Thursday, June 01, 2006

Marathon; Pindar-Asaki

June 1st, 2006

in Hellenic Year 3271, the climax of the Hellenic struggle against the Persians occurred at Marathon with the Athenian defeat of Artaphernes, who had attacked before reinforcements could reach him from King Darius. To forestall any future attempts to wage war against Hellenic territory, an elite group of Spartans, Athenians and Thebans worked their way to the Persian capitol and assassinated King Darius, himself. “Let no man set himself above others in your land,” the assassins told the Persian Prime Minister, Kalixerxes. With a fear of Hellenic assassins in their hearts, nobles across Persia fled east, and the world's largest democracy was born in Asia.

in 1949, Arthur Miller, comic genius, premieres his masterpiece, Life of a Salesman, the uproariously hilarious send up of life on the cutting edge of door-to-door sales. People literally fell down in the aisles from laughter during the show, and ticket proceeds made Miller a fortune. He showed that he was no one-trick pony by following up Salesman with the wacky slapstick antics of The Misfits and After the Fall before turning to the slightly more cerebral Ibsen parody, A Buddy to Everybody. When Miller's wife, bombshell Norma Jean Mortensen, said that, “A man who can make you laugh is a girl's best friend,” joke book sales across the U.S. skyrocketed.

in 2005, Chelsea Perkins, her father Terrence and her teacher Debra Morris begin delving back into the lessons of witchcraft full-time again. Terrence Perkins is curious as to the change in the past that has allowed him to live again, and he steers Chelsea into a study of magical time travel and the effects it can have. Debra Morris is reluctant to assist with this area of study; “It was my fault we created this alternate timeline, after all,” she told Terrence. Terrence reassured her that her meddling in the past was quite all right with him - “I kind of enjoy being alive,” he said with a devilish grin. Miss Morris found herself somewhat taken with Mr. Perkins after this conversation.

in 2017, the international expedition to the Pindar-Asaki comet is launched from the ESA spaceport in French Guiana. With cutting-edge equipment aboard, the highly trained team of scientists hopes to discover where this mysterious comet came from, and how it appeared so mysteriously in our solar system. The controversial decision to issue each member of the crew cutting-laser handguns is made so that they will be able to shear pieces of the comet away if they manage to land on it. Mission Commander Eileen Patterson says to the world before leaving earth orbit, “With this mission, we extend the boundaries of humanity's knowledge further than our ancestors could have dreamed.” Unknown to most of the earth, the Pindar-Asaki mission is also carrying 4 nuclear warheads to place on the comet, because it has been determined that it is on a collision course with earth.

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