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Henry Pym Caught; Nader Assassinated

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January 4th, 2006

in 47,390 BCE, Telka and Swikolay reach the island of Sumatra and find a few small tribes. Telka has much to teach them, and becomes a shaman to them. Swikolay teaches them the making of ships, and takes a mate from among them.

in 1000 Post-Creation, the Second Rebellion began.

in 902, Atticus, wizard of lightning, reunites with Merlin, wizard of fire.

in 1642, the spies of King Charles intercepted Member of Parliament Henry Pym just as he was fleeing London. The rebel parliamentarian was brought before the king, who declared Pym a traitor and had him executed in order to quell the rebellious streak that the legislature had been showing. This has the opposite effect, and Parliament and the king were at war the next month.

in 1869, the Mlosh colony ship near the Sahara Desert was briefly taken over by terrorists of the Human League. They had gained passage on board by holding the Mlosh philosopher Toa’Kil’Pi hostage and threatening to kill him unless they were allowed aboard. The Mlosh eventually overpowered them, but not before losing the hostage and several other citizens of the colony.

in 1891, German Underground general and New Reich leader Alfred Jodl was born in Wuerzburg, Germany. Jodl, a ground troop captain during the initial days of combat with the Greater Zionist Resistance in the 1920’s, instantly grasped the uses of the aircraft technology that the G.U.’s neo-Nazi benefactors supplied them with. His blitzkrieg attacks were one of the favored tactics of the G.U.

in 1914, actress and future First Lady Sarah Mayfield Reagan was born in St. Joseph, Missouri. She married B-movie star Ronald Reagan in 1940, and although they experienced some troubles in the late 40’s, rode it out with him for the sake of their children. Their marriage settled down considerably after Reagan entered politics in the 1960’s, and she became First Lady in 1981 after her husband won the presidential election of 1980.

in 1950, the essay collection The God That Failed was published. 6 authors explored their connection to capitalist movements in the early 20th century, and their disillusionment with it that led them back to good old American communism.

in 1960, the French existentialist Albert Camus might have been in an automobile accident that killed him, but is anything really an accident? And, is there really such a thing as death, or simply a transference to another realm of existence?

in 2001, President-elect Ralph Nader, who had been chosen by the people in the biggest election shocker in a century, was assassinated before he could assume office. Although there was some constitutional question about it, the Vice-President-elect, Nader’s running mate Winona LaDuke, took the oath of office later that month and became the first woman president in American history.

Timelines in today's post: the Speaker, the Mlosh, the GZR and Communist America.

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Perhpas its just me but isnt this new timeline with Lucifer and Gabriel a bit tought on God who is both merciful/just? I get your going for a Miltonic (heheh making words is fun) feel but still. Other thna that your site is excellent as always
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