Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Lynch Mob In Carthage

The state of TIAH

June 27th, 2006

in 1844, a lynch mob in Carthage, Illinois is dispersed from the jail holding Mormon leader Joseph Smith and his brother Hyrum. Deputy Zachariah Jenkins, who had a Mormon brother-in-law, shot and killed Horace Wilson, the lead rabble-rouser who had been working the crowd up to lynch the Mormons inside. “Anybody else want more of the same, they can come on,” Deputy Jenkins told the crowd. “You want to live through the night, you go on home.” Jenkins fired once more into the air for effect, and the crowd reluctantly gave up its mission and went home. When the Smith brothers were brought to trial the next day, the judge laughed off the charges of treason, but found the charge of conspiracy somewhat more sound, and ordered the trial to proceed forward on that count. The religious leader proved to be fairly eloquent in his defense of arming his fellow Mormons against persecution by the “Gentiles” as he called them – and only had to point to the lynch mob that nearly claimed his life for proof. The jury agreed, and he was released. Illinois' Mormon communities increased in number after this incident, and Joseph Smith's thoughts turned again to politics. He abandoned his campaign for the presidency, and instead began to urge his followers to vote for him for governor of Illinois. He shocked the political establishment of the state by winning the office, and turning Illinois into a haven for many persecuted religions.

in 2017, the mixed crew of the Pokor and the Eagle approach the Dyson sphere that they have been transported to by the alien device. The Pokor is still transmitting messages of friendship, but there are no responses. As they come closer, they can see that there are a lot of docking areas on the outside of the sphere – and there are things moving around on the outside. “Could be automated devices,” Phil Armstrong said, “just doing maintenance on the outside.” Commander Patterson nodded, but Captain Mawrao of the Pokor said, “That automated device, as you say, is coming toward us.” Mawrao indicated a point of light on the Pokor's view screen that was growing larger by the minute. It was effortlessly moving at a higher speed than either of their ships could manage. Commander Patterson asked the team that had worked on the alien device, “You guys think that you could activate this thing again?” They all responded in the negative. “I think it has to recharge between jumps,” Dr. Hayazowa told her. She had anticipated a negative answer to her question, but Commander Patterson still felt apprehensive. Captain Mawrao attempted to cheer her up. “Hey, no worries, Elizabeth. We friendly to you, you friendly to us; why would anybody else be unfriendly?” Looking again at the object approaching them, she said, “I hope we don't have to find out.”

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