Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Working Towards Peace; Myrmidon

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January 25th, 2006

in 1000 Post-Creation, Lucifer and his small band of rebel angels raid Eden and kidnap Adam and Eve. Using the power he has gained over it in his time in the Abyss, Lucifer cools the lake of fire and creates a place to keep the humans while his demands are heard in Heaven. All of Creation shakes with the anger of Yahweh when He learns of this transgression.

in 1918, the Baron von Todt and his American bride, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter, emerge from a rift in the Bermuda Triangle and land on the beach at Bermuda. The sight of many people lolling about on the beach heartens them, but the rather modest swimsuits let them know that they have a few years until they reach the year they left.

in 1956, Prime Minister Kyukhov of Russia tells a visiting American journalist that “President Joel Rosenberg is working towards peace; we could have a peaceful coexistence with this man as your leader.” The interview, broadcast around the world the next day, helps Comrade President Rosenberg to forge a new era of d├ętente with Europe’s largest monarchy.

in 1964, Pete Best’s single Come Dance With Me topped the charts in America. Hot on the heels of his first American tour, the success he enjoyed in America convinced Best to move there and take advantage of their larger audience for his music.

in 1349, Idi Amin, a general in Uganda’s military, seized power from the rightful ruler, Caliph Mutessa II, in a bloody coup. He abolished Islam during his short reign, alienating Uganda from all the nations surrounding it. In 1352, when he began slaughtering old tribal enemies, the Islamic nations surrounding him invaded and removed him from power.

in 4677, celebrated actress Jiang Qing makes her final film. In her youth, she had created a minor scandal when she started up an affair with Imperial Minister Mao Tse-Tung. After other councilors convinced him it was unwise to continue, he left her. She never married after this affair, and even when Emperor Mao, then a widower, asked for her hand, she refused him.

in 1994, Jeanne Dixon, shortly after predicting that she would be raptured with other true believers in the year 2000, died in New York City. She had stepped in front of a car that she hadn’t seen coming.

in 1995, years after the Soviet Union had collapsed, and peace was the order of the day, the Russian missile defense system detected a launch from Norway. Although it was a mistake, and a simple call for verification from Moscow would have confirmed that it was a mistake, the commander at the switch that day was an unreconstructed hardliner, and ordered every missile launched. This triggered a launch from European bases, and before anyone could stop them, nuclear devastation wasted northern Europe.

in 2001, a week into his first term, Republican Congressmen began drawing up papers of impeachment for President Gore. They accused him of being in the pocket of the Chinese government because of his “fund-raising” event attended by Chinese nationals. For his defense, he pointed out that there were plenty of California Republicans at the event, as well. The impeachment movement fell flat after the facts were made known to the American public.

in 2005, Dave Lange researches the company that Jeanna Best found out the day before, Myrmidon. Hours of searching yields him nothing; the company is very good at hiding its tracks. Just when he is about to give up hope, a small item in a Lexis-Nexis search tells him that representatives of the company met with President Bush in 2002; he finds other references to them in meetings with powerful leaders of other nations, as well. He even succeeds in finding a picture of the company's president, one J. Burton Howell.

Timelines in today's post: von Heflin, Pete Best, Islam Ascendant, the GZR, the Chinese Empire, and Communist America.

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Max said...

James Cawley was in Star Trek: Hidden Frontier as Captain Mackenzie Calhoun;

James Cawley was in Star Trek: New Voyages as Captain James Kirk;

Walter Koenig was in Star Trek: New Voyages as Lt. Pavel Chekov;

Walter Koenig was in the original series as Ensign Pavel Chekov.

I love stuff like this, but I just use movies.

Robbie Taylor said...

Congratulations! You're our first challenge winner - 1/5 of the way to appearing in an alternate history entry of your own!

Watch for more to come!

Baftard (on lj) said...

Ok, I did the first six degrees challenge:

Robbie Taylor played in Tin Cup
Kevin Costner played in Tin Cup
Kevin Costner played in No way out
Steve Kelso was a stuntman in No way out
Steve Kelso was a stuntman in Startrek: Nemesis

That was fun! :)

Robbie Taylor said...

Good work, Baftard! That was a connection I wasn't even aware of - but even shorter than my usual one!

You and Max are each now 1 out of 5 - just 4 more to go before you can get your own alternate history entry!

Anonymous said...

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Your jaw will drop!

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