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Hudson Bay; Anne Morrow

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in 1611, the crew of the Discovery stages a mutiny against Captain Henry Hudson. Captain Hudson had trapped the ship in the huge bay of the northern American continent trying to search for a northwestern passage to Asia, and the crew had finally had enough. They put the captain and a small party of his supporter, including his son, into a boat and set them adrift while they attempted to find their way back out of the bay and home to England. Hudson and the brave band of men who followed him were able to reach land, and a friendly tribe of natives took them in and nursed them back to health. Before winter set in, they were able to travel to the French settlement at Montreal and from there back to England. For his great discoveries, Hudson was made a lord and the great bay on North America was named after him. The Discovery, however, was never seen again, proving that mutiny was its own punishment.

in 1876, the Generalissimo, Emperor Antonion Lopez de Santa Anna, finally relinquished his grip on the throne of Greater Mexico with his death in his capitol, Mexico City. Considered the greatest general of his era, sparking comparisons to Napoleon, Emperor Santa Anna first achieved power by supplanting the old Mexican Republic with his Mexican Empire in 1833, after winning election as President of the old Republic. When gringos who had been allowed to colonize the Texas territory rebelled against him in 1836, he crushed them mercilessly, leading his northern neighbor, the United States, to attack him, supposedly in their defense. His war against the US gained Mexico almost half of that country in conquest, and further wars of conquest let the Generalissimo die as ruler of the largest country on the North American continent.

in 1906, literary queen Anne Morrow was born in Englewood, New Jersey. Deeply interested in travel and geography, she became one of the few women who wrote for the National Geographic Society, as well as an award-winning writer of fiction for such great novels as Gift from the Sea. Although her interest in becoming a pilot led her to a brief dalliance with famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, she never married, preferring a life of adventure to one of domesticity.

in 2017, after several days of study, the Quarai of Amandara 14 tell the human crew of the Eagle, transported to their solar system by a golden device that they had found in the Pindar-Asaki comet, that they have a test they would like to try. Commander Patterson and her crew fly off Amandara 14 with a Quarai crew because, in spite of their supposed recklessness, the Quarai scientists feel that this experiment might be a bit dangerous on a planet. This doesn't make Commander Patterson feel very good about participating, but she doesn't see an alternative if she and her crew are to make it home. The Eagle and the Amandaran Union ship Pokor fly several hundred thousand miles away from Amandara 14 to try activating the great device.

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