Thursday, April 13, 2006


April 13th, 2006

in 1852, Frank Woolworth was born in Rodman, New York. He pioneered the concept of low-cost thrift stores in New York, but his businesses failed one after another, scaring away others who might have followed in his footsteps.

in 1915, Captain Michael Smith of the Harlequin, his ship packed with Q'Barian refugees, is given orders directly from the Security Council of the Congress of Nations to proceed to Pluto, post-haste. He directs his helm to spare no effort getting his ship there.

in 1919, British General Reginald Dyer single-handedly loses India for the British Empire when he ignites a nation-wide upheaval by massacring almost 400 peaceful demonstrators in Amritsar. The British were unable to keep control of the country after the massive population rose up almost as one to throw them out after this bloody day, and declared India independent in the next few months.

in 2689 AUC, the Greek rebel Metaxas declares himself dictator of Greece. With a popular following, he is able to hold off Rome’s legions for almost a year before the Republic is finally able to bring him down.

in 1941, although it had been a nominal ally of the German Underground, Japan abandons this stance when a small group of Japanese civilians are murdered by the G.U. in Berlin. They sign a treaty with the Greater Zionist Resistance, and promise to resist the racist aims of the G.U.

in 1952, Mikhail von Heflin and Velma Porter seek out the advice of an old wise woman in Kenya. They have freed an ancestor of the Baron’s, and wish to trap her again. The wise woman says, “Look to the stars; when they are right, you shall have your answer.” The couple had been hoping for help that was a little less cryptic.

in 1970, America suffers its first casualties in space as the Apollo 13 mission explodes. A ruptured oxygen tank blew a hole in the side of the small spacecraft, sucking out all of the air, killing the three astronauts in moments. All of America mourned, and President Nixon vowed “their sacrifice gives us greater resolve to expand our efforts on the moon.” NASA’s funding tripled after the disaster, and the lunar program was able to place a small base on the moon by the end of the decade.

in 1990, the Soviet States of America officially admits responsibility for the Logan Massacre. During the Great War, American troops from Alaska had penetrated into Canada and taken a large number of prisoners near the town of Logan in the Yukon Territory. Rather than keep these prisoners, the Soviet troops killed them, almost 1000 people. The admission included a formal apology to the Canadian government from Comrade President Ann Richards.

in 1992, South Africa and Egypt sign a non-aggression pact. President Terreblanche of South Africa is planning to send forces north, and doesn’t want Egypt’s powerful army interfering with his plans; the Egyptians plan to take a small bite out of the nations that South Africa leaves behind.

in 2005, in the wake of the Claw withdrawal, and the absence of many key figures afterwards, such as the Vice-President, America chooses to hold a special election. U.S. Representative Carl Worthington calls it the “first free election in decades” in America.

Timelines in today's post: the Mlosh, the Roman timeline, von Heflin, the GZR, Communist America, the Ralph Shephard timeline and The Claw.

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Anonymous said...

Anthony Quinn was in "Mobsters" with Christian Slater...

... who was in "Star Trek VI" as Ensign Nameless.

- Sean Demory

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Good one!

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