Thursday, January 26, 2006

The Dental Drill; Americans Boycott The Olympics

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January 26th, 2006

in 1000 Post-Creation, Lucifer meets with the Creator and demands human and angelic autonomy. Yahweh threatens to simply destroy all of them and start over again, but Lucifer counters this threat with, “You would not destroy these two innocents for crimes they have not committed. I pledge to You, Creator, that in granting this demand, Your creation will rise to heights we cannot even conceive.” Achazia, at the right hand of the Creator as always, urges Him to agree to the rebel demands. Yahweh considers.

in 47,372 BCE, hard winds drive Swikolay and her companions into the coast of India, far off course from the destination she desired. Since the storm shattered their boats, she decides to forsake the sea for the rest of the voyage and begins traveling west on land. “The Speaker would say that one needs to take what life gives and learn from it,” she told her descendants. “I learned to stay on dry land.”

in 1779, the ineffectiveness of Lord Weatherby's civilian militia is put on display when several of its members actively aid in a jail break, freeing several captive Canadian nationalists. King George himself recalls Lord Weatherby for an explanation of the incident; the militia is disbanded on his return from England.

in 1875, George F. Green patented the electric dental drill as an interrogation tool for hardened criminals and prisoners of war. It was later banned by the Geneva Conventions, and Dr. Green's name has become synonymous with pain.

in 1904, the embassy ship from the Congress of Nations was met by a fleet before entering the Mlosh home system. After an initial scan revealed no weapons in the fleet, the C.N. ambassador allowed them to tow the embassy ship the rest of the way into the system, very much against the express wishes of the ship’s captain.

in 4613, architect Ieoh Ming Pei was born in Suzhou. A visionary of profound talent, Ieoh created the masterful Chou Administration building on the lunar colony, as well as Chengzu’s Mausoleum in Beijing. While most of his work was on a grand scale, he also created modest homes for the poor in Beijing’s slums, helping house people who could not afford to enter some of his public creations.

in 1918, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter, having spent more than enough time on a beach to satisfy themselves, decide to book passage on a ship to the mainland. The Baron actually has a bank account in America, with money in it, at this time, so he contacts his bank and has them transfer money to Bermuda. “Ah, the virtues of being immortal,” he whispers to his wife.

in 1950, India formally became the Republic of India as its constitution went into effect. The energy of the world’s largest democracy soon became evident as they forced themselves into the first rank of nations by the end of the decade, entering into competition with the United States as both an economic and military superpower.

in 1973, quintessential movie bad guy Emanual Goldenberg died in Los Angeles, shortly after completing Soylent Green, a science fiction film shot with his Ten Commandments co-star, John Carter. Goldenberg earned a posthumous Oscar nomination for his wonderful portrayal of the aged police researcher Sol in the movie.

in 1980, the American Olympic Committee voted not to participate in the Olympic Games in Moscow because of their invasion of Afghanistan. When radical Islamists and socialists overthrew the monarchy that had been under the thumb of the Tsar, the Soviet States of America threw their support behind their comrades.

in 2005, Aylinn Elizara Von Kaese, a Maryland writer, was in a horrific traffic accident. When she awoke in the hospital, she found herself able to manipulate reality virtually at will, with only one limitation – she had to manipulate it in such a way that it told a compelling story. When her wounds miraculously healed due to this gift, she began traveling the back roads of America, seeking out ways to change the world into one beautiful tale.

Timelines in today's post: the Fall, the Speaker, the Mlosh, Canadian Independence, von Heflin, the Chinese Empire, and Communist America.

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Anonymous said...

Edward G. Robinson was in "The Cinncinati Kid" with Cab Calloway...

... who was in "The Blues Brothers" with Carrie Fisher...

... who was in "Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back" with Judd Nelson

... who was in "Transformers: The Movie" (as Hot Rod) with Leonard Nimoy (Galvatron)

... who was in Star Trek.

("Cinncinati Kid" is one of my favorite movies, so that was a bit helpful.)

- Sean Demory

Robbie Taylor said...

Excellent - although there is a shorter connection, if anyone would like to give it a shot...

You still win the challenge for the day, though!

Max said...

Edward G. Robinson was in Soylent Green with Dick Van Patten;

Dick Van Patten was in Robin Hood: Men in Tights with Patrick Stewart;

Patrick Stewart was on Star Trek: TNG as Captain Picard.

Robbie Taylor said...

Even better than mine - Edward G. Robinson in Soylent Green w/Chuck Connor who was in Fantasy Island w/Ricardo Montalban, who was, of course, Khan from the original series and the second movie.

And, because my wife wanted me to say it -


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