Tuesday, January 03, 2006

A Grand Experiment - Gone Awry

ALTERNATE HISTORIAN'S NOTE: Apparently, when you post before turning off your feed, your post appears on the feed anyway. So much for our vaunted computer skills.

Oh, well.

It's International Visit Today In Alternate History Day, anyway, and we'd still like you to come visit the site! While you're here, we'd actually like to encourage you to use the Feedburner feed on the side of the page to read us via the RSS feed reader of your choice. That way, we can have a clearer picture of how many of you there are. To sweeten the deal, everyone who comments on IVTIAHD on our Forums will be entered into a drawing to get their own alternate history entry! Thanks for participating in IVTIAHD, and the feed is already back on!
PS - we would really appreciate it if you nominated us for one of these.

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chuck howell said...

hay I'm out hear! some one is reading your time lines. thanks for your work on it.

TIAH Editor says we'd like to move you off the blog, if you're browsing the archives - and most people are - more than half of them are already on the new site. We need to be sure the new web site accomodates your archive browsing needs because we don't want to lose any readers. Please supply any feedback or comments by email to the Editor and please note the blogger site is shutting on December 1st.