Friday, June 09, 2006

Sleep, Glorious Sleep

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June 9th, 2006

in 1915, Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan threatened to resign if President Wilson continued his policy of antagonizing the German government. Wilson had wanted to warn the Germans of dire consequences should they continue their policy of submarine attacks such as the one that sank the Lusitania, killing over a thousand people, among whom were 128 American citizens. Secretary Bryan felt that a smoother diplomatic approach would gain the desired effect of halting the sub attacks, as well as stave off war between the US and Germany. Bryan felt that the European war waging at that moment was not America's concern, but knew that Wilson was eager to extend American influence by joining it. Faced with the prospect of the loss of such a prestigious member of his cabinet, Wilson relented, and Secretary Bryan negotiated compensation for the American victims of the Lusitania and an agreement to halt future such attacks on civilian ships. This agreement only lasted 2 years, but by that time Secretary Bryan was already starting the Reykjavik Talks to end the war in Europe.

in 2006, Robbie Taylor's sweet and lovely daughter Cathy slept all the way through the night because she knew that her father needed his rest. She knew that he would be very grumpy indeed if she woke him up at 2:30 in the morning, then again at 4:30 and stayed up the rest of the morning. She stayed as quiet as a church mouse, even after waking up herself, and just played with the toys in her crib, letting her poor, poor daddy get all the sleep he needed...

in 2017, the crew of the Eagle and the crew of the Quorato got to know each other at an informal dinner prepared by the cook on the Quorato. Commander Patterson, after testing the air in the ship with a scanner, opened her helmet and sniffed the air. It was cold, around 1 degree Celsius, but it was breathable. It had a strange, nutty scent that wasn't exactly unpleasant, but was certainly pervasive. After Captain Kikao leaned closed to her to say something, she knew that it was the scent of the Quarai themselves. Kikao and the few Quarai officers in the cramped meeting room seemed absolutely delighted to have the humans as guests. “I hear rumors of expedition to earth, but many, many kachay in future. We still explore our own system, para? But, now you here! Is great! How you get here?” Patterson looked at her own crew, who didn't quite know what to make of all this, and decided to go with the truth. “We found an alien device on the comet,” she told Kikao. “We activated it, somehow, and it created some kind of wormhole that sucked us into your system.” Kikao seemed to be in raptures of delight. “Alien device? Khoroota! Can we see?” Patterson nodded, but didn't know if that gesture would be understood, so she said, “Of course. It's still on the comet.” Kikao chattered orders to a couple of crewmen, who stretched their long legs and galloped out of the room. “This is great day,” Kikao said to everyone in the room. “New friends, alien device, what more could one ask for?”

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Lance Lavandowska said...

"in 2006, Robbie Taylor's sweet and lovely daughter Cathy slept all the way through the night..."

You've broken suspension-of-disbelief here, Historian! The funniest, most unbelievable entry in some time.

Robbie Taylor said...

If you could see the steamer trunks under my eyes, you would know how unbelievable...

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