Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Harrison Recovers From Illness; Andersonville Liberated

April 4th, 2006

in 1802, pioneering psychologist/sociologist Dorothea Dix was born in Hampden, North American Confederation. She led the way in using neurological and chemical treatment of the mentally ill and reintegrating them into society.

in 1841, President William Henry Harrison got over a small cold he had contracted on his inaugural day. Although he had intended to show his stamina by remaining outdoors as much as possible, the bitter cold of the day had forced him to rethink that decision, otherwise the cold he caught might have been much worse.

in 1865, Confederate President Jefferson Davis visits the Union capitol of Washington, D.C. shortly after southern forces captured it. He sat at Lincoln's chair in the White House and even took a bust of Thomas Jefferson from the storied mansion. Although the city's black population had mostly fled before the southern takeover, there was still a large number of freedmen who had been taken captive, and Davis addressed them, saying, Kneel before your new masters, and remember this day in your servitude hereafter.”

in 1896, the announcement that gold has been discovered in Alaska is greeted less than enthusiastically by Americans who have been burned by one gold-rush rumor after another. So few people actually go to Alaska for the gold that its vast reserves remain untapped until the 1950’s.

in 1944, auto racer Craig T. Nelson is born in Spokane, Washington. Always fascinated with cars, Nelson joined the NASCAR circuit as a young man, but had only limited success until his 40's, when his team won the 1987 Indy 500. Since then, Nelson has had many endorsement deals, and has even appeared in a few TV shows as a guest star. He has won the hearts of many Americans with his moral stance against taking endorsements from alcohol or tobacco companies.

in 1960, Project Ozma, a pet project of scientist Frank Drake, started searching the skies for extraterrestrial life from Green Bank, West Virginia. The discovery of a repeating signal originating from Epsilon Eridani led to government funding and the beginning of a torturously slow dialogue between earth and the Eridani.

in 1968, agents of the German New Reich assassinate Martin King, an American leader of the Semitic-African Resistance. King had been an eloquent spokesman for the cause, and was one of the main reasons that America had not yet joined the New Reich’s global union.

in 1969, the Smothers Brothers Show, a popular variety show on television, is cancelled by the People’s Broadcasting Network after several of their skits seem to criticize the Chilean War. In spite of their cancellation and official condemnation by the government of the Soviet States of America, the brothers continue to be popular among the American youth for several years afterwards.

in 1997, French troops liberate the death camp at Andersonville, Georgia. The old Civil War POW camp had been turned into a charnel house by the Constitutionalists running the United States under President Ralph Shephard.

in 2004, the Sheridans land back in Australia with only a small amount of their original cargo from Titan, but reasonably sure that they are not going to recontaminate earth. They whisk the Projection Virii and methane crabs off to their lab in Darwin to continue their examination.

Timelines in today's post: the Mlosh, the GZR, The Sheridans, Communist America and the Ralph Shephard timeline

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Anonymous said...

Craig T. Nelson was in "The Incredibles" with Elizabeth Peña...

... who, ironically, played a hooker on T.J. Hooker. Maybe a con artist. Definitely a bad actor, though.

... I think.

- Sean Demory

Anonymous said...

(By "bad actor," I don't mean that she's bad at acting. Rather, she was a grey-black hat.)

- Sean

Max said...

I hear Nelson is going to make his first ever movie appearance, as one of the racecars in the Pixar movie "Cars".

Robbie Taylor said...

He's done plenty of films - he was in Stir Crazy, the Poltergeists, Turner & Hooch among lots of others.

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