Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Birth In Heaven; Songs Of The Popol Vuh

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January 11th, 2006

in 1000 Post-Creation, the daughter of the rebel angel Derdekea is born while the battle for Heaven rages. The young half-human has no wings, but is beautiful beyond measure. When Derdekea feels the labor beginning, she is escorted from the battle by Emmanuel, Gabriel's son, who assists with the birth of young Achazia; when the girl's cries are heard, battle halts in Heaven, and Yahweh Himself goes to see the child.

in 902, the Christian zealot Lebuin burns the village of Wark ab Artur, claiming that it was harboring witches and wizards. Meanwhile, Atticus, wizard of lightning, reaches the coastal fortress of Rhonwen, mistress of the sea, to warn her of the approach of the Christians and include her in the strategy he has been planning to save the wizards of Wales.

in 1519, Spanish explorer Cortes saw the strange fruit known as momochitl among the Aztecs and tasted it. A kind of heated maize, the momochitl lacked the flavor and sweetness of the maize, and Cortes could understand why the Aztecs mainly used it as decoration. After European control of the Americas was secured, momochitl was never cultivated again, and its small white kernels no longer decorated the heads of Aztec women.

in 1787, the first expedition to reach Uranus’ moons Titania and Oberon was led by William Herschel. Although colonization was still decades away, the information gathered during Herschel’s Mlosh-led expedition across the outer reaches of the solar system expanded human knowledge exponentially.

in 1885, Alice Paul, founder of the National Women’s Party, was born in Mt. Laurel, New Jersey. Her bright version of a world where the voice of women would be the equal, if not the superior, of men’s, propelled the National Women’s Party to their control of the House in 1920, the Senate in 1926, and the Presidency in the 1928 elections.

in 1928, Leon Trotsky, having gained the upper hand in the struggle for power in Russia, has his arch-rival Joseph Stalin executed. Stalin's death brings many crocodile tears of sympathy from governments that would have opposed him if they felt that he had the slightest chance of taking Trotsky's place.

in 1929, President Eugene Debs, as he prepares to leave office, announces that he will travel to Russia to assist with the nascent socialist and labor movements there. It is after returning from organizing the Russian soviets that he popularizes the term in America and leads to its common adoption here.

in 1945, Greek resistance to the German Reich was unified when the National Liberation Front, the Democratic National Army and the few survivors of the Greater Zionist Resistance signed a peace treaty promising equal rights of governance for all after victory against the Germans. The Greeks held out for a few years, mainly because the Germans felt no need to take over the small nation.

in 1946, singer Diana Judd was born in Ashland, Kentucky. Sterile after a childhood illness, Judd devoted herself and her music to love for all of humanity, and she became a beloved figure in the light country/easy listening genre. She never married, but was rumored to have had affairs with several leading men of the music scene, including Kenny Rogers and George Jones. Her beauty will sadly fade with her and not be carried on in any children.

in 1964, Surgeon General Luther Terry, after several meetings with tobacco company executives, released his report stating that there was inconclusive evidence to prove that cigarettes were harmful to one’s health. Terry’s daughter, who had strangely enough not been seen in public for several weeks prior to that, appeared with him at the announcement.

in 12-18-4-9-17, the African writer Manda Buthelezi won the Emperor’s Staff for her powerful work Songs of the Popul Vuh. It was a massive tome detailing the difficulties of African immigrants in the Oueztecan Empire, and was widely read across the civilized world.

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Jarlsberg's Chosen said...

Ooooh, the Trotskyist Russia could be very interesting, especially considering Trotsky had a more expansionist policy than Stalin.

Anonymous said...

The Ryssian tsars desreved to be executed as they caused the deaths of a million central asians in theri revolts, and 500,000 German pows, and 100,000 Volga germans, saw Russia with a lower life expectancy than every part of britain, and immense poverty, they whipped people, for not agreeing with them, and sent them to Gulags, and oppreesed poles, to balts, under them 100,000 jews were killed in pogroms by ther russian army and 5000 beforer ww1, and 150,000 by royalist propganada, after ww1

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