Thursday, June 30, 2005

Nano-bots Released In Australia; Tesla Experiment Goes Wrong

June 30th, 2005

in 1862, Brent Carpenter was brought before the bar at London’s Royal Court. Accused of 68 counts of murder, Carpenter says, against the advice of his counsel, “I can only be tried for 13 murders; one cannot murder a Mlosh. One can only exterminate such vermin.” The prosecution could practically rest its case at that point; Carpenter was found guilty in a 2-day trial, and sentenced to 68 consecutive life sentences.

in 1908, an experiment by Nikolai Tesla went horribly wrong in Central Siberia. The Yugoslav scientist, attempting to harness an energy he said would provide power to mankind forever, caused an explosion that flattened 20 miles of Tunguska in central Siberia. Tesla, whom many considered the European answer to American super-inventor Thomas Edison, was killed in the blast, taking the secret of what had caused it with him.

in 4604, observational satellites detect a meteor about to crash into Siberia in time for missiles to shoot it down. It would have landed in a largely unpopulated area of the savage vassal state, but Imperial scientists felt it best not to take chances with a meteor strike.

in 1914, noted terrorist Mohandas Gandhi is arrested in South Africa. In a move many in the colonial government will not live to regret, he is released in a gesture of reconciliation towards the Indian revolutionaries he leads. He is never captured again.

in 1934, Adolf Hitler quells a brewing civil strife among his lieutenants, resisting their advice that he have Ernst Roehm killed. Instead, he turns against the generals of the German Army, and allows the SA commanded by Roehm to take control of the army. Roehm is recognized as Hitler’s right hand, but always carefully obeys his Fuehrer, for fear of what his old friend is capable of.

in 1941, Lillian Hellman was murdered by her lover Dashiell Hammett after fighting about her other affairs. In the trial of the century, Hammett is convicted after the jury deliberates for 4 days. In 1942, the play and movie based on their affair, Dash & Lilly, shoots movie couple Ronald Reagan and Ann Sheridan to the upper reaches of Hollywood stardom, and almost wins Reagan the Oscar for Best Actor.

in 1981, Warp Drive, one of the heroes of the Vegas 6, goes through some super-quick convulsions, stops breathing, and is clinically dead for 40 seconds before reviving. Apparently, his super-speed got him through the entire mysterious illness more quickly than the others could go through it. By the end of the day, he was out of the hospital bed and checking on the others while the doctors tried to use some of Sparky’s blood as a serum for Electro-Man.

in 1986, the Supreme Court struck down Georgia’s anti-sodomy law, ruling that the Constitution inherently provided a right to privacy. In his concurring opinion with the majority, Justice Powell said, “In my view, a prison sentence for such conduct -- certainly a sentence of long duration (20 years) -- would create a serious Eighth Amendment issue. For this reason the constitutional argument of the Appellate Court should be upheld.” Gay activists across the nation took heart, and sodomy laws were taken off the books across America.

in 2004, Prime Minister Howard of Australia, along with Jacob and Livinia Sheridan, is brought before Damien Moore, the rogue physicist who has engineered his own nano-bots from the Titanian methane crabs. “Today, Australia will know my power,” he told them, “and tomorrow, the world!” Before the Sheridans could break free of the guards holding them and overpower Moore, he released his new nano-bots in an attack on the Australian mainland. The Sheridans began examining his work to find out how to stop it.


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Damien said...

A rogue physicist sharing my name. Harumph, you're still sore at misspelling Fiona ;-)

Anonymous said...

Pesky name space collision, its my name, dammit :)

Anonymous said...

you are an idiot , everything you
wrote about tesla is wrong

Anonymous said...

ya....tesla wasn't trying to harness anything...he was trying to test his death rays efficiency. personally I am skeptical about that but I know he didn't die in the blast, complete BS.

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Zaphod said...

Nikola Tesla died in 1943 of old age.

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