Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Spock Convicted; Flight 847 Hijacked

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June 14th, 2006

in 1968, Comrade Doctor Benjamin Spock, a pediatrician who had turned to political activism, is convicted of anti-social activities for his work opposing the war in Chile. The comrade had exhorted thousands of young people to disobey their lawful drafting into the military, claiming that the Soviet States of America represented an “illegitimate authority” and had no moral basis for enlisting people to fight in the defense of their communist brethren in North Chile. He had even encouraged active-duty military to disobey what he called “illegal and immoral orders,” which was the main charge against him. Although he only served two years for the offense, he was properly chastened when he came out of his Soviet rehabilitation center and renounced his former anti-war ways.

in 1985, Lebanese Hezbollah terrorists attempt to hijack a TWA flight from Athens to Rome. When the passengers learn that they are being diverted to Lebanon, a plan starts among them to rush the terrorists en masse and seize control back. The pilot assists in the plan by telling the terrorists that he is making the course change when he is still on course to Rome. Just before the Italian coastline will give the plan away, the passengers attack and capture all but one of the terrorists. The last one barricades himself in a bathroom and explodes the grenade he was carrying with him, opening a hole in the side of the plane. The pilots make an emergency landing on the Italian coast as the passengers hang on for dear life. Almost everyone was injured in the crash, but the only fatality ended up being the terrorist who blew himself up. The passengers and crew were greeted as heroes when they finally arrived in Rome, and Hollywood produced a movie about the ordeal, Flight 847, starring Sylvester Stallone.

in 2017, the Quorato moves into orbit around Amandara 14, homeworld to the Quarai and the Amandaran Union of the three sentient races that live on the moons of the great gas giant. Captain Kikao and the crew of the Quorato bid a fond farewell to the crew of the Eagle, the human ship that mysteriously appeared in their system a few days before. A ship from the surface docks with the Quorato and takes aboard the Eagle as well as the alien device that brought it to the Amandaran system. Kikao informs Commander Patterson of the Eagle that, “They have sent Union ambassador to greet you. She come on board now.” The humans of the Eagle looked eagerly towards the docking port of the other ship, and walking towards them was something that looked like a dark green shag rug thrown over a trapezoid and gave it tentacles. The P'Tar shambled forward and addressed them directly. “Greetings from the Union of Amandara, people of earth. I am K'lo, representative of our 3 people to yours.” There was a small hint of humor as she added, “Just appointed.” Commander Patterson stepped forward and said, “Thank you for your hospitality, K'lo. I hope that we have much to share with each other.” Ambassador K'lo took one of Commander Patterson's hands in a tentacle and guided her toward the ambassadorial ship. “I'm positive that we will, Commander.” The crew of the Quorato said their goodbyes wistfully as the crew of the Eagle left them for the ambassador's ship. When the cargo bay only held rocks again, Kikao said to the crew, “My friends, we have just watched history walk away from us.” The captain suspended duty for several hours and allowed the crew a celebration for this historic occasion.

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Flight 847, that's the basis for the Chuck Norris movie "The Delta Force".

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