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Satori; Captain Midnight

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April 27th, 2006

in 1773, the British Parliament decided not to aid the East India Company in keeping the American tea trade; they had requested a lower tax since Dutch traders could smuggle tea into America and sell it far more cheaply than they could. Although there had been some grumbling about British rule among the colonists, this acquiescence to colonial priorities quells them.

in 1805, American Marines captured Derna, home of the Tripolitan pirates. President Adams of the U.S. decided that it was in America’s national interests to maintain a standing force in Tripoli, which became the first colony of the fledgling nation. Adams added the islands of Jamaica and Hispaniola during his 4 terms in office, as well as purchasing Louisiana from France to enhance America’s continental presence in North America.

in 4537, Imakita Kosen, Zen master, has his satori, or moment of awakening. His teachings spread across the Chinese Empire and form the basis for the eventual acceptance of democracy after the Empire’s contact with the Chdo Democracy.

in 1870, Heinrich Schliemann discovers Atlantis, the lost island of legend. Most classics scholars and archeologists had believed Atlantis to be spun wholly from Plato’s imagination, but Schlieman found it in the Mediterannean near the island of Crete. The civilization on the island apparently rival classical Rome at its peak, but had been destroyed by a volcanic eruption.

in 1915, Admiral Esteban Rodriquez of the Congress of Nations space forces meets with representatives of the Kainku government in the P'Karsai nebula. The Kainku prove far more charming than the Spaniard expected, and he leaves the meeting unconvinced that they are a threat to the CN. The Q'Bar, his first officer reminds him, were quite accommodating at first, too. Admiral Rodriquez sets several officers to monitoring Kainku communications.

in 1964, Write Now, international superstar Pete Best’s humorous observations on life, is published in America and rockets to the top of the best-seller lists. Although critics panned it universally, fans of the musician rushed to the bookstores to buy it. Marketing execs across the country drooled at the prospect of more Best products.

in 1978, Comrade Fernando Garcia, president of the Guatemalan People’s Republic, is overthrown and murdered by reactionary capitalists who are trying to break the Soviet States of America’s hold on North America. This plunges the tiny nation into a war between American forces and European-supplied rebels.

in 1986, video pirate Captain Midnight began his vendetta against the pay-cable service Home Box Office. Over the next 2 months, he would regularly interrupt HBO’s signal with derogatory messages about the service and hints on how to descramble it for free. He was never caught, but stopped on his own in June.

in 1997, Mexican partisans capture Manuel Barrientos, National Action Party leader and puppet president of Mexico under the control of America’s President Ralph Shephard. While awaiting trial, he is saved by a loyal PAN air force member, but their plane crashes during the escape.

in 2005, Alma May Watson leaves the Great Tree and Debra Morris suggests that she and Chelsea Perkins visit England for a couple of days. Miss Morris has to report to the Council of Wisdom, and she thinks that Chelsea might like to see the UK without having to attack anything while she's there. Chelsea agrees quickly and the pair cross over to England.

in 2087, Captain Marcus Mobutu of the African Union's Space Force claims the Harare asteroid for the AU. It is the first major claim in the outer solar system for the fledgling space program, and creates more interest from the Indian and Chinese superpowers than they had wanted. From this point onward, the African ships are watched carefully.

Timelines in today's post: the Chinese Empire, the Mlosh, Pete Best, Communist America, the Chelsea Perkins timeline and the Ralph Shephard timeline.

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