Thursday, June 15, 2006

King John Refuses The Magna Carta

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June 15th, 2006

in 1215, rather than sign a document guaranteeing a multitude of rights for his barons, King John of England meets them on the field of battle. Although he inflicts much damage on their forces, he is captured and deposed, and his older brother Geoffrey is placed on the throne. Geoffrey signs this Magna Carta willingly, but slyly adds in a few lines about the rights of commoners, which the king is bound to protect. With this addendum to the charter, King Geoffrey is able to exercise extraordinary powers over the kingdom, since the barons routinely violated the rights of the commoners.

in 1943, SS Colonel Paul Blobel is ordered to “save the Reich embarrassment” by destroying the evidence of Nazi war crimes. Pangs of conscience obviously hit Blobel for the first time in his life, because he ordered his Special Commando Group 1005 to preserve as much evidence as they could, and to set free Jewish prisoners rather than kill them and burn as his orders dictated. Many credit a meeting that Blobel had with Albert Speer for his newfound morality; most historians of the period simply believe that Blobel didn't want to be charged with war crimes himself. In either case, he was responsible for freeing tens of thousands of Nazi prisoners until the German surrender in 1945, and was pardoned for his own considerable crimes in Russia because of his commando work at the war's end.

in 2017, the human crew of the Eagle met with scientists and leaders of the Amandaran Union, as news of their presence was transmitted across the entire solar system. The P'Tar ambassador, K'lo, was using all her skill to keep their public appearances brief and not give the humans any stress. “I don't want you to feel like the newest addition to the zoo,” she told them. She was also getting the human scientists time to work on the alien device that brought them here. The AU scientists were just as baffled by it as the humans, and appreciated fresh outlooks. Commander Patterson, with not much to do since the comet that had been her mission objective was sitting in a Quarai ship's cargo bay, asked K'lo if she could see the capitol of the AU. The ambassador arranged for a Quarai tour guide to take the commander around the huge city.

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