂ³n. -entry by Guest Historian, Stephen Payne-

in 1984, a young fan of metal musician Ozzy Osbourne kills himself, sets in motion a chain of events that ends with the death of popular music in America. The young man's distraught parents, rather than blame themselves for neglecting their son, blame the musician he listened to. Many other parents respond to their cry of censorship, including some rather powerful ones in Congress, and a ban on violent lyrics is soon followed by a general ban on explicit lyrics of any kind. President Ronald Reagan applauds what he calls “a return to music like I listened to as a boy.” The repression of teen impulses comes out in the nascent fascist movement of the 90's, and the fall of American democracy at the turn of the century.

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