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Life Doesn't Begin On Earth; Tutti-Frutti

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January 15th, 2006

in 3,561,299,401 BCE, several amino acids failed to form into life-promoting proteins on the 3rd planet from a small sun in the western galactic arm. The planet was ripe for kregaforming when the Kregalians of Sorga 4 found it in 1307 CE, though.

in 1000 Post-Creation, Lucifer attempts to speak with the Creator about the former rebellious angels, but Achazia, the half-human, half-angel girl, holds Yahweh's attention, instead. As much as Lucifer pleads, Yahweh has no time for him. The angelic leader leaves, feeling a disquiet he has not had in a millenia.

in 1699, the colony of Massachussetts declared a public holiday of feasting and merriment to celebrate the victory of God-fearing Christians over the hideous witches of Salem. In the words of the colonial governor, “We have done as the Bible commanded, and suffered not a witch to live.”

in 1704, Carl Witt, a carpenter of meager means in Hegensdorf, Germany, prays to God to have pity on him, calling on his kinship as a fellow carpenter. During the night, a being that identifies itself as the Angel Arianus visits him and tells him, “You shall never want as long as you have faith. Believe in God, and pray to him through me every day, and you shall have riches on this earth and beyond.” Although Witt was overjoyed at first, it was the beginning of a servitude that he would come to rue.

in 1784, at the request of the British Parliament, the American Continental Congress formally breaks all ties with the Canadian nationalists. The American militias had been assisting British troops in fighting the nationalists for a couple of years, but the Congress had never made a formal break. A flood of former rebels surges northward from America to Canada, swelling the ranks of the nationalists.

in 1889, Mikhail von Heflin barely escapes the dark forces in Mason, Texas that are conspiring to trap him there and defy the destiny of the Baron von Todt. As Mason burns to the ground behind him, Mikhail turns to the southwest and begins his long walk to the Texas Hill Country.

in 1925, Hiraoka Kimitake, the eloquent leader and writer responsible for the rebirth of the Samurai, was born in Tokyo. Although he was so ashamed of his writing that he used the name Yukio Mishima to disguise his work from his father, Hiraoka forged a new path in Japanese thought that revived the ancient concept of Bushido, the warrior’s way. In 1970, he successfully restored the Emperor to his former place of honor and power in Japanese society, and became Emperor Hirohito’s Prime Minister.

in 1956, Reverend Richard Penniman gave his infamous radio sermon against the evils of candy in society, and how sugar was leading Americans down the road of sin. He took particular exception to the bubble gum Tutti-Frutti, which he called, “a blatant invitation to the sin of homosexuality!”

in 1963, racist reactionary George Wallace attacks the inauguration of newly elected Alabama Soviet Governor Comrade Charles Davis, the first African-American comrade to hold the governor's office of the Alabama Soviet. Wallace shoots Davis in the spine, leaving Comrade Davis paralyzed from the waist down. In spite of this setback, Comrade Davis proves one of the most capable governors Alabama has ever had, and a true hero of Soviet America.

in 1969, with the animal testing done, Astrid Pflaume and Kurt Weimer are sent back in time to 1916 in their first journey through time. While they are there, they accidentally kill Lenin, then nervously activate their return trip. They return to their own time, and nothing has been changed. Schoemann postulates that they should be able to return to the changed world they have created because they now have a quantum affinity with it; this will be how they change the world.

in 1980, gold prices plummeted when the Ethiopian Motherlode was discovered. The formerly-precious metal had been trading at $300 US an ounce, and was the monetary standard of many countries, when the doubling of the world’s supply by the discovery in Ethiopia brought the price crashing down to $50 US an ounce. The African nation, which is now the world’s largest supplier of the metal, has achieved a standard of living rivaling many European nations.

in 2005, after two weeks of work on the Great Tree, Chelsea Perkins and Alma May Watson finally have it restored. While they have been occupied saving the Tree, though, the Council of Wisdom has been attacked, and Elsbeth Danwich has found a human sacrifice that will allow her to grant passage to a demon into our world. Chelsea and Alma May leave the Tree to stop her.

in 2005, Jeanna Best finds a strange site on the Internet that mentions the clawing gestures of U.S. Representative Carl Worthington, but the site is almost entirely gibberish. When she shows the site to her friend Dave Lange, he finds a hidden link that asks for a password when he clicks on it. He does not guess the password after the three tries that system gives him, but then a message comes up asking him to email someone at the address of He sends an email from Jeanna's computer, asking for information about the site.

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