Sunday, June 04, 2006

Dunkirk; The Object On Pindar-Asaki

June 4th, 2006

in 1869, the much-changed 15th amendment to the Constitution, guaranteeing the universality of the right to vote, is ratified by Ohio, making it the new law of the land. Originally envisioned as a protection of the newly-freed black man's right to vote, it was substantially changed by a campaign of women suffragists who succeeded in adding gender to the reasons a citizen's right to vote shall not be denied or abridged. With women now able to vote, a new progressiveness sweeps the nation and America is transformed by laws reflecting the sensibilities of the fairer sex.

in 1940, the slaughter of Dunkirk finally ends as the last of the Allied troops is killed by German infantry on the Belgian coast. Hitler had almost stopped the German Commander-in-Chief Walther von Brauchitsch from attacking the port because of Herman Goering's boasts that his Luftwaffe could take care of the Allies. But von Brauchitsch made a forceful argument to the Fuhrer that Goering vastly underestimated the skill of the British air force, and that the Luftwaffe could be of better use further inland. Goering's protestations to the contrary failed to sway Hitler, and the Luftwaffe was sent to bombard France while von Brauchitsch's soldier took Dunkirk in a week of brutal fighting.

in 1978, Mark Wilhight is carried out of the radiation chamber he had been left in and brought in front of Jedediah P. Carver again. “The change is takin' hold of you now, kid,” Carver tells Mark. “I'm gonna suggest you don't fight it. It ain't gonna help, anyway, and fighting it just makes it take longer and hurt worse.” Wilhight, confused and in horrible pain, asks to be taken to a hospital, which makes Carver laugh uproariously. “Ain't no hospital can help you now, kid. God can't even help you now.” Wilhight begs for mercy from Carver, and the huge granite man strokes a hand across the young man's head. “After today, kid, you ain't never gonna have to beg for nothin' again.” He has Wilhight taken to a private room and locked in.

in 2017, Dr. Phillip Armstrong finds something very strange on the Pindar-Asaki comet, and calls the rest of the team to see it. The object is about the size of a semi truck, golden in color, and resting on the comet on 4 huge, squat legs. Dr. Armstrong says, “It's obviously an artificial structure,” rather unnecessarily. Commander Patterson wonders if it can be towed off of the comet by the Eagle, and they work on ways to harness it to the craft they flew to the comet. Meanwhile, deep inside the golden object, their radio signals activate an ancient series of commands, and the machine churns to life, scanning the life forms in front of it and calculating a destination.

Today's "Six Degrees of Star Trek" challenge: Connect Dunkirk to Star Trek. Place your answers in the comments and see the Forum for previous results. For more on 6 degrees games, click here.

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